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Thus. at the right place. considering current environment conditions. Apart from the recruitment and selection. The job profile of the personnel who is selected by the Hr department is for the front office executive. Selection is a term by which an organization chooses the right candidate for the right job at the right time. certain recommendations and suggestions have been provided that can help to increase the efficiency of HR functions that are carried at Hotel Aurora Towers. In fact the organization shortlists candidate as a person who best meets the selection criteria for the position available. This report is an experience based and does not involve any survey. Recruitment refers to organizational activities that influence the number and type of applicants who apply for a job and whether the applicants accept jobs that are offered. Human Resource. . Pune. It is done to bridge the gap between desired manpower & actual manpower i:e. However on the basis of my findings. In order to fulfill the project requirements I personally did recruitment for the Hotel Aurora Towers which helped me to understand a practical face of the study. It is done to save the time of the company by supplying the desired manpower which is required by them. we found recruitment and selection are the paramount in the whole Human Resource management chain.INTRODUCTION The purpose of the study of recruitment and Selection in Hotel Aurora Towers is to experience the quality & quantity required by the company and now the requirement is met. The recruitment process is one of the ways that an organization can cope up with shortcomings in its human resource needs.


.  To know in detail about the recruitment & selection process followed by Hotel Aurora Towers in their organization  To have an idea about the growth rate and attrition rate in this company.OBJECTIVES OF THE STUDY The objective behind the study of this project report is:  To know about the concept of recruitment.  To know about the concept of selection.  To know about the difference between recruitment & selection.


experience. expectations and generally prevailing market trends. leadership. and conclusion. as a trainee is semi outsider for an organization. aptitude. . regulations. Many a time things could not get opened because of limited transparency and openness. analysis and manager disclosure of all pertinent and particular policies has got limitations because ofhis positional accountability and responsibility. however the total time period available was very limited for the purpose of study. observations. attitude. The scope of the research is very vast. Hence dependent assumptions were to be made through the analysis. ethical values and constraints on account of internal rules. Second important thing is on account of ethical and moral obligations. Primary data which was collected from employees was depending upon the responsiveness. analysis. perception level and understanding level.SCOPE OF THE STUDY This study has a wide scope as it explores the entire recruitment and selection process of the Hotel Aurara Towers Company along with formats and explanations. norms.



Creation of vacancies due to expansion. The need for recruitment may arise due to the following situation: 1.LITERATURE REVIEW CONCEPT: 1) RECRUITMENT & SELECTION PROCESS OF MAN POWER COMPANY' • What is Recruitment? Finding and Attracting Applicants "Recruitment is a process of finding and attracting capable applicants for employment. termination." It is the first part of the process of filling a vacancy. growth etc. permanent disability or death of worker. 2. making contact with those candidates and attracting applications from them. MEANING OF RECRUITMENT Recruitment is understood as a process of searching for and obtaining applicants for job. Vacancies due to transfer. the consideration of sources of suitable candidates. . The result is a pool of applications from which new employees are selected. from among them the right people can be selected. promotion. Though theoretically recruitment process is said to end with the receipt of applications. retirement. The process begins when new recruits are sought and ends when their applications are submitted. it includes the examination of the vacancy. diversification. in practice the activity extends to the screening of applications so as to eliminate those who are not qualified for the job.

Identify vacancy Prepare job description and person specification Advertising the vacancy Managing the response Short-listing Arrange interviews Conducting interview and decision making . 2. 3.Recruitment Process:. 6. 7. 4.The recruitment process can be divided into seven stages 1. 5.

These sources lie outside the organization Both the sources are shown in the figure (Fig 1. 2.1) given below - . Internal Source:.These sources lie within the organization. External Source:.RECRUITMENT PROCESS: RECRUITMENT PLANING  Number of contacts  Types of contacts RECRUITMENT STRATEGY DEVELOPMENT  Make or buy employees  Technological sophistication  Where to look  How to look  Competitors  Evaluation of external recruitment Sources of Recruitment: There are two sources of recruitment:1.


