LEVEL: 8.-11. years old UNIT / SESSION:

OBJECTIVE:Sorting of waste

Science - Czech VOCABULARY: waste, bins, no dumping

MATERIALS: Cards with pictures of waste, cards of bins

OPENING ACTIVITIES. Dramatization: Movement on carpet, barefood, the children move slowly, they don´t bump into one another. The chidlren try to stand without moving The children impresonate (mime) movement of wild animals living in the wood (a squirrel, a boar, wild cat, a deer, ants...). W is common for these animals? - WOODS Transformation into flower, bushes, trees The children try to imagion how some roots grow out of their soles of the feet and grow into the floor The body is atrunk, the hands and heads are treetops which extend to the sky, move in the breeze, wind, storm and they finish as windfallen trees. A teacher puts on a black hat a throws pictures of rubbish into the “wood”, then he takes off his hat and the first conflict starts. MAIN ACTIVITIES Main activities. – conflict • Children are siting down and they describing what happened in the wood. What would the trees feel if they were able to feel. First, the wood was nice and clean, then a man came …. • What the sign No dumping means? 1. sorting of waste Common sorting of waste, which the man leaves in the wood, on the piles according to the sort of waste then matching to the rigt container 2. worksheet – match waste to right bins Key: Paper - blue – 4,11 Plastic – yellow – 6,8,10, 13, 16 Organic waste – brawn - 1, 7, 15 Electro waste - red - 18 mixed waste – grey – 2, 5, 14, 17 white glass / green glass – 3, 9


CLOSING ACTIVITIES Discussion – Answer the questions.

REINFORCEMENT AND EXTENSION ACTIVITIES Collectoin of old broken electric oppliances, pencil bateries


Worksheet: Sorting of waste Name: 1. Sorting of waste. Color the bins the right color (green, yellow, blue, white, grey, brown). 2. Write number of garbage in the right bin.

plastic paper electrowaste


mixed waste

1 – apple-cores, 2 – a broken plate 3 – broken glass , 4- old newspaper, 5- ash, 6 -PET –bottle, 7-a peel of banana,


Organic waste

8 – a plastic bag, 9 - a glass vase, 10 – plastic backaging from Snicker, 11 – retail box, 12 – an empty pot from

yoghurt, 13 – oil paper, 15 – grass, 16 – an empty box from juice, 17 – torn cloth, 18 – hair

Discussion. Answer the questions: Where are the bins of separated waste? __________________________________________________________________ _______________ When do the dusman tip out the grey bins? __________________________________________________________________ _______________ Can you play on the landfill? Why not? __________________________________________________________________ _______________ Can you put the dangerous waste into the wood? Why not? Where can you put it? __________________________________________________________________ _______________ Chat waste can you bring into school? __________________________________________________________________ _______________

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