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Colombia - Mapping Digital Media

Colombia - Mapping Digital Media

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Published by: OSFJournalism on Sep 06, 2012
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As media consumption habits change, journalism and media are meant to keep pace. In the coming years,
internet penetration is expected to keep growing rapidly, and digital television will begin operations. However,
as has been discussed, technology does not bring solutions on its own, it just brings the opportunities. Tere
are still questions that remain open, such as the subsidies for the DTT equipment and the reinforcement of
national television and radio content production. Also, given the complex Colombian geography, a successful
analog switch-off will depend on an effective coverage policy.

Te implementation of DTT may change the way many Colombians, especially in rural areas (which
have never had a good-quality analog signal), approach information and entertainment. However, there is
some uncertainty regarding television in Colombia. With the recent liquidation of the National Television
Commission (CNTV) and the controversy around the third channel license, doubts have arisen concerning
the administration and development of the new DTT service. Te new regulator, the ANTV, faces the big
challenge of winning respect and legitimacy, and making TV digital transition happen.

As traditional media are comfortable with a business model that works, the way to diversity, independence,
and good-quality news is for emerging internet media to grow in number and audience. And that audience
may also grow in quality, as it takes advantage of internet tools for becoming more critical, better-informed,
and active citizens.

A helpful practice for independence and journalistic quality would be to understand and practice the
difference between a profit model for business and a sustainable model for news media.



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