And the external factors are those factors which cannot be controlled by the organization. The internal and external forces affecting recruitment function of an organization are: .SEARCHINGS  Source activation  Selling  Screening of applications EVAUATION AND COST CONTROL  Salary cost  Management and professional time spent  Advertisement cost  Recruitment overheads and expenses  Cost of overtime and outsourcing EVALUATION OF RECRUITMENT PROCESS  Return rate of applications send out  Suitable candidates for selection  Retention and performance of selected candidates  Recruitment cost  Image projection Factors affecting recruitment: The recruitment function of the organizations is affected and governed by a mix of various internal and external forces. The internal forces are the factors that can be controlled by the organization.


Outsourcing firms develop their human resource pool by employing people for them and make available personnel to various companies as per their needs. operational flexibility and competitive advantage 3. Company is free from salary negotiations. But it is seen as an unethical practice and not openly talked about. Poaching means employing a competent and experienced person already working with another reputed company in the same or different industry. weeding the unsuitable resumes/candidates. better than the current employer of the candidate. 2. the outsourcing firms or the intermediaries charge the organizations for their services. A company can attract talent from another firm by offering attractive pay packages and other terms and conditions. resources much in advance. Company can save a lot of its resources and time 2) Poaching/Raiding "Buying talent" (rather than developing it) is the latest mantra being followed by the organizations today. Indian software and the retail sector . the HR processes are being outsourced from more than a decade now.Recent Trends in Recruitment:The following trends are being seen in recruitment: 1) Outsourcing In India. Value creation. Advantages of outsourcing are: 1. Company need not plan for human. The outsourcing firms help the organization by the initial screening of the candidates according to the needs of the organization and creating a suitable pool of talent for the final selection by the organization. A company may draw required personnel from outsourcing firms. 5. turning the management's focus to strategic level processes of HRM 4. the organization might be a competitor in the industry. In turn.

The job seekers send their applications or curriculum vitae i.recruitment are as follows: .) of the job. CV through e mail using the Internet. Alternatively job seekers place their CV's in worldwide web.recruitment that an organization can use is  Job portals . It enables the employees to screen and filter the resumes through predefined criteria's and requirements (skills. experience.e. 3) E-recruitment Many big organizations use Internet as a source of recruitment.are the sectors facing the most severe brunt of poaching today. as it weakens the competitive strength of the firm. which can be drawn by prospective employees depending upon their requirements.  Resume Scanners: Resume scanner is one major benefit provided by the job portals to the organizations. Some of the advantages and the disadvantages of e. They advertise job vacancies through worldwide web. payroll etc. It has become a challenge for human resource managers to face and tackle poaching.i. ERecruitment is the use of technology to assist the recruitment process. posting the position with the job description and the job specification on the job portal and also searching for the suitable resumes posted on the site corresponding to the opening in the organization. The two kinds of e.e. qualifications.

Advantages of E-Recruitment are:  Lower costs to the organization. Also, posting jobs online is cheaper than advertising in the newspapers.  No intermediaries.  Reduction in the time for recruitment (over 65 percent of the hiring time).  Facilitates the recruitment of right type of people with the required skills.  Improved efficiency of recruitment process.  Gives a 24X7 access to an online collection of resumes.  Online recruitment helps the organizations to weed out the unqualified candidates in an automated way.  Recruitment websites also provide valuable data and information regarding the compensation offered by the competitors etc. which helps the HR managers to take various HR decisions like promotions, salary trends in industry etc

Disadvantages of E-recruitment are: Apart from the various benefits, e-recruitment has its own share of shortcomings and disadvantages. Some of them are:  Screening and checking the skill mapping and authenticity of millions of resumes is a problem and time consuming exercise for organizations.  There is low Internet penetration and no access and lack of awareness of internet in many locations across India.  Organizations cannot be dependant solely and totally on the online recruitment methods.

 In India, the employers and the employees still prefer a face-to-face interaction rather than sending e-mails.

