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Orchards of Love

Orchards of Love

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Published by: banarisali on Sep 06, 2012
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Source: http://books.themajlis.net/book/print/165

Once Sheikh Shibli (rahmatullah alayh) debated with himself: “Am I a miser or
not.” He could not resolve his inner dispute. He pledged that whatever wealth he
receives he would give it to the first faqeer he met. Even before completing his
vow, a man appeared and presented 30 dinars to him. Taking the dirhams, Hadhrat
Shibli set out in search of a faqeer. At the barbers shop he saw a blind faqeer
whose hair the barber was cutting.

When Hadhrat Shibli offered the dinars to the blind faqeer, he said: “Give it to the
barber.” Hadhrat Shibli said: “These are dinars (i.e. gold coins).” The faqeer,
raising his head, said: “Did we not say to you that you are a miser?”

Hadhrat Shibli then presented the dinars to the barber, but he said: “When this
faqeer came to me, I pledged to Allah that I will not accept any fee.” Feeling
highly ashamed, Hadhrat Shibli flung the dinars into the river and commented:

“O wealth of the world! May Allah disgrace you like this. Whoever loves you,
will be disgraced by Allah.”

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