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CV the Marketing Way MEULEMAN

CV the Marketing Way MEULEMAN

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CV the Marketing Way François MEULEMAN
CV the Marketing Way François MEULEMAN

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How to write your resume

ícooomlc Jowototo, tbe web,
tbe pbooe loJostty, fosbloo .
ívetytbloq bos cbooqeJ, yoot cv/tesome too



1o tbose wbo wlll eojoy tbls book os o sommet teoJloq,
1o tbose wbo wlll toke lt os o leop loto tbe ookoowo,
1o tbose wbo wlll see lt os tbelt lost cbooce, bolJloq tbelt

ConLenLs .................................................................................. 4
An lnLroducLlon as a klck ln Lhe buLL ........................................ 9
1lp ...................................................................................... 12
ChapLer 1 : 1he LCC MarkeLlng ............................................. 13
a) 1he AfflnlLy MarkeLlng ........................................... 13
b) 1he 3 channels of LCC MarkeLlng ......................... 17
c) 1he unsLoppable aLLack ......................................... 21
1lp ...................................................................................... 22
ChapLer 2 : !ob hunLlng ls a full-Llme [ob ............................... 24
a) 1he 4 keys .................................................................. 23
1. 1he plan ................................................................. 23
2. LvaluaLlons ............................................................. 29
3. 8efocuslng ............................................................. 32
4. new ldeas .............................................................. 34
b) 1he Cv as parL of your Came Þlan ............................. 33
a) lL's research Llme ................................................... 36
b) lL Lakes Llme Lo drafL Lhe Cv .................................. 36
c) Sendlng your mall .................................................. 37
d) Ad[usL your Cv and manage your mall ................... 44
e) 1he leLLer of moLlvaLlon ......................................... 47
f) numbers on hls agenda ......................................... 48

c) AL Lhe coffee break .................................................... 49
1. Convlnce yourself .................................................. 30
2. 8ulld a nesL ............................................................ 31
3. uon'L wrlLe anyLhlng before you say « l'm so sure abouL lL »
d) Þlannlng : a pracLlcal summary .................................. 33
1lp ...................................................................................... 34
ChaplLre 4 : lL Lakes an army Lo flghL one .............................. 33
a) An lnLroducLlon wlLh hoLels and prlsons ................... 33
b) lL's all abouL Lhe meLhod, flghLlng a war lncluded ..... 39
1. know your LargeL ................................................... 60
2. know your opponenLs ............................................ 72
3. know your feaLures ............................................... 73
4. 8ulld your lmage .................................................... 76
c) 1he !"## ....................................................................... 77
SLep 1 : Choose your !"## ................................................ 82
SLep 2 : 1he varlaLlons of your !"## ................................. 88
1lp ...................................................................................... 89
ChaplLre 4 : 1he 3-wheel mechanlsm of Lhe Cv .................... 91
a) 1he « you're noL ln sync » lnLro ................................. 91
b) 1he supporL ................................................................ 92
1. 1he paper Cv .......................................................... 93

3. 1he Þul Cv ............................................................. 97
4. 1he Cv on Cu ....................................................... 103
3. 1he on-llne Cv ...................................................... 104
6. 1he vldeo Cv ........................................................ 103
c) 1he conLenL .............................................................. 107
1. 1he Company ls Lhe Cueen .................................. 108
2. Co sLralghL Lo Lhe polnL ....................................... 109
3. ueLermlne a sLrucLure and sLlck Lo lL ................... 110
3. Make lL easy Lo remember .................................. 114
4. Spark deslre ......................................................... 113
3. LengLh : a never-endlng debaLe ........................... 120
d) 1he layouL ................................................................ 122
1lp ........................................................................................ 123
ChapLer 3 : essenLlal codes .................................................. 126
a) ln Lhe sLreeL, you always follow Lhe 8eauLy Cueen , she seldom
proves Lo be Mlss lC ........................................................ 126
b) Cv : Lhe classlc codes ................................................ 126
1. 1ypography .......................................................... 127
2. 1he plcLure ........................................................... 136
3. uaLes/Llmellne/chronology .................................. 144
4. Language skllls ..................................................... 149
3. Pobbles ................................................................ 132

6. More deLalls ......................................................... 138
7. CaLegorles ............................................................ 162
1he Llp .............................................................................. 187
ChapLer 6 : drafLlng your Cv sLep by sLep ............................ 188
a) My Cv leaves Lralls ................................................... 188
b) 1he 8ruLal Way : Lhe 10 sLeps .................................. 189
Þrellmlnary # 1 : Carbage can and 1rash Can .............. 191
Þrellmlnary # 2 : 8evlew and cholce ............................ 191
Þrellmlnary # 3 : 8esearch ........................................... 194
SLep #1 : 1he oral LesL .................................................. 194
SLap #2 : LveryLhlng on one slngle sheeL page ............ 193
SLep # 3 : My !"## as Lhe 8ed Lead ................................ 196
SLep #4 : CllenL-relaLed argumenLs .............................. 196
SLep # 3 : CharacLerlsLlc feaLures ................................. 197
SLep # 6 : 1hen dlfferenLlaLe yourself .......................... 199
SLep # 7 : 1he seven essenLlal codes ............................ 200
SLep # 8 : Classlc or LccenLrlc ....................................... 201
SLep # 9 : 1wo LesLs ...................................................... 203
SLep #10 : ÞrlnLer, fax and copy machlne .................... 206
1lp .................................................................................... 207
A shorL concluslon ............................................................... 209
LasL Llp for Lhe road ......................................................... 209


(# )#$*"+,-$)"# .& . /)-/ )# $0% 1,$$
ls llfe falr ? ls llfe sweeL or ruLhless ? ls [ob searchlng falr ? Sadly, lL ls
easy Lo answer Lhose quesLlons.
8ecrulLers, companles, advlsers you meeL, Lhe way Lhey acL, how Lhey
Lalk Lo you, Lhe way Lhey address you, lL ls all bruLal : Lhose guys mean
buslness. !ob hunLlng ls a ruLhless buslness, ruLhless and unfalr.

ÞoLenLlally, you have Lhe upper hand Lhough. ?ou sLrlke flrsL. 1he flrsL
bulleL ls aLLached Lo your appllcaLlon emall : your Cv as a sLralghL
uo l need Lo be folt or ls Lhe flghL lnevlLable ? ?ou need Lo rephrase,
Lhe real quesLlon ls : wlll yoo be koockeJ Jowo oqolo ?.
And yes, LhaL ls why Lhls ls agresslve wrlLlng : lL ls bruLal. ?ou need
Lo accepL LhaL [ob searchlng ls unfalr : Lhe besL guys don'L geL Lhe
[ob.buL Lhe ones wlLh Lhe besL preparaLlon and Lhe mosL effecLlve
weapons do. LeL's sLop belng candld.
?ou musL muscle your way ln, you musL wln where oLhers lose.. 1here
ls only one wlnner. Second besL ls noL enough, Lhe wlnner Lakes lL all !
1echnlques Lo Lake Lhe upper hand are ouL Lhere, and, lucklly, mosL
recrulLers are noL aware of Lhem (yeL). ?ou, yes, you, wlll sLrlke flrsL.
We wanL Lo be clear, conclse and accuraLe.
1hls book has only one ob[ecLlve : Lo be easlly undersLood ln order Lo
be easlly puL lnLo pracLlce.
noLe : 1hls book provldes you wlLh slmple rules, buL conLrary Lo whaL
you can flnd on Lhe lnLerneL, we don'L offer any maglc formula. ?our
Cv ls all abouL you, now and afLerwards. 1here ls no ready-made
chewed up Cv. 1hls book explalns Lhe baslc convenLlons, Lhe codes and
Lhe essenLlal Lrlcks Lo masLer. lL ls up Lo you Lo cross Lhe llne from Llme
Lo Llme. Cwn lL all so lL becomes yours.


