The Western Champion and General Advertiser for the Central-Western Districts (Barcaldine, Qld.

: 1892 - 19
A Beal Ghost


LEU. JOHNS, one o£ the Champion appren tices, who is enjoying a holiday South (happy lad), writes to the Champion staff as follows, Ipswich: Tivoli State School, near from
is a It going to tell you a 6tory. I am ghost story-better than "Our Ghost" in the Champion, and what is more, this is a true one. Now for it. Andv Wright took

shaft, which is at the down their new other end of the tramway bridge. He took it. me We went down pretty well all over in the cage. As the driver of the engine had the foot of gone home when we went back to oouldn't go up in the cage, EO the shaft we we walked up the tunnel to the air shaft, and then climbed up the ladder about 20 feet. I about it, and he said told my brother W lie would like to I had a couple of go down. pit lamps, over about eight went and we It was pitch dark outside o'clock at night.

dark, gloomy, &c., ahead. About was two seconds after I pulled back the bag and shoved my lamp in; the knocking suddenly ceased. Just as sudden the thought struck me about this tunnel running to the haunted pit-150 yards away, and about the ghosts at about nine o'clock their usual work. It was to W. about being nipht. I did not let on afraid, did he notice the knocking sud nor I said, " I think we had better denly cease. not go in there, there might be impure air time great beads of perspiration at the same
fore, all off to me, and my legs commenced shake and feel very weak, and my teeth chattering like a box of ivory commenced dominoes. I felt very glad when I saw that in suoh a to notice me W. did not seem the state. in front walking up He was tunnel, and I was Had I told behind him.


There had to take the lead. wall around the mouth of this small (shaft with a small door to crawl till through. We couldn't light our lamps were in the tunnel for fear somebody we would see the light. I can tell you I felt a hole. bit queer stepping down into the dark We managed to feel our way down to the went We bottom of the shaft-20 feet. lit down the tunnel about a yard, and there
-no is




about the ghosts, &o., a place and we would ave made a rush for and perhapsfallen over As it was I scraped all and killed ourselves. the skin off my back against the roof through not stooping enough. All the time I was in a him

the .way


Same would have taken it,


lamps. getting down

were we that, when Before the ladder, W. (who had a tin full of kerosene, and I happened to cocoa be looking up towards him at the time) managed to pour half the contents over my got down We face-by accident, of course. (about 50 as far as a sort of a junction

terrible of fear. At laBt we reached agony the foot of the shaft. W. blew out his lamp, I wouldn't. to do likewise. and told me old goat," says he, "somebody will "You I then told see us coming up if you don't." him about the ghosts, the passage to the " Eclipse," the strange knocking, and how it suddenly ceased when I drew back the bag and shoved my lamp in. We then made a bolt for it, and managed to Bcramble in the darkness up the ladder, and jump outside. On the way up a bat hit my leg-I let out a I and nearly fainted with fright. scream, would not go down that place with omy one 1 for anything-no not even bloke with me


all the time) where one Here there is a joins to the other. The bag hanging down to keep the draught. W. old worked-out one. other tunnel is an afraid that there was bad air was very much Before I go any further I the other side. must inform you that this tunnel connects pit ; that the old "Eclipse" with the
" Eclipse " is said to be haunted on account in it at the time of being drowned of the men the big floods ; that down the haunted pit strange knockings are said to take place

bike. I forgot for a safety pneumatic-tired to tell you that my lamp went out when half strike a match as way up, and I could not oil I hurried on to round us was so damp.

night, like as if somebody were drop against a piece of hard coal that said to be the ghosts of the seven men were entombed, trying to get out of the pit. W. knew nothing about this, neither did he know that the tunnel oonnected with the He was asking haunted pit, the " Eclipse." that the air in the tunnel, over me I sure was every

is W. and got a light from his lamp. This alL Ana here endeth the account of mf first adventure with a ghost.

ping a hammer

which the bag was air, when "HushI thing knocking ?"

not impure that some " Yes, it is," says I, for getting for the time about ghosts, haunted " It is only the water dropping pits, &c. the root of tbe tunnel to the floor," from it I sounded says I. At the same time thought " Pull back the bag," says W. rather loud. hanging,



stick your lamp through and I did. Ahead all was dark, gloomy, and weird; not a sound, save the the tap, tap of what we thought was dropping of water. The noise was going on I was regularly as if done by clockwork. as about a yard ahead of W., and as I said be fore, all was dark, gloomy, &c., ahead. About







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