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Media Contact: Joshua A. Wolf Friends of David R. Craig Phone: 443.857.1686 Email: Tuesday, September 4, 2012 For Immediate Release Bel Air, MD- Harford County Executive David R. Craig released the following statement following Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley’s address to the Democratic National Convention. This past Sunday, Governor Martin O’Malley, in a brief moment of candor, set aside his usual smoke and mirrors to admit that we are not better off today then we were four years ago. In a statement, which he immediately attempted to spin and retract, Governor O’Malley admitted what the people of Maryland have known as fact for years: both President Obama and Governor O’Malley have failed to curb record unemployment and revive a depressed economy. Most importantly, we know that we cannot survive 4 more years of these failed policies, which have led us down a path of endless tax hikes, ever-increasing deficits, and countless unfunded mandates. After realizing his political mistake, Governor O’Malley proved once again that he is out of touch with the average Marylander. Governor O’Malley went on to say “...but that's not the question of this election” Governor O’Malley, tell that to the 8.3% of Americans who are unemployed. Tell that to the those who suffer daily from Maryland’s record job loses. Despite his unintentional candor on Sunday, Governor O’Malley was pegged to give a prime-time address during the Democratic National Convention. O’Malley, a frequent surrogate for President Obama said Tuesday evening that the President’s policies “have moved America forward”. Can Marylanders honestly trust the Governor’s opinion of the past four years, after he raised taxes on the middle class and shifted millions of dollars in unfunded mandates to local government? The reality is Maryland has suffered a double dose of failed policies under the leadership of Governor O’Malley and President Obama. We are not better off; the citizens of this state and this country deserve better.


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