AcLors know LhaL much: Lhe flrsL sLep lnLo Lhe role ls your dlsgulse.
uress up llke Lhe perfecL [ob hunLer. Þlck up Lhe cloLhes whlch wlll
make a good Cv and moLlvaLlon leLLer wrlLer off you : a palr of [eans, a
Lee-shlrL, a sweaLer and a palr of shoes.
Also, go ln Lhe aLLlc and your polo shlrL and camouflage panLs from Lhe
mlllLary days or your favourlLe sweaLer from college wlll do : flnd
cloLhes you would dress up wlLh ln Lhe mornlng, wheLher you go Lo
work or Lo war.
ÞracLlcally, you wlll need Lwo ouLflLs : Lhe regular one aL home and Lhe
one you wlll dress up wlLh for Lhe [ob lnLervlew.

!0.3$%* 4 5 20% 678 9.*/%$)#:
1rue beauLy lles wlLhln, l know LhaL. 1he appllcanL's quallLles, hls skllls
and ablllLles, hls prevlous experlence, LhaL ls whaL ls essenLlal, l know
LhaL Loo.
8uL mosL of all, Lhe candldaLe wlll be plcked up based on hls
appearance. ?es, mosLly on hls appearance.
WhaL ls crlLlcal here ls Lhe emoLlonal aspecL of recrulLlng, much more
Lhan Lhe ob[ecLlve parL of Lhe Cv. 1he appearance.Pow Lhe candldaLe
looks llke, and we Lend Lo forgeL lL, how Lhe Cv looks llke.
Long before Lhe [ob lnLervlew, Lhe way you look llke beglns wlLh your
Cv : 8 Cvs ouL of 10 suck ! ln 8 cases ouL of 10, Lhe Cv doesn'L open
any door. 1o Lhe conLrary, one door closes, Lhe one leadlng Lo Lhe
1o markeL yourself efflclenLly, you wlll need Lo accepL Lhe facL LhaL
markeLlng plays Lhe ma[or parL ln your [ob search : your Cv ls [usL an
ad, a package.
1he vldeo sLore ls blg, really blg. Movles all over Lhe place. Cr raLher
uvu or 8lue 8ay [ackeLs. Pow am l golng Lo plck one l haven'L seen
yeL. no way l can evaluaLe beforehand. 1he packaglng wlll dlcLaLe my
cholce : Lhe plcLure, Lhe colors, Lhe overall lmpresslon and Lhe
summary on Lhe back cover.
now l have a beLLer undersLandlng for Lhe recrulLer's quesLlons. !usL
llke me, he has Lo make a declslon based on Lhe [ackeL, my Cv and Lhe
summary, my leLLer of moLlvaLlon.

ln Lhe markeLlng world, you buy wlLh your eyes flrsL : Lhe quallLy of
Lhe producL ls deLermlned afLer use, lf aL all. ln Lhe corporaLe world,
you recrulL flrsL wlLh your eyes, you reallse how good Lhe candldaLe ls
afLer you hlre hlm, when he ls acLually worklng.

1hls book has been concelved based on aggresslve markeLlng meLhods.
1hey have been adapLed Lo Lhe consLralnLs and challenges of Lhls
famous mall.
1he [ob appllcaLlon works llke a packaglng would : lnsLanLly lL ls make
or break, offerlng an opporLunlLy Lo some people, cruelly slammlng
Lhe door Lo oLhers.
1herefore, welcome Lo Lhe world of LCC markeLlng.

.; 20% (<<)#)$= 9.*/%$)#:
AfflnlLy MarkeLlng ls based on one slmple ldea : ln sales, lL ls all abouL
lor Lhe lasL Len years, AfflnlLy MarkeLlng has been Lhe favourlLe
reference Lool ln sales, markeLlng and human resources : lL ls slmple
and mosLly effecLlve.
ln recrulLmenL, Lhls Lype of markeLlng has long been llmlLed Lo
lnLervlews. neverLheless, lL provldes Lhe candldaLe wlLh a preclous
help durlng boLh Lhe Cv and Lhe leLLer of moLlvaLlon processes.
Pow Lo relnforce Lhe emoLlonal Lle wlLh Lhe recrulLer ? ln fronL of Lhe
compuLer, how Lo creaLe Lhls bond as early as ln Lhe Cv or Lhe leLLer of
moLlvaLlon sLages ?
llrsL of all, nobody buys anyLhlng lf he's noL ln Lhe mood Lo ! lL ls of Lhe
uLmosL lmporLance Lo creaLe an aLmosphere ln your [ob appllcaLlon. As
ln a supermakeL, Lhe aLmosphere musL be boLh dynamlc and
appeallng. uynamlc, because selllng means acLlon, Lhe recrulLer ls

llLerally buylng you. Pe needs Lo call you ln and Lo hlre you. Appeallng
because nobody Llps a peLLy, nlggllng and sad walLer. ?ou all need Lo
shlne : you, your Cv and your leLLer of moLlvaLlon : Lhe recrulLer should
wanL Lo know more.Maybe you'll geL Lhe coln, Lhe Loken for Lhe nexL
round, Lhe lnLervlew.

ÞracLlcally :
! no shadow (lL's dull), no frame (why locklng yourself up when you
should be frlendly), a dynamlc Lypography, an en[oyable and clear
aspecL (you are serlous noL your Cv !)
! A smlllng mall : Loo many leLLers smell llke old school work, a
convenLlonal copycaL. ?our leLLer should sLlr up lnLeresL, lL ls noL
abouL convlnclng here. (LhaL's whaL Lhe lnLervlew ls for !)
! An open and self-confldenL slgnaLure : no scrlbble, no crosslng ouL,
noL even squashed nor crossed.
! 1he Cv musL be pure loglc lLself : Lhe recrulLer should noL Lhlnk ln
order Lo undersLand lL. lf he does, lL ls a menLal exerclse aL besL, aL
worsL an efforL. noL Loo frlendly, noL Loo nlce, boLh Lhe efforL and
Lhe exerclse.
! AL Lhe same Llme, beLween Lhe llnes, you have Lo creaLe a bond
wlLh Lhe recrulLer, wlLh Lhe company, Lhe brand and lLs producLs.
?ou have already « worked wlLh », you know , you are a greaL
addlLlon Lo Lhe mlx : lL ls all abouL Lhe bond. 1o bond wlLh
someone ls almosL llke feellng allke. ls feellng allke noL
synonymous wlLh afflnlLy ?
1; 20% > -0.##%?& "< 678 9.*/%$)#:
1heoreLlcally, our markeLlng profesors Lell us LhaL a brand
communlcaLes abouL lLs producLs, lLs beneflLs and lLs values. 1he car ls
Lhe producL, l wlll promoLe lLs deslgn, lLs englne mechanlcs or how
reslsLanL Lhe bumpers are. 1he resulL ? 1rlps, holldays, work. 8enaulL
markeLs lLs cars Lo famllles, Alfa offers more seducLlon Lhan mechanlcs,
8MW sells Leen dreams... lor Lhe lasL Len years, blg corporaLlons have
been LargeLlng a speclflc nlche : values, playlng wlLh our anxleLles, or
wlLh our deslres.


A good candldaLe should also bank slmulLanuously on Lhose 3
channels : Lhe producL, lLs beneflLs and lLs values. As a producL, he ls
offerlng hls skllls. Pls resulLs represenL Lhe beneflLs for Lhe company

hlrlng hlm. 1he values are Lhe essenLlal parL : Lhey never hlre a Cv, Lhey
hlre one human belng.
ln reallLy, never puL all your eggs ln Lhe same baskeL. Þlay Lhe Lhree
squares : Lhe Cv, Lhe leLLer of moLlvaLlon and Lhe lnLervlew.
! 1he skllls: Lhe candldaLe lnLroduces boLh hls Lechnlcal and
human skllls. 1he speclflcs as well as Lhe asseLs of hls deLalled
Cv wlll be puL Lo hls credlL ln due Llme.
8e careful, speclflc skllls are requlred for cerLaln poslLlons and
companles. lor example, ln Lhe l1 lndusLry, and for
accounLanLs or Lechnlclans. WlLhouL Lhose prerequlslLes, your
Cv wlll be re[ecLed, so don'L forgeL Lo menLlon Lhem.

