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poem about the afternoon

poem about the afternoon

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Published by justin mclean

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Published by: justin mclean on Sep 06, 2012
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in a pre night post dawn pre dusk is the afternoon after the sun has peaked and before

the rise of moon before the laziness of the evening is time to compose a tune and think about a civilisation facing financial ruin many consult the tarot the stars and some the rune after the morning panic and get to work on time people relax into the ritual witch becomes a sensless mime slowly independant free verse start to rhyme oranges and madarins have influenced the lime in our long chronology from primordial slime single cell phtoplankton arrived upon the shore as independants it couldnt do much more blue green algae formed its mound round fossilised core eventually they became organised and trees did form 4 sure trees did form and covered most of the planet arcitocoporous was the single tree that ran it then someting strange happened possibly the stars done it bees formed the gymnosperms and pollinated flowers for the fun it humans eventually ruined things with their logical pan it collecting sticks for winter became the main idea trees have eventually noticed this with increasing fear birds have become extinct though pleasing to the ear humans tried to complain some even shed a tear but those who need a fire need those sticks quite near now the trees have left the planet what will we do now afternoon for reality we consumed them like a sow grew grass afterwards and fed it to a cow fewer and fewer curtseys and yet occassional bow as we become extinct theit will be many an echological row .

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