ROI ( Return of Investment) on Recruitment:An organization makes a tremendous amount of investment in its recruitment processes. A lot of resources like time and money are spent on recruitment processes of an organisation. But assessing or quantifying the returns on the recruitment process, or, calculating the return on investment (ROI) on recruitment is a complicated task for an organisation. Indeed, it is difficult to judge the success of their recruitment processes. Instead, recruitment is one activity that continues in an organization without anyone ever realizing its worth or measuring its impact on the organization's business.

A recruitment professional or manager can calculate and maximize the return on investments on its organization's recruitment by  Clear definition of the results to be achieved from recruitment.  Developing methods and ways measuring the results like the time to - hire, cost-Per- Hire and effectiveness of the recruitment source etc.  Estimating the costs associated with the recruitment project  Estimating the tangible and intangible benefits to the organization including the payback period ©f the recruitments.  Providing and ensuring proper training and development of the recruitment professionals.

Assessing the ROI on recruitments can assist an organisation to strengthen its HR processes, improving its recruitment function and 'to build a strategic human resource advantage for the organization.

RECRUITMENT STRATEGIES The level of performance of the organization depends on the effectiveness of its recruitment function. Organizations have developed and follow recruitment strategies to hire the best talent for their organization and to utilize their resources optimally. A successful recruitment strategy should be well planned and practical to attract more and good talent to apply in the organisation.

For formulating an effective and successful recruitment strategy, the strategy should cover the following elements:

1. Identifying and prioritizing jobs Requirements keep arising at various levels in every organisation: it is almost a never- ending process. It is impossible to fill all the positions immediately. Therefore, there is a need to identify the positions requiring immediate attention and action. To maintain the quality of the recruitment activities, it is useful to prioritize the vacancies whether to focus on all vacancies equally or focusing on keyjobs first.

2. Candidates to target The recruitment process can be effective only if the organization completely understands the requirements of the type of candidates that are required and will be beneficial for the organization. This covers the following parameters as well:

The candidate's experience can range from being a fresher to experienced senior professionals. technical etc. HR interviews. different industry. How to evaluate the candidates The various parameters and the ways to judge them i. They should also be aware of the major parameters and skills (e.e. unemployed. written tests. Which are the sources to be used and focused for the recruitment purposes for various positions? Employee referral is one of the most effective sources of recruitment. 4. Like the rounds of technical interviews. Performance level required: Different strategies are required for focusing on hiring high performers and average performers.: behavioural. He/she can be from the Same industry. the entire recruitment process should be planned in advance. Trained recruiters The recruitment professionals conducting the interviews and the other recruitment activities should be well-trained and experienced to conduct the activities. Sources of recruitment The strategy should define various sources (external and internal) of recruitment. .  Category of the candidate: the strategy should clearly define the target candidate.g. 3. top perfonners of the industry etc.  Experience level required: the strategy should be clear as to what is the experience level required by the organization. psychometric tests etc.) to focus while interviewing and selecting a candidate.

Recruitment management system helps to contour the recruitment processes and effectively managing the ROI on recruitment. unbiased.RECRUITMENT MANAGEMENT SYSTEM Recruitment management system is the comprehensive tool to manage the entire recruitment processes of an organization. . It is one of the technological tools facilitated by the information management systems to the HR of organizations. the final decision making to the main recruitment process. outsourcing recruitment. automated and interactive interface between the online application system. functions and major benefits of the recruitment management system are explained below:  Structure and systematically organize the entire recruitment processes. the recruitment department of the company and the job seeker.  Recruitment management system helps to incorporate and integrate the various links like the application system on the official website of the company.  Recruitment management system facilitates faster. accurate and reliable processing of applications from various applications. the unsolicited applications.  Recruitment management system provides and a flexible. The features.  Helps to reduce the time-per-hire and cost-per-hire.  Recruitment management system maintains an automated active database of the applicants facilitating the talent management and increasing the efficiency of the recruitment processes.