ÞracLlcally, should you apply for poslLlons wlLh requlred
Lechnlcal skllls, Lhey should be llsLed aL Lhe Lop of your Cv,
below Lhe poslLlon you apply for.

! 1he beneflLs : your Cv ls referlng Lo your pasL. 1he employer ls
lnLeresLed ln Lhe fuLure : your conLrlbuLlon, and how he can
beneflL from your skllls.
ldeally, each llne on Lhe Cv should help Lhe recrulLer
undersLand « whaL's ln lL for hlm ». 1oo ofLen, Lhose llnes are
llmlLed Lo a narclsslsLlc descrlpLlon of Lhe candldaLe's pasL.
WhaL maLLers for Lhe recrulLer ls hls company, noL you. WhaL
ls lmporLanL for Lhe company lL ls noL your pasL
accompllshmenLs buL your fuLure success.

ConvenlenLly, as for added-value Cvs, for career change and
for poslLlons requesLlng malnly lnLerpersonal quallLles, Lhe

candldaLe may add a verLlcal column, ln whlch he wlll speclfy
how each llne can beneflL Lhe poLenLlal employer.

! 1he values : we can'L say lL Loo ofLen, nobody ls lndlspensable.
ulplomas, Lralnlng courses and skllls are [usL llnes on a Cv.
1here wlll always be a younger candldaLe, more clever, beLLer
educaLed and speaklng more languages. 1he only person no
one can clone or dlspose of ls you. ?our lnLerpersonal quallLles,
Lhe way you would deal wlLh a problem, evaluaLe a slLuaLlon or
provlde a dlfferenL oplnlon or soluLlon.
ÞracLlcally, we wlll focus on Lhe values ln ChapLer 4.


-; 20% ,#&$"33.1?% .$$.-/
CurloslLy ls a greaLer moLlvaLor Lhan proflL.
?our Cv doesn'L need Lo be exhausLlve : Lo Lhe conLrary, lL should sLlr
up quesLlons, Lhe deslre Lo know more. 8emember LhaL Lhe person
who sald lL all has noLhlng more Lo say.
ÞracLlcally :
! ueLall ls Lhe Cv's besL enemy
! SuggesL your accompllshmenLs, don'L explaln Lhem

! lnformaLlons abouL your prevlous [obs should be llmlLed Lo a
! ?our plcLure should convey sympaLhy : lL should prompL a
meeLlng, noL express serlousness
! ?our leLLer should be Lhe sLarLlng polnL of Lhe conversaLlon,
propose soluLlons wlLhouL saylng Loo much, brlng up elemenLs
whlch wlll be elaboraLed durlng Lhe lnLervlew.
1he leLLer and Lhe Cv should be meanL as balLs. 1hey should lead Lo
Lhe lnLervlew durlng whlch you wlll be clear and exhausLlve. ?ou
should leL Lhe deslre spark off.
1he lmporLanL Lhlng ls Lo lmaglne yourself as Lhe wlnner, Lo plcLure
yourself wlLh Lhe conLracL ln your hands.
ÞsychologlsLs use a Lechnlque Lo reassure people who go Lhrough a
LesL (and [ob hunLlng ls a LesL), lL ls called Lhe l8LuL8lCk meLhod. 1he
person should pro[ecL hlmself lnLo Lhe fuLure. Pe should lmaglne a
scene LhaL comes rlghL afLer Lhe LesL. Pe should see hlmself happy and
relleved. ln order Lo vlsuallze efflclenLly, daydreamlng ls on : you
should lmaglne yourself, feel Lhe aLmosphere, noLlce some deLalls and
focus on one momenL, one ob[ecL.
?ou should lmaglne yourself rlghL afLer Lhe LesL as well : wlll you go for
a drlnk, celebraLe your new [ob aL Lhe resLauranL, aL hls/her place, wlLh
a frlend.
Þlan a budgeL and puL Lhe money ln evldence on a Lable, hung on Lhe
frldge or place Lhe boLLle of champagne rlghL ln Lhe mlddle of your
offlce, as a feLlsh, as a remlnder.


!0.3$%* @ 5 A"1 0,#$)#: )& . <,??B$)C% D"1

1he candldaLe musL admlL LhaL he cannoL rush lnLo Lhe Cv buslness llke
LhaL. CfLen, Lhe candldaLe should be persuaded Lo relaunch hls
pro[ecL : even lf he has been looklng for a [ob for Lhe pasL 1, 2 or 6
monLhs, he should sLarL all over agaln : [ob hunLlng lmplles
organlzaLlon, almosL llke ln Lhe mlllLary.

?ou need Lo esLabllsh a game plan, you need Lo declde on a course of
acLlons, your [ob search ls a [ob ln lLself.
1he plan works llke one organlzaLlonal, unblased and, mosL of all,
moLlvaLlonal Lool. lL glves you Lhls exhllaraLlng feellng LhaL you have
Lhe key, Lhe reclpe Lo success.
.; 20% E /%=&
uurlng counselllng, unemployed people are relucLanL Lo be called
unemployed, and mosL of all, Lhey are relucLanL Lo any shape or form
of organlzaLlon : skllls assessmenL, evaluaLlon, plannlng. lor Lhem, lL ls
[usL all Lheory, hoL alr, psycho Lrlcks.
?eL Lhose Lhlngs are essenLlal : [ob searchlng ls a professlonnal process.
AccepL Lhls meLhodologlcal approach, and you are already back lnLo a
work mode, no more lnLo Lhe unemployed mode. 1hls approach Lurns
Lhe unemployed lnLo a real professlonnal ln Lhe [ob search buslness.
1here are 4 secreLs Lo Lhls search meLhodology : Lhe plan, Lhe
evaluaLlons, refocuslng and new ldeas.
4F 20% 3?.#
When you are looklng for a [ob, Lhe plan ls llke a roadbook : lL guldes
Lhe candldaLe, shows hlm where he ls sLarLlng from, where he ls
headlng Lo and mosLly Lhe challenge he wlll be faclng.
?ou should make lL a sLep-by-sLep process : how could l wrlLe my Cv
wlLhouL a clear undersLandlg of my pasL, wlLhouL a clear vlslon for my
fuLure. 1he Skllls AssesmenL process ls essenLlal. lL ls essenLlal ln order
Lo deflne your sLrengLhs and asseLs, buL also Lo deflne your ob[ecLlves :

one ouL of Lhree unemployed person ls unable Lo clearly sLaLe whlch
poslLlon he ls almlng for !
1here are 7 sLeps Lo Lhe [ob search Came Þlan. 1hese sLeps are slmple
buL Loo ofLen Lend Lo be neglecLed. Always bear ln mlnd LhaL Lhls game
plan offers you Lhe opporLunlLy Lo flnd a new moLlvaLlon from Lhe very
sLarL and Lhe chance Lo have a companlon durlng Lhe process. ?our
very own broLher ln arms.

1hls book wlll only develop Lhe Cv parL of lL. 8uL we all undersLand LhaL
each of Lhese 7 sLeps brlngs you closer Lo success. lf you lgnore Lhem,
Lhey work as well llke a Lrap, a llablllLy.
! 8efore anyLhlng else : geL organlsed
1. urafL your dream Leam and flghL LogeLher as a Leam !
2. 1he nlghL before : change Lhe world, undersLand
cerLaln Lhlngs, quesLlon oLhers, express resenLmenL
and brlng back dreams of success, new llves and
3. uay 1 : one day Lo develop my Came Þlan

! SLep 1 : 1he Skllls 8evlew
1. 1he research
2. 1he revlew : l force myself Lo reflecL on Lhe course of
my llfe
3. 1he [ob : l force myself Lo deLermlne Lhe poslLlon l am
almlng aL
4. WhaL abouL Lralnlng and educaLlon ?

