Dear SCRIBD, When are you going to fix the broken notification system so that “Social Interaction” is once

again possible? Will you wait until all your actively social users have left? I, a long time user, would like to know! Signed, A Loyal, thus far, User
Update: I have received a response to my latest “Support Request,” which covers, mainly, the problems with comments not registering in the activity feed. It says: “I’ve asked our engineers to repair the activity feed so that comments on documents appear in the feed. For what it’s worth your comments do currently appear in the reading feed of anyone who follows you on Scribd, though I recognize this isn’t a solution for everyone. We hear your complaints about our comments and notifications, and—in addition to the bug I filed about comments not appearing in the activity feed—we’re in the very early stages of a major upgrade to our notification system. I’m afraid I can’t offer you an estimate for when this upgrade will go live, but we are definitely looking to overhaul this rather broken system and we’re taking your feedback into consideration.” So, at this time, the aspects that made the Site “Social Friendly” remain broken, but a “major upgrade” to the “rather broken system” is in the works. Let’s hope they hurry.