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Orchards of Love

Orchards of Love

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Published by: banarisali on Sep 06, 2012
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Hadhrat Jurambeel Ya`fi (rahmatullah alayh) narrates: “A resident of Yemen
related the following episode to me:

‘I accompanied a Buzrug for Hajj. When we reached Jeddah, we hired camels for
the journey to Makkah. We joined a caravan. Along the route the caravan was
stopped by the tax-man of the Sultan of Makkah. He extorted taxes from the
travellers. Only the two of us did not pay. The tax-man prevented our camels from
proceeding. The Sheikh told him to release the camels, but the tax-collector
refused and became abusive. The tax-man said: ‘I take oath by my father’s head
that I will not allow you to proceed without paying the tax.’ He had also by this
time increased the amount. The Sheikh exclaimed: ‘I take oath by my Protector
that I shall not give you anything.’

The Sheikh then ordered the camel drivers to proceed. The caravan proceeded
while the tax-collector remained riveted and paralyzed on his horse unable to
move. He sent his slave to apologize to the Sheikh and pleaded to be released
from the punishment. The Sheikh accepted his apology and the tax-collector was
only then able to move with his horse.’”

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