! SLep 2 : urafLlng your Cv
1. 8esearch
2. Allow Llme Lo drafL
3. Crganlze your mall
4. Ad[usL your Cv and manage your mall
3. 1he leLLer of moLlvaLlon

! SLep 3 : 1he approach
1. 8esearch

2. Survey Lhe [ob markeL
3. ueLermlne Lhe necessary sLeps

! SLep 4 : 1o prepare for Lhe lnLervlews
1. 8esearch
2. Þlay Lhe game and be Lhe characLer
3. 8e Lhe one Lhey expecL

! SLep 3 : 1o apply
1. ueLermlne how you approach Lhe markeL (opporLunlLy
approach, quallLaLlve and LargeLed approach of
speclflc companles and quanLlLaLlve approach of one
parLlcular buslness fleld)
2. Crunchlng numbers: answers raLlo, flrsL and second
lnLervlew raLlo
3. ueclde on your approach
4. Ad[usL your Cv and your leLLer of moLlvaLlon
3. 1he go no go : Should l accepL anyLhlng ?

! SLep 6 : 1o prepare for Lhe blg day
1. 8esearch Lhe company, lLs parLners and lLs
2. 8esearch Lhe producLs and servlces offered by Lhe
3. 1heoreLlcal and pracLlcal upgrade (emphasls on
managemenL, on change managemenL and on

! SLep 7 : My flrsL day

@F 6G.?,.$)"#&
Lvery pro[ecL requlres a follow-up : lL needs Lo be evaluaLed. lor Lhe
man ln Lhe sLreeL, evaluaLlon comes wlLh a LasLe of monlLorlng and
LvaluaLlon ls noL abouL monlLorlng nor sancLlonlng. LvaluaLlon ls Lhe
only valld meLhod Lo follow-up a pro[ecL, Lo evaluaLe lLs
accompllshmenLs and mosLly Lo llmlL lLs fallures.
lrom Lhe geL go, self-evaluaLlon ls necessary : l have done my
homework, « have l boughL Lhe besL books ? », l have meL somebody,
« have l valldaLed whaL he Lold me ? », l have plcked up a [ob « have l
asked a Lhlrd parLy for an oplnlon ? », and flnally, l have drafLed my Cv
« has somebody read lL ? ls lL undersLandable ? ls lL up Lo Lhe currenL
sLandards ? »
ÞracLlcally, Lwo persons are noL Lo be LrusLed : Lhe one who knows and
! l should be wary of Myself as l am Loo close Lo Lhe acLlon.
LlLher l llke myself Loo much or l desplse myself. l Lhlnk l
conLrol Lhe process whereas mosL of Lhe Llme Lhe process
conLrols me. l Lhlnk l know where my flaws, my quallLles
and my sLrengLhs lle, buL Lhe reallLy ls LhaL l dlsregard (or l
hlde) my flaws, l am susplclous of my quallLles. And Lhe
sLrengLhs l dlsplay are [usL a cover.


! Also, l should be wary of Lhe know-lL-all experL : Lhe person
ln charge of a charlLy or an lnsLlLuLlon, or even worse Lhe
frlend worklng aL Lhe P8 ueparLmenL. CfLen, Lhese people

are noL well lnformed, ofLen Lhese so-called markeL
experLs speak Lhe same llngo Lhey used.Len years ago.
urafLlng your Cv, Lhe 1C-uC llsL :
1. 1he documenLaLlon aL your dlsposal: check Lhe release daLe,
double check Lhe advlce, and mosLly ad[usL Lhem (a) Lo Lhe
poslLlon you apply for, (b) Lo Lhe parLlcular fleld, (c) and Lhe
company you are LargeLlng, (d) Lo Lhe [ob markeL and mosL of
all Lo yourself.
2. 1hey all glve you advlce. ldeally, plck up Lhree persons from
dlfferenL orlglns : one worklng ln your fleld, a former colleague
or one frlend on Lhe lnslde, Lhe one who ls helplng you flndlng
a [ob, Mr !ob CenLer for example, and Lhe P8 person, on Lhe
oLher slde of Lhe fence.
3. ?our Cv : afLer you drafL lL, have people read lL agaln and
agaln. (a) your baker should be able Lo undersLand lL. 1he guy
from P8 doesn'L have a clue abouL your [ob anyway. (b) Also,
your Cv should promoLe your skllls. 1he experL ln your fleld
should be able Lo deLermlne your added value, your experLlse.
(c) Pe ls also your flrsL messenger : he should spread your
word. Pe should be llke you.
8emlnd yourself LhaL your Cv ls aL Lhe lnLersecLlon of Lhree
roads : yours, Lhe company's and Lhe recrulLer's. 1here musL
be someLhlng for each of Lhem.
4. 1he leLLer of moLlvaLlon ls crlLlcal. lorce yourself Lo drafL lL, Lo
drafL lL agaln, Lo have people Lo read lL. uocumenLaLlon ls
avallable Loo, you'll be Lold almosL everyLhlng, good and bad.
?our [ob ls Lo sorL ouL rlghL from wrong so lL becomes your

« fooL ln Lhe door ». 1he same fooL Lhe buyer uses Lo close Lhe
door on Lhe seller.
3. 8efore you drafL your Cv, boLh your skllls assessmenL and your
cholces should be evaluaLed.

>F H%<"-,&)#:
8efocuslng means LhaL you accepL oLher people's commenLs, crlLlclsms
and proposlLlons. 1oo ofLen, Lhe [ob seeker looks llke a vlcLlm, worn-
ouL, demoLlvaLed and senslLlve. 1oo many people overproLecL you,
Lhey resLore your confldence and Lhey hlde Lhe LruLh from you: 2 Cvs
ouL of 3 are below average , 4 leLLers of moLlvaLlon ouL of 3 are
Lqually, 2 candldaLes ouL of 3 showed up lnapproprlaLely dressed up
for Lhe lnLervlew , 1 candldaLe ouL of 2 ls unable Lo express hlmself or
slmply communlcaLe whaL he wanLs or llkes.

?ou don'L need Lo be pralsed, you need help, advlce and Lo be
quesLlonned. 1o flnd Lhe person who wlll dare Lo Lell you where your
sLrengLhs are, and mosL of all where your deflclencles, your
weaknesses and our shorLcomlngs are, well lL ls up Lo you.
lorgeL abouL your parLner's oplnlon, she/he has always seen you as a
wonderful person. Also, forgeL Lhe oplnlon from so-called frlends and
former colleagues, Lhey avold unseLLllng you more aL all cosL (alLhough
Lhey do know why you have been lald off !)
?ou en[oy Lhe feedback ? llne, buL now you should learn Lhe lessons
and refocus your approach accordlngly.

Whlch parLs need Lo be reframed ? AlmosL all of Lhem : Lhe fleld, Lhe
poslLlon or Lhe company you are LargeLlng, your Cv, your leLLer of
moLlvaLlon, Lhe way you deal wlLh Lhe corporaLe world, your
presenLaLlon skllls wheLher durlng Lhe lnLervlew or over Lhe phone,
your salary expecLaLlons, .
Conslder your [ob search as a [ourney, a [ourney durlng whlch change
occurs consLanLly. lL ls more wearylng, less reassurlng . lL ls a full-Llme

EF I%J )+%.&
1he besL way Lo bounce back ? ?ou come up wlLh a new ldea. lull
reseL. 1hls very ldea geLs you moLlvaLed, llfLs you up and whlspers Lo
your ear : ootbloq ls lost !
8uL Lhere ls a downslde Lo Lhls new ldea. ?ou are forced Lo admlL LhaL
you were wrong, on one slde, on Lhe oLher you are forced Lo sLarL
agaln : Lo drafL your Cv agaln or your leLLer of moLlvaLlon, Lo quesLlon
Lhe way you deal wlLh Lhe corporaLe world and your presenLaLlon skllls
1hls new ldea may come up ln a dlfferenL shape : you may be Lhlnklng
abouL a new career or a new llfe.

