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Total Film Magazine Analysis

Total Film Magazine Analysis

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Published by: lottie1995 on Sep 05, 2012
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Masthead The Masthead uses a white bold sans serif font which identifies that the magazine is informal

. The masthead has been covered partly by the actress ‘Jessica Alba’, this tells us that the magazine company is well known by its audience and is easily recognised. Main Image The image is of the celebrity actor ‘Jessica Alba’ wearing white and red. The mise-enscene shows the actress wearing white shorts and a red top which identifies that the celebrity is sexy however she doesn’t reveal too much skin which portrays her as a sophisticated and classy. Also the use of the white shows purity and innocence. We can also identify that the majority of the target audience is going to be of the male gender because the sexy actress appeals to young men. The red lipstick creates a sex appeal as the colour red resembles lust. The main image is the main focus of the magazine as it covers most of the page and it used to attract the audience into reading the magazine. The image is very striking as it used direct address which is very effective as it is a form of interaction as the audience may feel connected with the image on the front cover. It was links with Laura Maulvey’s male gaze theory as women also look at her in the same way as men more as an object than her point of view.

Puff By using the word ‘free’ it immediately draws your audience in to wanting to read the magazine as they feel they are gaining something out of purchasing the magazine and also create a unique selling point (USP) and varies them to other film magazines in the market.

Date & Price This convention you expect to feature on all magazine front covers in order to inform the reader. The price has been displayed in a small font which connotes that the company doesn’t want it to stand out as the price is not as appealing compared to other magazines. The price of £3.99 reflects the socio economic status of the target market being of people of a higher class and relatively wealthy as we can recognise the magazine is not as cheap as other magazines on the market. Barcode This is a common convention that you expect to have on all magazines.

Feature Headline This is the largest headline on the front cover which is used to stand out using yellow bold sans serif font using a short snappy headline of ‘summer preview’ which engages the audience as the audience feel they are gaining something out of the magazine as they are From the images and list of films we can previewing what is going to immediately identify that the magazine is happen in the films soon to aimed the target audience of males as the genre of the films consist of action, adventure come out which no one else knows therefore persuades and mystery. The image on the left of the mysterious man which is creates with the use the audience to read and buy the magazine. of dark colours and his black suit links with Barthes theory as the audience questions who he is and what is he holding which draws the audience into reading about the film and possibly watching the film.

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