Correspondence table on the Tree of life: cultivation of the soul

Ptah-Re: “Order of the Cosmos.”
“The Game of life is to become God….” -C. Freeman El

Amen- Ra

Advanced Metu Neter: Guidelines for spiritual developmentrevised 8-2-12



Pre- Dynastic Set: Undifferentiated energy, the state of existing before the creation of distinct forms, the Cycles of life, Judgment (so called Dooms Day)& the Capacity for making Decisions. The Universe is a massive source of energy (Your Divine Potential) “Set is a major Protector of Ra.”
Ptah Your Hidden Potential

Spiritual Power>>
The Power to do

“The secrets are revealed as one evolves higher.”

“The Egyptians left a complete system.” P. 171 the Mysteries of Osiris by R. Swinburne Clymer
The story of Asar/Osiris being cut into 14 pieces by his brother is the foundation for the Tree of Life. His (Set) brother scattered them all over Egypt (Kmt). His wife Auset/Isis in the story only found 13 Out of 14 parts of his body. The 13= parts of your shattered mind or soul (Bobby Hemmit) you have to put back together like a puzzle. Ra Un Nefer Amen wrote that the Tree is a model for shaping behavior but also a reference for souls and other life forms (spiritual not physical) descending and ascending. The 14th is your third eye. Use the Tree as a guide to seek Fulfillment instead of 1 Pleasure.

<<Finding your calling.Knowing how properly express your talents. The Divine Square (Higher Self) A.L.L.A.H << Distinctive conditioning, training, formation of ideas, segregated existences

Application of

<<The back bone; djet pillar
SEBEK The Potential to do


Self Control or Control of Destiny


Sexuality: state of expressing

Spirit of Responsibility

Spirit of Organization Divine LAW

Divine Protection

Kabbalistic Tree of Life by Nefaarud Semenkh Ahhah Hotep (Peter Vasquez) adapted from Metu Neter by Ra Un Nefer Amen The Divine Square (Lower Self) A.L.L.A.H The Initiation System of KMT
Initiate= the Alchemist, composer, architect, the musician. Sekhmet= the Life Force, raw feminine energy. The Paut Neteru: Family Tree PERSONAL USE ONLY

Foundation of Divine Principles Ancestral Guardian

Spiritual Growth (The Seeker)

Mother/Father Principle

Perfection (The Unifier)

Manifestation on the Physical

“The Self Created One.” “The attributes of the Deities represent the laws governing our lives on earth.”-Mtu Ntr vol 1 page 65
Isaiah 45:3 “And I will give thee the treasures of darkness and [the] hidden riches of [the] secret places…”

Ain Soph Aur

The Crown

“The pillars of the temple Jachin & Boaz are which play so important apart in craft masonry, are symbols which occur in the Jewish Cabala, where they are described as two of the ten sefirots.”p. 207 Secret Societies & Subversive movements by Nesta H. Webster



Da’ath Knowledge Geburah Justice Chesed Mercy

Hidden Sefiroth “If you don’t have self knowledge it shows that you can be easily manipulated. The tree represents your core or foundation without it we are lost on physical plane. It serves as a reminder of our calling on earth.”

“Modern Masonry is no more free from these ancient symbols than are religious forms. The pillar Jachin is Isis, the mother side of God, while Boaz is representative of the masculine or creative. In primitive Masonry, these two pillars were actually the respective figures of man and woman.” p. 64 the Mysteries of Osiris or Ancient Egyptian Initiation by R. Swinburne Clymer

Tiphereth Compassion

Hod Splendor

Nezach Victory

“Boaz & Jachin symbolize the mother and father of Malkhut or the union of Asar and Aset the unification of your Brain Mechanism.”

Yesod Foundation

Mother Principle

Hidden Sefiroth
Father Principle

“Man’s salvation can only be achieved by the elevation of his consciousness to the higher parts of his spiritual power that he may be free of the limitations of the physical world.”- Metu Neter vol 1 pages 125- 126
Destructive CycleSouls living out violent paths no matter how much you help them it gets worse and worse and may sometimes results in getting pulled in their cycle. It can be difficult to assist a soul if their path is too chaotic. An opportunity has to be created for there to be a significant change.


At the end of the day it is not what we call ourselves but what we put into action through our behavior. Quote from Bennubird0 2

Kingship (The Son)

Young Lords/Black Panthers Nation of Islam

Moorish Science Temple of America

Hebrew Israelite

Genesis Chapter 11:6


“And the Lord said, Behold, the People is One…”

Nation of Gods & Earths

Nuwabians (A.E.O)


Washitah Nation (& all Indigenous movements)

Dr. Ben’s Craft of AmenRa

Asar-Aset Society/University Kemetian Sciences

12 Spiritual decans of the Zodiac

Alternating Breathing: your Unified Field Theorem: 18 Breaths minute= Tap into the Conscious 9|7.5 [Slowly reduce your breathing to nine to seven breaths a minute as you get better and so on and so on.] 6 Breaths minute= Tap into the Sub Conscious 4.5 Breaths minute= Tap into the Super Consciousness 3 Breaths a minute= Tap into the Magnetic Consciousness 1 Breath a minute= Tap into the Infinite Consciousness [Note: see lectures on breathing by Alim El Bay for more]
Knowledge then is achieved by the direct perception of reality. It is an act of understanding without the use of thoughts. Creation is an unfolding story. The Tree is a tool to success.


Saviors= various stages or phases of the sun. “By your nature you are the master…” C Freeman el


Becoming a god-person on earth was the goal of every soul descending to earth. The concept later became the stolen property of one god-man around which a religion became centered on-Krishna, Jesus, & others. Man sins because he functions with only 3/13 of his faculties the faculties that the soul needs to properly perceive the world are in an undeveloped state. Because of soul’s lack of access to higher mind that is in charge of processing the true nature of things, the soul’s spiritual practice is based on the worship of symbols and worship through symbolic acts. The most important factor that determines the soul’s behavior is his level of consciousness. Ra Un Nefer Amen (Emphasis added)

Wheel of time
Death/Transition Work/Kids “Brothers & sisters are getting shot, raped, robbed, broken down, thrown in jail are losing that’s the wrong level of the game. You are responsible for your own soul on earth. Don’t let some fool take it from you.” Career C Freeman el
Never look down on someone if they appear to be lesser than you. You never know what they are capable of. You won’t know what they can do unless you give them a chance this includes yourself. Western culture is the most destructive their entire perception on the world is totally wrong if you follow that path you’ll never find peace. Their means is to st manipulate souls on the 1 level of development. This is why the Tree of life is an important tool for your spiritual growth. This is to be used as a personal tool. Unfortunately, most societies lack the knowledge of how to spiritually cultivate their citizens. The Tree serves as an administration for the world; and man’s divinity.

***Mater the System*** The essence of KMT: The cultivation of the Neteru (Soul) that shape “man’s” life in order to ensure their positive expressions, & to optimize the manifestation of their talents. Stabilize the spirit with peace and energize it with joy and it will give you the good things of this world the Declarations of freedom from Corruption. The key is to bring the Laws of the Creator into full circle. The Tree of Life is the back bone of Osiris. (Emphasis added) Notes from Metu Neter volume four by Ra Un Nefer Amen

3rd 2nd 1st


Cycle of life: enslavement of the general population

****For Personal Use Only****


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