1; 20% !K .& 3.*$ "< =",* 7.C% L?.#
?ou don'L sLarL wlLh Lhe Cv. llrsL and foremosL : you seL Lhe frame, you
drafL your dream Leam and you geL Lhe skllls assessmenL process under
! As for Lhe assessmenL process, Lhere ls a loL of help, advlce,
sofLware and books avallable. unforLunaLely, lL wlll puL you off
and make you feel gullLy very ofLen. Several efflclenL
assessmenL Lools are ouL Lhere. 8ear ln mlnd LhaL each
assessmenL process beglns wlLh quesLlonnlng your chlldhood
dreams, your sLaLus back ln Lhe school yard days, your regreLs
as a Leenager and your dreams as an adulL. A falr assessmenL ls
all abouL someone's llfe, noL abouL a poslLlon Lo be fllled. lL ls
up Lo you Lo plck up Lhe rlghL Lools, Lo acLlvaLe Lhe well-
advlsed help.
! lL ls preLLy uncommon buL ldeally you would drafL a Leam, a
group of people, « Lhe MagnlflcenL 3 », all of Lhem [ob hunLers,
ready Lo help and supporL each oLher ln order Lo reach Lhe
ob[ecLlve. ?ou all meeL every mornlng aL 9 a.m. Lo sLarL a real
day of work. ?ou seL up goals, you share Lasks, why noL
deslgnaLe leaders and even en[oy lunch breaks. 1ogeLher we
perform beLLer, we come up wlLh dlfferenLs ldeas, we recover
Lhe sLrengLh and Leam splrlL we can Lhrlve on so we don'L leL
go, so we keep on flghLlng when oLhers would qulL.
noLe : 1here ls no secreL. As a young [ob hunLer, you geL up aL
7 :30am on Lhe flrsL day, aL 7 :43am on Lhe second day, and on
Lhe Lhlrd day, you have second LhoughLs abouL seLLlng up Lhe
clock .

! uon'L forgeL Lo schedule a couple of days Lo conslder and
drafL your Came Þlan.
uone ! now leL's geL ready for Lhe Cv.
.; M$N& *%&%.*-0 $)C%
1here are several dedlcaLed books on Lhe sub[ecL ln every booksLore.
MosL of Lhem are obsoleLe. 1he onllne daLa also lack lnnovaLlon,
boldness or slmply relevance ... 1hey all seem Lo agree on Lhe same 10
years old rules. 1he corporaLe world, Lhe way we communlcaLe and Lhe
world we llve ln have all gone Lhrough an amazlng evoluLlon : Lhe web,
Lhe phone lndusLry, sLandards. lew aspecLs have been lefL
unaffecLed. Cvs followed sulL.
8esL pracLlces and requlremenLs Lo drafL Cvs need a serlous updaLe.
1he recrulLmenL process deflnlLely accounLs for LhaL : mosL Cvs and
leLLers of moLlvaLlon lack of adequaLe layouL, drafL and ofLen are
hardly undersLandable.
1ry Lo sorL ouL good from bad and ldenLlfy Lhe relevanL sources : buy or
borrow several books, surf Lhe web and ask recrulLers for advlce. WhaL
you geL from bureaucraLs or Leachers, well, LhaL ls noL enough.
1; M$ $./%& $)C% $" +*.<$ $0% !K
l allow myself one week Lo drafL my Cv. noL Lwo weeks or, as lL ls
mosLly Lhe case, Lwo hours.
1he ma[orlLy of [ob hunLers ls convlnced LhaL Lwo hours ls all lL Lakes Lo
drafL Lhelr Cv, one day aL besL. no way. A whole week ls requlred. 1he
worsL Cvs ? 1he « Cv CLrl C- CLrl v » ones. 1hese Cvs follow you nlcely
from Lhe early days of college graduaLlon on. Lach Lralnlng, each

poslLlon ls [usL anoLher llne added Lo Lhe orlglnal Cv. Well, you Lhrow
Lhls klnd of Cv lnLo Lhe Lrash can.
Any [ob search sLarLs wlLh a blank Cv : you sLarL from scraLch. WlLh Lhe
assessmenL on your mlnd, you drafL your Cv on a blank sheeL of paper.
Cnce drafLed, as menLlonned earller ln Lhe book, you need people Lo
read and proofread lL.
When your Cv ls done, you wlll now dedlcaLe Lwo days Lo your leLLer of
moLlvaLlon. 8e careful, Lhere are Lechnlques, Lools and ul? sLuff
avallable ouL Lhere Loo.
-; O%#+)#: =",* C.)?
?ou wlll need a spreadsheeL (or a squared sheeL of paper).
Sendlng Cvs requlres daLes, deLermlned quanLlLles and ob[ecLlves.
ueLermlne one day of Lhe week Lo send your mall. 1hree dlfferenL
klnds of malls should be senL aL Lhe same Llme : Lhe quallLaLlve mall,
Lhe quanLlLaLlve mall and Lhe opporLunlsLlc mall.
! 1he quallLaLlve mall : you should LargeL your favourlLe
companles accordlng Lo your skllls, your amblLlons and your
preferences. 1hese companles are your prlme cholce : LhaL ls
where you would llke Lo work. lor Lhem, you wlll dedlcaLe
Llme : Lhe Llme Lo geL Lo know Lhem, Lo research Lhem, Lhelr
hlsLory, Lhelr producLs and Lhelr needs , and flnally, Lhe Llme Lo
drafL your Cv once agaln, Lo ad[usL your leLLer of moLlvaLlon.
1he sLakes are hlgh now, lL ls Laylor made work. ÞracLlcally,
don'L send ouL more Lhan 3 Lo 3 quallLaLlve appllcaLlons on a

weekly basls. Lach appllcaLlon lnvolves : a research phase, an
approach you declde upon and a cusLomlzed drafL of boLh Lhe
Cv and Lhe leLLer of moLlvaLlon. 1hls process lnvolves a follow-
up over Lhe phone. nove yoo qot my moll ? nos lt beeo
oJJtesseJ to tbe tlqbt petsoo ? Moy l emoll yoo ooe copy ?
Also, lL lnvolves a speclflc preparaLlon Lo Lhe lnLervlew,
lncludlng Lhe search for conLacLs you mlghL have on Lhe lnslde
(sponsorshlp, supporL or coopLaLlon).
?ou send Lhe mall on mondays, so lL ls dellvered on Lhe rlghL
desk by Luesdays. 1he follow-up calls wlll be placed on
wednesdays or Lhursdays. lrldays are noL recommended : for
some people Lhe weekend has already sLarLed, Lhe resL of
Lhem are overloaded (whaL has Lo be done before Lhe week-
end !).
! 1he quanLlLaLlve mall : Cvs are malled ln bulk. As for adverLlsed
poslLlons and unsollclLed [ob appllcaLlons, lL ls all abouL
quanLlLy noL so much abouL Lhe follow-up.
?ou deLermlne a plannlng for Lhls Lype of mall as well : no
more Lhan 20 on a weekly basls. 1he mall ls noL as quallLaLlve
buL lL neverLheless requlres Lhe usual research and follow-up
over Lhe phone.
1hose malls are senL all week long, as a resulL, Lhe research
and Lhe follow-up are asslgned durlng Lhe whole week.
! 1he opporLunlsLlc mall : 1hls ls a very speclflc process buL you
should dedlcaLe half a day Lo Lake advanLage of any parLlcular
opporLunlLy, Lo cash ln on a « lucky shoL ». lL may come from
randomly surflng Lhe web, a former colleague can Llp you off,
someone you meeL, anyLhlng.

uon'L dlscard luck durlng your [ob search, don'L Lurn your back
aL whaL may appear lmposlble.
lacL ls : 100° of Lhe people hlred have applled.
LeL's rephrase 4 slmple Lhlngs :
! 1he unsollclLed appllcaLlon : wlLhouL any prlor [ob ad release,
Lhe candldaLe malls hls Cv and leLLer of moLlvaLlon Lo Lhe
1he Cv ls focused on Lhe LargeLed company's needs. Some of
lLs key elemenLs can be refered Lo : proposals or references
relaLed Lo lLs servlces, producLs or managemenL .
8uL mosLly, Lhe leLLer of moLlvaLlon should be reworded : more
dynamlc, more dellberaLe, lL should be almosL lnLruslve. 1he
candldaLe should markeL hlmself as one unlque producL. 1hls
candldaLe ls off Lhe LradlLlonal [ob ad channel, Lherefore he ls
one of a klnd, he ls moLlvaLed.
1he leLLer should be speclflcally focused on Lhe company's
needs, lssues or expecLaLlons. 1he candldaLe doesn'L maLLer,
Lhe soluLlon he ls provldlng does.
MosL companles don'L adverLlse vacancles. 1hey use
sLralghLforward Lechnlques : coopLaLlon, headhunLers, onllne
vacancles on Lhe company's web slLe, or hlrlng away from lLs
parLners, cllenLs or compeLlLors.