Centralized form of recruitment is mainly practiced in government organizations. Benefits of the centralized form of recruitment are:  Reduces administration costs  Better utilization of specialists  Unifonnity in recruitment  Interchangeability of staff  Reduces favoritism  Every department sends requisitions for recruitment to their central office. the recruitment practices of an organization are centralized. Offers tolls and support to enhance productivity. explained below: 1) Centralized:When the HR / recruitment department at the head office performs all functions of recruitment. . Recruitment decisions for all the departments of an organization are carried out by the one central HR or recruitment department.  Recruitment management system helps to communicate and create healthy relationships with the candidates through the entire recruitment process. The organizations can choose from the centralized or decentralized forms of recruitment. FORMS OF RECRUITMENT:Organizations adopt different forms of recruitment practices according to the specific needs of the organization. solutions and optimizing the recruitment processes to ensure improved ROI.

Choice between the two will depend upon management philosophy and needs of particular organization. Since the business areas and offices are diverse and geographically spread. it becomes important to understand the needs of each department and frame the recruitment policies and procedures accordingly. HEADHUNTING Headhunting refers to the approach of finding and attracting the best experienced person with the required skill set.2) Decentralized: Decentralized recruitment practices are most commonly seen in the case of conglomerates operating in different and diverse business areas. Headhunting involves convincing the person to join your organization. . Lower level staffs as well as top level executives are recruited in a decentralized manner. Each department carries out its own recruitment.


PRELIMINARY INTERVIEW: The purpose of preliminary interviews is basically to eliminate unqualified applications based on information supplied in application forms. DEFINATION "Selection is a process of differentiating between applicants in order to identify and hire those with a greater likelihood of success in a job. The basic objective is to reject misfits." SELECTION PROCESS 1. SELECTION TESTS : Jobseekers who pass the preliminary interviews are called for tests. . 3. 2.2)SELECTION Process of differentiating(Meaning) Selection is the process of picking up individuals (out of the pool of job applicants ) with requisite qualifications and competence to fill jobs in the organization. EMPLOYMENT INTERVIEWS: At this step interview is a formal and in-depth conversation between applicants acceptability. Ability tests etc to judge how well an individual can perform tasks related to the job. It is considered to be an excellent selection device. These tests may be Aptitude tests.

6.4. 8. JOB OFFER: The next step in the selection process is the job offer to those applicants who have crossed all the previous hurdles. The views of the line managers are considered generally because it is the line manager who is responsible for the performance of the new employee. 7. Reference checks can be through formal letters. . CONTRACT OF EMPLOYEE: Once the job offer is accepted certain documents need to be executed by the employer and the candidate. It is made by away of letter of appointment. Here a formal contract of employment is prepared and agreed upon. REFERENCE AND BACKGROUND CHECKS: This checks are conducted to verify the information provided by the candidates. telephone conversations etc. PHYSICAL EXAMINATION: After the selection decision is made the candidate is required to undergo a physical fitness test. SELECTION DECISIONS: After obtaining all the information the most critical step is the selection decision to be made. 5.

The BM (Business Manager) may feel the need for candidates (employees) with various job qualifications in accordance to the fulfillment of vacant posts within the organization. seeks to eliminate as many unqualified & unfit applicants as possible in order to identify the right candidate. at the right time. A job requisition format is to be followed for requirement of candidates. promotions. terminations etc. employees to apply for jobs. For the right task. Recruitment is said to be Positive in Selection on the other hand is its approach as it seeks to attract as different in its application as it many candidates as possible.DIFFERENCE BETWEEN RECRUITMENT & SELECTION: RECRUITMENT SELECTION Refers to the process of identifying It is concerned with picking up the and encouraging prospective right candidates from a pool of applicants. COMPANY REQUIREMENT FLOW CHART EXPLAINATIQN  MAIL FROM BM ABOUT THE VACANCY (NEW / REPLACEMENT) This is the starting point of the recruitment process. . The candidates may be appointed for a NEW segment or post or may be appointed to REPLACE an existing employee's job due to various reasons such as transfers.

