LEVEL: 2 nd cycle SUBJECT: Science Nº of lessons: 2

OBJECTIVE: Collecting as many paper materials as possible used beforehand.

VOCABULARY: Words and expressions related to the environment, nature and materials.

MATERIALES: Books,newspaper,test books and etc.

OPENING ACTIVITIES. Explain the students how important is reducing, reusing and recycling the materials we use daily, instead of throwing them away, because with them we can create lots of crafts, toys, figures and other objects. And remind the students that we have to collect all the materials in different bins rather than putting all of them in one dustbin. MAIN ACTIVITIES Explain the importance of trees for a country and ask the students how to reduce the usage of trees .After getting their opions,point our how the recycling is important .

CLOSING ACTIVITIES Students are asked to inform all the classes about the importance of recycling . REİNFORCEMENT AND EXTENSİON ACTİVİTİES Pupils were asked to collect old books,newspapers and etc and they collected all of them in one place and we sent them for recycling.

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