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UPSR English Paper Mind Map by UPSR-TODAY.com

UPSR English Paper Mind Map by UPSR-TODAY.com


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Published by UPSR-TODAY
Mind map for UPSR English Paper, by www.upsr-today.com
Mind map for UPSR English Paper, by www.upsr-today.com

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Published by: UPSR-TODAY on Jan 16, 2009
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People Family & Relatives Animals Parts of the body Clothing & Footwear Occupations

A. Vocabulary Questions 1 to 10

Tools Objects Food & Drinks Vegetation Places & Buildings Transport

E. Reading & Comprehension Questions 31 to 40

Sports & Games Shapes Greetings Seasonal Greetings Bidding Farewell

D. Text Completion Questions 26 to 30

Introducing Oneself & Others Making Request Asking for Permission

Nouns Articles Pronouns Conjunctions Prepositions Adjectives Adverbs Question Words Question Tags Tenses Modals Subject-Verb Agreement Positive & Negative Statements Punctuation Antonyms Synonyms Compound Words Homophones Homographs

Giving Praise

UPSR ENGLISH PAPER Paper 1 ~ Objectives ~ 40 questions ~ 40 marks 60 min
C. Grammatical Items Questions 16 to 25 B. Social Expressions Questions 11 to 15

Congratulating Seeking Assistance Offering Assistance Looking for & Making Suggestions Excusing Oneself Making & Receiving Telephone Calls Apologizing Offering Sympathy Giving Invitations, Accepting & Declining Seeking Clarification Seeking Confirmation Showing Concern Expressing Gratitude/ Showing Appreciation

A. Sentence Construction ~ 10 marks

B. Information Transfer ~ 15 marks

UPSR ENGLISH Paper 2 ~ Subjective ~ 3 questions ~ 40 marks 1 Hour 15 min

Giving Encouragement Postponing an Appointment Giving & Receiving Compliments Expressing Pleasure/ Happiness Volunteering Asking for & Giving Directions Making Enquiries & Giving Information Offering & Accepting/ Declining Food/ Drinks Showing Agreement

C. Note Expansion ~ 15 marks © 2008 upsr-today.com

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