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Science & Technology Facts

Science & Technology Facts

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Published by: Yen Yen Nicolas on Sep 05, 2012
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The Great War favourite Spam manufactured by Homel has been unsuccessfully in its attempts to retain its name for itself. Most people think of unsolicited emails when you mention spam.

Contact Lenses

Believe it or not Leonardo Da Vinci was the first person to come up with the theory of contact lenses in the early 1500’s! – Obviously the great man was ahead of his time and it wasn’t until plastic was invented that attempts create contact lenses became a reality. The


57% of the world’s population is Asian. Only 21% is European.


Fingerprints start to form before birth and are influenced by the nutrition and growth early on in the pregnancy. Each finger has a slightly different pattern. Even identical twins that grown from the same egg have different fingerprints so fingerprints really are

Steel Sight Supersonic Car  If all the steel cans used in Britain and Ireland each  On October 15, 1997to end they would reach the Each eye has 125 million rods that only detect black year and stacked end Richard Noble’s car Thrust SSC and and through the sound barrier to be colours. smashed back 7 million cones that million 433 moon white and three times! That’s 1detect the first car to travel at 763mph, the first thousand miles worth of cans. supersonic land speed record.

Blinking spreads tears across the eyes to keep the eyes clean and stop them from drying out.Television  The picture on a TV screen is made up of 350. Television Invention By the 1920’s there were 50 serious attempts to invent the truly TV World’s largest Day from Russia. it von fuzzy panel Oxford TV travel at speeds inches plasma screen. Unfortunately. battery powered but unfortunately the technology at Or 18mmmeantbread. Cois: CustomersWorld’s largestslow and the transport” itRobert Wilhelmcould see was Bunsen. The car. it was W= {1+(bd)-s+(m-2c)+(v+p)}100+I only 10km. restricted to 15mph as the30-mphwas exposed. In 1925 John Logie Baird gave the first  There is ais the day that commemorates the date of in TheClive Sinclair created his television form of Kyoto. was 1985. 6. a the time thick that recharging was frequent with  . Britain First television and Japan. The brain controls this action automatically. which has bamboo doors the birthJune unveiled the Eberhardfaint singlebut Japan in Street. Germany. March 31 formula thatof the car “aperfect Cheese A prototype wooden electricMatsushita at Selfridges  Sir Japanese conglomerate C5 was unveiled in public demonstration makes the new Electric Industrialofin 2008. blue and green pixels that combine to make the picture you see.6mm thick slice of cheese. sandwich. inventor of the Bunsen to driver but has a range of canscreen with a 150up burner. without thinking about it.000 red. Bunsen Burner Sustainable car Innovation The PERFECT Cheese Sandwich America. Blinking  We blink about 15 times each minute.

in Europe thoughcase someone is accidentally buried Coffin Alarm – in in Bergen in Norway with over . longbows.000Graveyards were is second with 931mm and Spectacles for Chicken – to stop eyes being pecked out cattle were not with a mere 873mm. and 10.The Patents UK Yew Neurons FunRainfall Iceland Tree   There are 100 Billion the UK plantedis head making as it The only tree was originally Iceland amusing patents All Yew native mammal had in your the Arctic Fox. wettest place in has to issome in graveyards up UK patent office neurons not Manchester – which was poisonous is actually Belfast with to build comes third the nervous system. Glasgowother of the cells.000 registered: but currently in Iceland were imported. Each Neuron has between annual other mammalsto cattle but was neededaverage1. The wettest place the Manchester allowed. connections to one brain few places rainfall of 978mm.

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