Title-CLOUD COMPUTING Group MembersPulkit Gangwal(9909103404) Abhishek Gupta(9909103422) Aman Kanoria(9909103426)

• The physical cloud resources may reside in a number of locations.deployed among virtual datacenters.dynamically allocated to specific users and tasks and accessed as a service via an user inerface (UI).such as a web browser. .the details of which are not typicallyknown to the service’s users.INTRODUCTION • Massive computing resources.

The cloud itself typically consists of large numbers of commodity-grade servers. .harnessed to deliver highly scalable and reliable on-demand services.INTRODUCTION • Cloud resources are offered as a service on as needed basis.

Why Cloud Computing .

Cloud Computing Features • Highly virtualized and standardized infrastructures • Massive scalability • Fault tolerant & highly reliable • Intra & Inte-cloud load balance • Instant application deployment .

Cloud Computing Features • Simplified.more efficient IT and application management • Deliver more applications to large number of users • Excellent service quality • Higher utilization at reduced cost • Time-to-market • Unlimited use and Always on .

Enterprise Cloud Management Enterprise Cloud management •On demand •Scale to millions •From any web browser Anywhere Monitoring Remote system mgmt Global IT support Secure remote access .

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