1he unsollclLed appllcaLlon appears llke one of Lhe mosL
commonly used and efflclenL approach.

! Seedlng by calllng : 1here ls no Cv wlLhouL a follow-up over Lhe
phone. 1o make sure Lhe mall has reached Lhe rlghL person, Lo

geL Lhe lnLervlew, Lo answer a quesLlon from a recrulLer or,
more generally, Lo lnLroduce oneself or Lo sLarL convlnclng.
1hls one phone call ls cruclal : lL ls do or dle, your Cv can elLher
land ln Lhe Lrash or lead you Lo Lhe lnLervlew.
1o Lalk over Lhe phone seems Lo be easy. 8uL for many
candldaLes, Lo caLch a recrulLer's aLLenLlon over Lhe phone
proves Lo be a dlfflculL Lhlng Lo do, almosL an acL agalnsL
naLure : l Lalk, l sell myself, l open myself Lo a person l don'L
meeL face Lo face. ?ou need Lo pracLlce. 1echnlques are
avallable, mosLly relaLed Lo onllne sales.


lor example, don'L forgeL LhaL :
a. 30 seconds, LhaL ls all you have Lo lnLroduce and sell
b. 1he Lermlnology glves depLh Lo whaL you wanL Lo say. lL
musL convey your energy, drlve and enLhuslasm.
c. 1hlrLy seconds Lhen : 10 are abouL Lhe recrulLer's
company, 10 are abouL your professlonal skllls and 10 are
abouL your people skllls.
d. Always end wlLh a proposlLlon (noL a requesL !) for a
meeLlng wlLhln Lhe nexL 3 days.
e. Someone from P8 does noL have a clue abouL Lhe
Lechnlcal requlremenLs, whereas a ueparLmenL Pead or a
poLenLlal colleague baslcally need reassurance regardlng
your Lechnlcal background .
f. Peads of deparLmenL are generally avallable before
8 :30am and afLer 3 :30pm. no secreLarles Lo block calls aL
Lhose Llmes.

! Cn-llne research : Lhanks Lo Lhe web, lL only Lakes 13 mlnuLes
for anybody wlLh a falr knowledge of Coogle Lo gaLher enough
daLa regardlng Lhe company, lLs hlsLory, lLs producLs and lLs
referrals . AnoLher 13 mlnuLes Lo geL a clear plcLure of lLs
envlronmenL : lLs markeL, lLs compeLlLlors and lLs buslness
parLners. ÞracLlcally, Lhe daLa ls Lhen gaLhered on lndex cards
or on a spreadsheeL.

Check-llsL for Lhe LargeLed company :
a. name of Lhe company, buslness fleld and sales flgures
b. name and phone number of Pead of P8
c. name and phone number of fuLure boss
d. uaLe of appllcaLlon mall and follow-up
e. LlsL of producLs and servlces avallable
f. 8uslness parLners and/or maln sub-conLracLors
g. Maln compeLlLors wlLh Lhelr sLrengLhs and weaknesses.
h. Þerhaps you should google Lhe people you wlll meeL.
lotetestloq . tbe petsoo l wlll be meetloq tomottow ploys
qolf.5o Jo l !


! CoopLaLlon : When an employer decldes Lo hlre someone, he ls
Laklng a rlsk. 1he new guy should have Lhe requesLed seL of

skllls, he should be a Leam player, he should geL along wlLh Lhe
cllenLs, he should be rellable and honesL.
1o llmlL Lhese rlsks Lo a mlnlmum, Lhe employer asks hls
personnel Lo flnd « a gem ». 1hls ls whaL coopLaLlon means.
lollowlng an lnLernal noLlce for a vacancy, Lhe sLaff ls asked Lo
come up wlLh names of candldaLes. 1hls ls more rellable Lhan a
recrulLmenL procedure open Lo anyone : less candldaLes and of
hlgher level. 1he selecLlon ls easler: Lhe sLaff ls relucLanL Lo
lnLroduce sub-par candldaLes. An lrrelevanL candldaLe ls bad
Þ8. lL ofLen lnvolves a flnder's fee.
+; (+D,&$ =",* !K .#+ C.#.:% =",* C.)?
very qulckly, Lhe once alleged perfecL Cv appears Lo be lnadequaLe.
An lnaccuraLe analysls of Lhe [ob markeL, or of lLs ob[ecLlves, poor
drafLlng or lnadequaLe layouL, conLenL Loo far from Lhe reallLles of Lhe
corporaLe world, . whaLever Lhe reason, your Cv needs a radlcal
now, Lhe candldaLe should work on hls C8M approach (CusLomer
8elaLlon MarkeLlng). Pe wlll ad[usL hls Cv afLer a beLLer undersLandlng
of Lhe expecLaLlons of Lhe corporaLe world.
uurlng your [ob search, you wlll be forced Lo a by-weekly revlew of
your Cv, of lLs layouL and conLenL. Cn Lhe agenda, every second
mondays, you redrafL your Cv and Lhe leLLer of moLlvaLlon.
1he feedback from Lhe employers wlll dlcLaLe Lhe plannlng of your mall
and lLs follow-up. 8y Week 2, he has already been alLered : noL enough
(or Loo much) Llme spenL researchlng companles, or on Lhe follow-up

by phone, Lhen no, Loo llLLle or Loo much feedback, lnLervlew
proposlLlons or peLlLlons for complemenLary lnformaLlons
1he quallLaLlve, as well as quanLlLaLlve and opporLunlsLlc mall should
be rescheduled. 1wo mlsLakes Lo be avolded : Lhe work overload
caused by Loo many answers from employers or Lhe lack of acLlvlLy,
ldleness as a resulL of poor or lnadequaLe feedback or mall.
2 slmple Lhlngs Lo rephrase :
! 1he dlfferenL verslons of Lhe Cv : lew candldaLes apply for only
one [ob. MosL [ob seekers alm aL varlous poslLlons, someLlmes
LoLally unrelaLed.
Several explanaLlons : Lhe dlverslLy of Lhe candldaLe's
academlc or professlonal background, pasL dreams or old
Cenerally, you should drafL noL [usL one Cv buL several. Lach
one LargeLs a parLlcular poslLlon or buslness fleld, ln relaLlon
wlLh Lhe slze of Lhe company, Lhe orlglns, or Lhe company's
and/or Lhe recrulLer's operaLlonal language and culLure.

1he same goes for Lhe leLLer of moLlvaLlon.