attracting employees from other organizations to our organization).e.  TELEPHONIC INTEREST CHECK & UPDATING OF SHORT LISTED PROFILES Selected candidates from the list made are then interviewed on telephone about their profiles and their interest. Internal References or through Networking & Head hunting ie picking up the individuals out of the pool of job applicants with requisite qualifications & competence to fill up the job in organization. RESOURCING TEAM SOURCES PROFILES This mail order from the BM is sent to the resourcing team who search for the specific qualified candidate profiles as required by the BM by going through the CV's (Curriculum Vitae) of various candidates by sourcing them at various Job Sites(Active Search). whether they would like to join our company as we have an opening. Competition Mapping (raiding i.e the date of contacting the person as a database of the company) for any future reference. . A Telephonic interview questionnaire format is followed and on the basis of the telephonic interview interested candidates are short listed and their profiles are carried forward to the next step of recruitment and the uninterested candidate profiles are kept in the HIRING TRACKER (i.  SCREENING OF SOURCED PROFILES Once the candidates profile with requisite qualification as per BM's mail are obtained. a proper screening of those profiles is carried out and a list of such candidate profiles is made which need to be further processed.

On the basis of this interview the selected profiles are carried forward and the rejected ones are kept at hiring tracker and at rejected hard copy files for future reference.  SHARING OF IIR FINDINGS & SCORECARDS WITH BM's After conducting the HR round interview the HR opinions and interview scorecards regarding selected profiles are shared with the .e JAF) The first round of interview is conducted with the approved profiles and the JAF is filled by them.  HR ROUND OF INTERVIEW This round of interview may be conducted by well experienced HR heads or their assistants with the help of Interview Question Bank & Interview Scorecard where job related questions are asked and the skill of the interviewee is tested. SHARING OF THE INTERESTED PROFILES WITH THE BM s The interested profiles which are carried forward are shared with the BM's . In Job Application Form the candidate need to fill his/her details such as  Personal details  Educational qualification  Work experience. The approved profiles amongst them by the BM's are called for the interview and the rejected ones are kept in the hiring tracker as database for future reference.  CANDIDATE IS CALLED FOR FIRST ROUND OF INTERVIEW(FILLS THE JOB APPLICATION FORM i. The selection process starts from this stage.

 FINAL ROUND INTERVIEW The positive applicants profile is finally called for the final round interview to test his IQ. The rejected profiles by the BM's are then sent to the hiring tracker and the selected ones are carried forward. . If the personality assessment is positive the applicant profile is carried forward and if it is negative then it is rejected and kept at the hiring tracker / rejected hard copy file for future reference. his intelligence and his suitability to the vacant job. the SWOT Analysis of the applicant is judged. At this test the attitude.  PERSONALITY ASSESSMENT (SHL / THOMAS) After passing the personal interview with BM the selected applicants have to give an online personality assessment test such as SHL / THOMAS. the personality.  PERSONAL INTERVIEW WITH BM / REPRESENTATIVE The selected profiles at this stage are called for a personal interview with the BM / Representative and once again the profile selected by the BM by personally meeting the candidates are carried forward and the rejected profiles are kept in hiring tracker / rejected hard copy files for future reference. After this interview the rejected applicant profiles are kept at hiring tracker / rejected hard copy files for future reference and the selected applicant profiles are carried forward for final verdict.BM's as to know the BM's opinion about the profiles.

allowances given by the company etc.  MAKING OFFER & NEGOTIATION Profiles having positive reference checks are called up for making final offer and negotiation with them regarding their job. his background. his / her Current Salary Structure in the organization. If the applicant rejects or does not agree to the terms & conditions of the company his profile is kept at hiring tracker / rejected hard copy files and if he accepts the terms & conditions he is given the job and his profile is updated and he is updated in the organizational structure. . Organizational Structure & his / her position in the organizational structure. explaining about the company goals and objectives. rules and regulations of the company. This reference check is conducted to know more about the candidate. If the reference check is negative the profile is kept at the hiring tracker/ rejected hard copy files and if it is positive his profile is carried forward. REFERENCE CHECK TO BE CARRIED OUT BY HR The candidate who is finally selected or who is getting the job is asked for a reference check. This reference check is carried out by following the Reference check format. his behavior and to check whether the information provided by him is correct or wrong. He is also given his final approval mail from the BM.


