Name: Current study program



Topic: Problems of students that they are facing in schools, colleges and universities regarding studies. 1. Are you satisfied with the guidance for the admission in universities regarding courses, timings etc.? Yes No 2. Have you ever faced the language barrier during your studies? Yes No 3. Do you think that the expenses of Pakistan’s universities are easily affordable for all students? Yes No 4. Are you satisfied with your examination system in school, College and university? Yes No 5. Are you satisfied with the transportation of your institution? Yes No 6. For your current study program at university, do you have all the information about the courses which you are going to learn in the future? Yes No 7. Are you satisfied with the imposed study system in Pakistan? Yes No 8. Are you doing your practical work after learning the theory? Yes No 9. In our educational setup there is difference between theory and practical work ? Yes No 10. In institutions load shedding is a problem for the study and better performance of students? Yes No 11. Do you think favoritism is a serious issue in the present system? Yes No 12. Are you satisfied with your learning during this fast semester system? Yes No 13. Well equipped labs are always available for practical work? Yes No 14. Do you think in our educational system creativity is encouraged and polished especially at school level? Yes No 15. Is there an ideal teacher student relationship lies in our system that is necessary for the good performance of students? Yes No

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