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Orchards of Love

Orchards of Love

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Published by: banarisali on Sep 06, 2012
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Abu Darda (radhiallahu anhu) said that the rank bestowed to the Abdaal is not on
account of their Salaat, Saum and external display of character, but is by virtue of
their pure Taqwa, beautiful intentions, rectitude of their hearts and their love and
mercy for all Muslims. Allah Ta`ala has ennobled them with His Knowledge and
has bestowed special ranks of His Proximity to them.

They never abuse nor speak ill of anyone. They do not tantalize those who are

Source: http://books.themajlis.net/book/print/165

inferior to them nor despise them. They bear no envy to those superior to them.
They excel in virtue. Their disposition is most amiable and they are the most
generous. Their hearts hasten towards goodness and they quickly attain the loftiest
spiritual heights. This group is the army of Allah and they are the ones who attain

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