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Orchards of Love

Orchards of Love

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Published by: banarisali on Sep 06, 2012
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Hadhrat Sufyaan Thauri (rahmatullahi alayh) said:

“I heard from Hadhrat Ja`far Saadiq (rahmatullahi alayh) that safety has almost
disappeared so much so that searching for it has become obscure. If there is safety
in anything, it is in anonymity. If it is not in anonymity then it is in solitude, but
this is not equal to anonymity. If it is not in solitude then it is in silence, but this is
not equal to solitude. If it is not in silence, then it is in the discourses of the pious
people of bygone times. A fortunate man is he who finds solitude in his heart.”

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