The technique used may be deliberate or purposive sampling.  PRIMARY DATA: "The primary data is the data collected afresh & first time and happens to be the first hand information. systematic sampling. The sample size of this project is 10-12 executive employees of Hotel Aurora Towers Sampling technique: It refers to the method to be applied / the technique to be used in Selecting the Sample. • Sample size: It means the number. area sampling." OR "The primary data is data which is collected by researcher directly from the respondents" There are various methods of primary data collection. . extensive sampling. random sampling. stratified sampling. 3. Observation method Interview method Questionnaire Schedules etc. 2. such as: 1. 4.RESEACRH METHODOLOGY This project report is based on primary as well as secondary data. of persons or items selected from the universe to constitute a sample.

The sampling technique applied for this project report is Simple random technique  Study period Study period refers to the time and duration required for the researcher to complete his research. Telephonic interviews 2. . Google ."  Tools for secondary data collection: The tool / methods used for collecting secondary data for this project report are different websites of manpower. SECONDARY DATA: "The data which is collected by someone and gone through the statistical process is called secondary data. HR reports of the company." OR "The data which is collected by someone and used for the purpose of research by another person is called secondary data.  Tools for data collection: The tools / methods used to collect primary data for this research report are through: 1. Study period for this research report is: 60 days in total. Personal face-to-face interview 3. company profile magazines etc. Oral questionnaire method.


ANALYSIS & INTERPRETATION To Recruiters of the organization 1) Are you satisfied with the recruitment process in Hotel Aurora Towers is seen that a) Not at all b) Satisfied c) Totally satisfied d) Good e) Excellent Options Response Percentage b 3 30 d 4 30 e 3 40 Total 10 100 40 40 35 30 25 Response 20 15 10 5 0 b d e 3 4 3 Percentage 30 30 Interpretation: From the above response it is seen that Hotel Aurora Towers management meets the standards of recruitment process .

2) Whether the recruitment process is documented? a) Yes b)No Options Response Percentage a 7 70 b 3 30 Total 10 100 70 70 60 50 40 30 20 7 10 0 a b 3 30 Response Percentage Interpretation: From the above responses it is seen that majority of employees feel that recruitment process is documented in the company. they can access whenever they want. . However. 30% of the people don't have knowledge about it.

so it helps the job as per his requirement and needs.3) Is the recruitment process uniform at all level? a) Yes b) No c) Varies as per department Options Response Percentage a 1 30 c 7 70 Total 10 100 70 70 60 50 40 30 20 10 0 a c 7 1 Response 30 Percentage Interpretation: .From the above responses it is seen that recruitment process varies many time department heads to select the right person for the from department to department. .

4) Whether the response from the client after giving the requirement in all the process is satisfactory? a)Not slow b)Slow c)Quick d)Very responsive e)Excellent Options Response Percentage b 2 20 c 5 50 e 3 30 Total 10 100 60 50 50 40 30 30 20 20 Response Percentage 10 2 0 b 5 3 c e Interpretation: -From the above responses it is seen more than 50% of recruiters feel that the response is quite quick. .

5) Whether the management are satisfied with the recruitment process carried out by company? a) No b) Not much c) To some extent d) Very much Options Response Percentage b 2 20 c 5 50 d 3 30 Total 10 100 50 50 45 40 35 30 25 20 15 10 5 0 b c d 2 5 3 20 30 Response Percentage Interpretation: From the above responses it is seen that management are satisfied to some extent. .

6) Whether the candidates are satisfied with the recruitment process carried out? a) No b) Not much c) To some extent d) Very much Options Response Percentage a 1 10 b 2 20 c 1 50 d 2 20 Total 10 100 60 50 50 40 30 20 20 10 10 1 0 a b c d 2 1 2 20 Response Percentage Interpretation: From the above responses it is seen that most of the candidates are satisfied with the process of recruitment but still almost 30% were not so satisfied. .

