Notice of Acceptance of Oath of Office KS

By. me, addressee. William Duff SEP 0 4 2007 108 NW 101 PI Kansas City, Mo [64155] CIERK^& ^ 816-429-5038 or cell 816-365-1600 email; williamduff@kcm. com Notice for: ANY PERSON HOLDING OFFICE OF JUDGE, MAGISTRATE, OR PUBLIC SERVANT c/o ANY MUNICIPAL OR CIRCUIT COURT IN MISSOURI

I hereby duly notice ANY PERSON HOLDING OFFICE AND DBA; JUDGE/ MAGISTRATE/PUBLIC SERVANT with my instrument entitled, "Notice of Acceptance of Oath of Office". ANY PRIVATE PERSON DBA CIRCUIT OR MUNICIPAL JUDGE, MAGISTRATE, PUBLIC SERVANT, I hereby and herein accept your Oath of Office as your open and binding offer of contract to form a firm and binding, private, bilateral contract between you and me in which you agree to perform aii of your promises and uphold all of my rights.

Further, I, refuse consent to be subjected to any Chancery, Admiralty or statutory jurisdiction without which this court can not acquire or maintain in person am jurisdiction as demonstrated in Supreme Court decision; Ramsay vs. Aliegre 12 (wail) 611.

The foregoing "Notice of Acceptance of Oath of Office" is an instrument in common law, and is made explicitly under reserve and without recourse. Failure to respond to this offer of contract within three business days of receipt establishes your unconditional acceptance of the foregoing, and your promise to uphold all of my rights. Failure to do so is a trespass. You may respond by email provided above.

Without my consent, A government employee may not trespass on me or on my case in any way without causing me injury. I do not give my consent to any trespass whatsoever. NOTICE: This notice when filed in any case in a court of Missouri attaches to the JUDGE, MAGISTRATE OR PUBLIC OFFICIAL appointed to hold it.

Verification: I declare that to the best of my knowledge the foregoing is true and correct. Executed,, at arm's length, on the 29th day of the 8L month in the year of our Lord, two-thousand seven, at the office of the circuit clerk, circuit court, county of Clay, state of Missouri Bv: William Duff

By: me, Reserving all Liberties and Rights

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