Careful, mosL Cvs are dlglLal. 1he flle name should meeL some
requlremenLs. 1he name should lnclude :
1. name of Lhe candldaLe
2. vacancy (noL your dlploma !)
3. ?ear
4. Þerhaps : Lhe reference of Lhe vacancy


!"# %&'#()* +&,+-. )"# %&'#()
C8M : CusLomer 8elaLlon ManagemenL. ln Lhls case, Lhe recrulLer ls Lhe
cllenL. usually, you should research your cllenL : hls background, hls
producLs, hls markeL . buL also hls expecLaLlons, hls needs, hls
preferences and hls wlshes.
ln shorL, all Lhese Lerms are lnsLrumenLal durlng Lhe recrulLmenL
process :
1. 1he expecLaLlons refer Lo Lhe requlremenLs or requesLs puL
forward by Lhe recrulLer ln Lhe vacancy release.
2. 1he needs refer Lo Lhe Lechnlcal or lnLerpersonal skllls requlred
for Lhe poslLlon. CfLen, Lhe needs and Lhe expecLaLlons
menLlonned on Lhe vacancy are dlfferenL Lhlngs. 1he appllcanL
can Lake Lhe lnlLlaLlve and volunLarlly deLall hls currenL needs
Lo Lhe recrulLer and Lherefore proflle hlmself as Lhe answer Lo
Lhem. 1he Cv and Lhe cover leLLer are Lhe perfecL Lools for LhaL
3. lL ls more dlfflculL Lo ldenLlfy Lhe preferences. 1hey can work
consclously, and someLlmes unconsclously. 1he recrulLer may
prefer a cerLaln Lype of proflles, backgrounds or seLs of skllls.
8uL lL ls noL llmlLed Lo LhaL. 1he colors, Lhe deslgn, Lhe
Lypography and even Lhe wrlLlng sLyle used ln Lhe leLLer of
moLlvaLlon (and Lhe slgnaLure !) wlll have an lmpacL on Lhe
percepLlon of Lhe candldaLe by Lhe recrulLer.
4. 1he recrulLer has an ldeallsLlc ldea abouL Lhe perfecL
candldaLe : he wlll elLher be Lhe answer Lo hls problems or a
Lrue wall agalnsL hls dlfflculLles, or Lhe almosL maglc soluLlon
whlch wlll allow hlm Lo save or keep hls company. lL ls noL
easy, buL you can do lL.

%; 20% ?%$$%* "< C"$)G.$)"#
llrsL, you drafL Lhe Cv(s), Lhen Lhe leLLer of moLlvaLlon.
?ou wlll need a couple of days. ?ou wlll ask for advlce or for help.
More Lhan for Lhe Cv.


ÞracLlcally, (ln ÞarL 2 of Lhe 8ruLal MeLhod) ee wlll see LhaL Lhere are
slmple meLhods Lo drafL a klller leLLer of moLlvaLlon.
<; I,C1%*& "# 0)& .:%#+.
1here you go : you've done a rough drafL of your plannlng, wlLh
numbers and daLes.
now, you'll add ob[ecLlves : how many lnLervlews should you geL ?
usually, [ob seekers are almlng aL a cerLaln number of weekly (or by-
weekly) lnLervlews.
Pow many of Lhem ? lL depends on Lhe vacancy, Lhe currenL Lrend
wlLhln Lhe [ob markeL, how old Lhe candldaLe ls, or hls quallflcaLlons.
lor lower skllled poslLlons, Lhe ob[ecLlve should be one lnLervlew per
week, wlLh an answer raLlon of 33°. lor hlgher skllled poslLlons, Lhe
ob[ecLlve should be one lnLervlew every Lwo weeks (or Lhree) wlLh an
answer raLlo of 60°.
lf Lhe answer raLlos are lower:
! LlLher Lhe Cv or Lhe leLLer of moLlvaLlon need a new approach.
Change Lhem
! Cr Lhere ls a loL of compeLlLlon on Lhe markey (loLs of [ob
seekers, few vacancles). ln Lhls case, boLh Lhe Cv and Lhe leLLer
of moLlvaLlon should be ad[usLed. More agresslve, more
sLralghLforward, ln order Lo ouLshlne Lhe compeLlLlon.
1he same goes for Lhe lnLervlew : [usL one and you are ouL.

1he quesLlon ls : « ote my lotetvlew skllls op to tbe stooJotJs ? ». ?ou
should quesLlon yourself, revlew your sLraLegy or flnd new ldeas.
noLe : 8oLh Lhe Cv and Lhe leLLer of moLlvaLlon are cruclal.
Symbollcally, Lhe candldaLe swlLches lnLo acLlon mode. Pe has
someLhlng ln hls hands, someLhlng Lo glve ouL, someLhlng Lo sLand for.
1herefore lL ls lmporLanL Lo drafL Lhose documenLs aL Lhe earllesL sLage
of Lhe process.
Conslder Lhose documenLs as a work ln progress : Lhey represenL a
never-endlng process. Lach mall, each lnLervlew glves you Lhe
opporLunlLy Lo revlew, amend or re-drafL Lhem.
-; ($ $0% -"<<%% 1*%./
CandldaLes usually enLer Lhe lnLervlew room and lnLroduce Lhemselves
Lo Lhe recrulLer as Callmero's Lwln broLher.
1hey look llke Lhey are responsable for all Lhe mlserles ln Lhls
world : « sotty fot beloq bete bot l slmply wooteJ to qlve yoo my
tesome »
1hls ls a classlc : mosL candldaLes (noLably senlor ones and people
unemployed for a long Llme) persuade Lhemselves Lhey wlll fall aL Lhe
lnLervlew. lL shows on Lhelr face, on Lhelr body language, on Lhelr Lone
of volce. lL Lells Lhe recrulLer : lL won'L be hlm.
lL works, belleve me : lL won'L be you. nobody llkes a depresslve vlcLlm,
a paln ln Lhe buLL or a loser ln hls company.
« lt´s me ot tbem ! ». 1hls may sound offenslve buL Lhls ls successful
!ob Search 101. ?ou should welcome Lhe compeLlLlon and enLer Lhe

baLLlefleld as a wlnner and noL as a loser, or worse as Mr nlce and
1hls ls a sLaLemenL, lL ls my declslon : 1PlS !C8 lS MlnL !

4F !"#G)#-% =",*&%?<
ConvenlenLly, you should sLage Lhe declslon. Solemnly you Lell
yourself : 1PL !C8 lS MlnL !
uress up, sLand ln fronL of Lhe mlrror and Lalk Lo yourself, persuaded
you are one of a klnd, up Lo Lhe sLandards.?ou are Lhe one Lhey are
walLlng for. 1hls ls noL sLupld aL all.
lL may appear easy, buL lL ls noL.
Lven worse, nobody can help you : llke Lhe guy who wanLs Lo qulL
smoklng, Lhe only person who can convlnce yourself ls you !
8ulld a nesL : wlLh a clear goal ln slghL, a small group of commlLLed and
devoLed people around you. 1hls nesL works llke your base camp,
bulleLproof wlLh cerLalnLles.
Whlch cerLalnLles are we Lalklng abouL ?
lL doesn'L maLLer, confldence ls unlversal and conLaglous. lf you are
convlnced Lo be Lhe besL Lable fooLball player, or lf you cook Lhe besL
crumble, Lhen lL wlll be a plece of cake Lo convlnce yourself Lo be Lhe
besL developer or Lhe besL secreLary.

1hls nucleus of cerLalnLles ls Lhe cornersLone Lo your success durlng
Lhe lnLervlew : Lhe recrulLer feels lL when lL ls Lhere, and feels lL when
you don'L have lL. So sLop belng Callmero's Lwln broLher Loo.
@F P,)?+ . #%&$
lor Lhose of you who Lhlnk lL ls easy, well, lL ls noL. uurlng my Lralnlng
sesslons, l use a slmple Lechnlque, lL wlll make you smlle buL lL ls
l. Þlck up one skllls by whlch you sLand ouL ln your famlly. locus
on your experLlse and challenge yourself.
Þrove yourself LhaL you are Lhe besL aL cooklng chocolaLe, aL
cuLLlng a flower, aL mlxlng muslc, aL rldlng uphlll.
ll. 8ulld your nesL and verballze whaL you [usL wenL Lhrough.
llnlsh Lhe followlng senLences :
! WhaLever happens, .
! l can punlsh lf .
! l am Lhere Lo .
! l have soluLlons : .
! l am Laklng full responsablllLy, and even more so.
lll. uo Lhe same exerclse for Lhe poslLlon you are almlng aL, or for
a seL of skllls you have.
never forgeL LhaL Lhe moLLo « l belleve l coo fly » ls cruclal durlng Lhe
?ou cannoL convlnce Lhe recrulLer lf you are noL persuaded yourself.