What are the stages used for conducting the interview ?  First stage call up the potential candidates  First round is the HR round where candidate's communications skills & academic records are checked  Second round is the aptitude round where candidate's IQ level is checked  The last round is the operations round where the operations manager takes the interview of the potential candidate he checks if the candidate is fit for his process. &  Job portals where candidates have posted their resumes 3. .Analysis Of Procedures & Methodology Adopted In The Process Of Recruitment & Selection 1. What are the Sources used for talent acquisition ( Hunting the Heads )?  Personal contacts  Referrals' from the candidates.  From consultancy 2. From the Above different sources which is the source you get more response?  Referrals' from the candidates.  Job portals where candidates have posted their resumes  Direct walkins.

The other things which come in the later part which are :  Education Qualification  Personality  Knowledge about subject matter 6.4. How do you co. What is generally the lead time to join the organization expected by the employer and generally taken by the candidates ?  According to the company the candidate should join as soon as possible. Also at the beginning candidates been asked by the consultants & HR if they comfortable in working shifts. 5.  If the candidate is currently working somewhere then in that case he might take one month to join as he need to serve the notice period in his existing company which is the requirement for leaving the present job & based on that the employees are given the experience letter.relate the job fit and culturally fit manning ?  Earlier it was a problem where the job of Hotel & the culture of the people was clashing now everybody is aware that they have work in shifts & they would be dealing with people from residing in India an abroad. Which are the preferential areas in selecting a candidate  The preferential areas in selecting the candidate is his fluency in English. .

. What is the ratio in between the requisition of the vacancies and the candidates interview?  As this is a volume hiring always the candidates interview should be higher than the requisition of the vacancies as few of the candidates do not turn up at the time of joining. Do you have the data and information bank related with unsolicited application And the candidates who have been rejected ?  Yes we have to maintain the data of all the candidates whether they are selected or not also at the same time we need to maintain a separate data for the unsolicited application as at times they are not allowed to apply in future.  If there is other reason such as too growth Or else the entire company got shut down then based on the circumstances the candidates are considered.7. Generally the ratio is 20% higher the requisition of vacancies. 8. 9. Which parameters do you consider for selection even if the employee possessing the resignation?  If the on the resume of the candidate if it is shown that the candidate is a job hopper & frequently shifting from one company to another generally these kind of candidates are not selected if it is found that they hopping jobs because of like in the salary.

.  For the same position they can apply after 3 months. they are reconsidered.Do these candidates are called for the subsequent interview for Reconsideration ?  Yes the candidates who have been rejected on the basis of communication skills or Education background etc.10..

5. 2. 4. A majority of employees feel that recruitment process carried out in the company is satisfactory. so most of the employees face difficulty to adjust with them. 3. B) Negative findings:1.FINDINGS QF STUDY The findings during the work carried out by me can be categorized into two categories as it is said that every coin has two sides:- a) Positive findings:1. if the candidate demands for the higher wages then he can pro actively ask the consultancies that which is the company paying the highest wages in the market based on the information he can directly join that company instead of him going through different companies & checking the package. 2.g. Some employees were moderately or not much satisfied with the process. Since rules and regulations are very dynamic. The new joiners are very much satisfied with the process of training given to them regarding recruitment. Since there is a gap in between their expected pay scales & actual in hand compensation 3. Some employees feel that each recruiter gets an opportunity to do the whole process right from the recruitment to client co-ordination. Consultants make sure that the right candidate is placed in the right company for e. Since the recruitment is a volume based recruitment it can be easily achieved with the help of the consultants & placements service. .

5. C) Special Findings: Since the process involves continuous sitting at one place so refreshment was provided to the candidates who had come for the interview.4. Many a time the interview calls are spontaneous the result yielded is the prospective candidate does not have time to prepare for interview. This being as unique exp by candidates it helps to build the goodwill of the company . Most of the candidates do not turn up when they are called up for the interview.


 The recruiter should also take the references of his friends or any one he knows who looking for a job from the candidate who has come for the interview. .SUGGESTIONS Following are the suggestions to improve the recruitment process: The process should be future oriented.  While following the process the time and economy factor should be taken into consideration. which can be done by keeping attitude and knowledge in consideration instead of just emphasizing on qualification and experience.


Ensuring the quality of the persons to be recruited is a very difficult task because there are several diff influential factors impacting on the system. . In today's rapidly changing business environment organizations have to respond quickly to requirement for people. So the base of selection is considerably broad.  Improper recruitment can prove very costly for the organization and can lead to loss to company. Hence each and every employee is guided to follow the process taking this into consideration. It realizes the value of manpower and try the best not to waste the manpower. It believes in quality not quantity.  The purpose of recruitment is to carry out effective recruitment of strong candidates as in to retain them in the organization and achieve the required goals of it. But Hotel Aurora towers takes into consideration the time allotted for fulfilling the requirements and fulfills them in an appropriate manner within the stipulated time.CONCLUSION  Recruitment is the first step in the process of acquiring and retaining human resources for an organization. in context to the recruitment.


 Since most of the candidates were never use to turn up so the drive for the interview was not possible. The major limitations are as follows:  Due to the stipulated time frame.LIMITATIONS Each and every research carried out has some limitations due to various reasons. because some expectations are not fulfilled.  The study was carried out within 2 months time period. Since the research is a never-ending process so some limitations arise. and was unable to work on hard-core requirements of IT  Convenient sampling is used as a mode of conducting research. .  Most of the recruitment was done on the executive/advisor level so couldn't study much as compare to middle level or higher management level recruitment. the headhunting process was difficult to carry out.

ANNEXURE 1. Is the recruitment process uniform at all level? 4. Whether the satisfactory? 5. Whether the candidates are satisfied with the recruitment process carried out? . Are you satisfied with the recruitment process in Hotel Aurora towers 2. Whether the Management satisfied with the recruitment process carried out by company? 6. Whether the recruitment process is documented? 3.


Himalaya Publishing House Pvt.V Gankar(2006).conVmeaning-of-recruitment. CV through e mail using the Internet. They advertise job vacancies through worldwide web. S.com/recruitment-process.BIBLIOGRAPHY a. Personnel Management. B.html> <http://www. Ltd. E-recruitment Many big organizations use Internet as a source of recruitment. Alternatively job seekers place their CV's in worldwide web.naukrihub.naukrihub.html> >http://recruitment. pp. html> c.naukrihub. Pp. 186-190.  Ashwathappa K.(2006). Mumbai.html> >http://recruitment. 137-140 b.citehr. Internet Sites :<http://recruitment. Noida.e. Human Resource Management. Tata Mc Graw Hill.com/importance-of-recruitment.naukrihub. . ERecruitment is the use of technology to assist the recruitment process.com/e-recruitment. Books: Mamoria C.html> <http://recruitment.com/14439-difference-between-recruitment-selection. which can be drawn by prospective employees depending upon their requirements. The job seekers send their applications or curriculum vitae i.

) of the job.recruitment are as follows: Advantages of E-Recruitment are:  Lower costs to the organization. posting the position with the job description and the job specification on the job portal and also searching for the suitable resumes posted on the site corresponding to the opening in the organization. Also. posting jobs online is cheaper than advertising in the newspapers. payroll etc. It enables the employees to screen and filter the resumes through predefined criteria's and requirements (skills.The two kinds of e.i.recruitment that an organization can use is  Job portals .  Reduction in the time for recruitment (over 65 percent of the hiring time).  Facilitates the recruitment of right type of people with the required skills.  No intermediaries.e. experience. qualifications. .  Improved efficiency of recruitment process.  Gives a 24*7 access to an online collection of resumes.  Resume Scanners: Resume scanner is one major benefit provided by the job portals to the organizations. Some of the advantages and the disadvantages of e.

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