>F Q"#N$ J*)$% .#=$0)#: 1%<"*% =", &.= R MNC &" &,*% .1",$ )$ S
1hls cerLalnLy wlll come ouL naLurally expressed on your Cv, and
mosLly on your leLLer of moLlvaLlon. lf you don'L LrusL yourself, Lhls lack
of confldence wlll show : you wlll come up wlLh a poor Cv and an
unlmpresslve leLLer.
8ulld up your cerLalnLy flrsL, Lhen you sLarL drafLlng Lhe Cv of Lhe


+; L?.##)#: 5 . 3*.-$)-.? &,CC.*=

Week #1


ÞracLlce your slgnaLure, make someLhlng nlce of lL, someLhlng
dellberaLe and professlonal. MosL slgnaLures don'L represenL Lhe
person buL reveal hls weaknesses. uon'L leL lL become your weakesL

CreaLlon de sa capsule :
« l om tbe best ! »
1o drafL my dream Leam : « l woo´t
be olooe ! »
1he Came Þlan : daLes and ob[ecLlfs
1he 8evlew : « wbete Jo l come
ftom ooJ wbete om l qoloq to ? »
8esearch : books, web slLes, Llps
1o drafL my Cvs
1o drafL my leLLers of moLlvaLlon
1o plan Lhe mall and Lhe follow
(Lo ad[usL Lhe Cv and Lhe leLLer
1 Lo 2 days
1 Lo 2 days
1 day
2 Lo 3 days
2 days
2 days for each
1 day = 1
1 day

Week #2

!0.3)$*% E 5 M$ $./%& .# .*C= $" <):0$ "#%
.; (# )#$*"+,-$)"# J)$0 0"$%?& .#+ 3*)&"#&
8emember Lhe sad and cruel « wlLhouL collecLlng money as you pass ».
Þlaylng Monopoly, you had Lo play and play over agaln ln order Lo
collecL loLs of 1lLle ueed : and Lhere, wlLh luck and sLraLegy alLernlng,
you had Lo collecL properLles, money and renLs sLep by sLep.
And Lhen, one sLroke away from Lhe much coveLed fourLh Lraln sLaLlon,
you end up ln [all.worse.wlLhouL collecLlng money as you pass.
ln [all, Lhe person you helped ln Lhe prevlous round so he would noL go
bankrupL, was sLeallng your Lraln sLaLlon away from you. And Lhere
was noLhlng you could do abouL lL.
1he game of Monopoly, wlLhouL Louchlng lL, ls Leachlng klds real llfe
lessons :
! Lesson #1
Plde your ob[ecLlves : « 1tolo stotloos ? well, oot teolly, yoo
coooot bollJ oo botel tbete. »

1hrefore, before you enLer Lhe lnLervlew room, don'L show Loo
much enLhuslasm, you would over-moLlvaLe your
« opponenLs ».

Also, don'L share your Llps wlLh anybody : Lhere are very few
graLlfylng well-pald [obs ouL Lhere. keep some of your cards Lo


! Lesson # 2
Whlle some people easlly forglve oLher people - forglveness
belng a very [udeo-chrlsLlan aLLlLude - graLlLude ls more
dlfflculL Lo come by. We all know !udas, buL do we know who
Lhe Cood SamarlLan was ?
AfLer a few monLhs, Lo flnd a [ob ls a maLLer of llfe and deaLh :
no money Lo pay for Lhe renL, Lo buy food.our very own old
etboloqlcol demons come back Lo haunL us : our survlval ls Lhe
only Lhlng LhaL maLLers, llke an anlmal ln danger. uon'L rely on
your opponenLs' humanlLy.
8e falr and honesL, don'L be nalve nor candld.


! Lesson # 3
know your opponenLs, Lhelr game plan, Lhelr weaknesses ,
also, you should masLer Lhe general framework of Lhe game
and, Lhls ls noL Lhe mosL easy Lhlng Lo do, Lo be aware of your
sLrengLhs and weaknesses, aL all Llmes.
1hls almosL mlllLary approach ls causlng anger.
ln Lhe recrulLmenL buslness, [usL llke ln any 8 movle, Lhere ls a yellow
demarcaLlon llne : Lo Lhe lefL, Lhose who make lL, Lo Lhe rlghL Lhose
who complaln whlle waLchlng oLhers sLep over Lhem.
1he ob[ecLlve of Lhls book ls Lo provlde everybody wlLh Lhe same
weapons, lL ls pure loglc and common sense. 1o provlde equal
opporLunlLles Lo everybody for a falr flghL.

1; M$N& .?? .1",$ $0% C%$0"+T <):0$)#: . J.* )#-?,+%+

1o gaLher daLa abouL Lhe baLLlefleld and Lhe opponenLs, LhaL's
usually a [ob for Speclal unlLs or Lhe lnLelllgence ueparLmenL.
Lqually and ldeally, your uream 1eam and yourself you should
scruLlnlze Lhe fleld of operaLlons.
1argeL 4 essenLlal elemenLs : Lhe opposlLlon (your opponenLs
and Lhe recrulLer of course), your sLrengLhs (your asseLs), your
LargeL (Lhe poslLlon you are almlng aL) and Lhe way Lhe
opposlLlon ls conslderlng you).
1hls lnLroducLlon has been agresslve on purpose (Lroops need Lo
be moLlvaLed agaln !), Lhose lnformaLlons are lndlspensable.
WlLhouL Lhem, Lhe candldaLe sLarLs wlLh a serlous handlcap.
ln oLher words, he doesn'L sLarL Lhe flghL on equal Lerms.
My asseLs
1he LargeL
My lmage

SwlLch on your ÞC , Lake a pen. 8oll up your sleeves, Lhls means
work : you need Lo analyze, research and puL lnLo perspecLlve.
4F U#"J =",* $.*:%$
1o reach your LargeL, you musL scruLlnlze lL. Any salesman would Lell
you : know your cllenLs flrsL.
1he LargeL, 4 elemenLs absoluLely necessary Lo analyze : Lhe [ob
markeL, Lhe company, Lhe vacancy and Lhe recrulLer.
noLe : Some wrlLers lnclude oLher elemenLs ln Lhelr analysls, buL lL geLs
Loo heavy.
My preference goes Lo a llmlLed, pracLlcal and slmple approach.
+/ !"# 012 3+45#)
1he [ob markeL (or more preclsely, lLs clrcumsLances and currenL
Lrends) plays an undeflned parL. 1he crlsls ls noL lnevlLable, lL Lurns lnLo
an opporLunlLy for Lhose who can make Lhe mosL of lL. Companles are
ln desperaLe need of salespeople who would brlng ln new buslness,
managers who would puL Lhlngs sLralghL, creaLlve people who would
relaunch Lhelr producL llne.
ÞracLlcally :
1. Analyze Lhe [ob markeL globally : ls lL opLlmlsLlc ? ÞesslmlsLlc ?
Are Lhere proflLable nlches ? ls Lhe crlsls (or Lhe sunny break)
Lhere for Lhe long run or ls lL [usL Lemporary ?
2. ueLermlne Lhe buslness flelds you are almlng aL
lor each fleld, analyze :
• Lhe consequences of Lhe crlsls

• Lhe opporLunlLles Lhe crlsls can creaLe (very lmporLanL,
Lhls can be your geL-ouL-of-[all card durlng Lhe lnLervlew)
• Lhe expecLaLlons or needs as far as recrulLlng goes
• Lhe Lrends ln Lhe recrulLmenL buslness : hlrlng, lnLerlm,
• Lhe dlscrlmlnaLlng crlLerla : some wlll help you (hlghllghL
Lhem ln your leLLer of moLlvaLlon), oLhers wlll sLop you
(don'L wasLe your energy !)
2/ !"# %136+(- 7 '). %8&)84#* '). (##9.* '). #:6#%)+)'1(.
As for any quallLaLlve approach, lLs company should be exLenslvely
researched : lLs core values valeurs, lLs hlrlng Lrends, lLs Leams, lLs
buslness parLners, lLs compeLlLors, lLs producLs.

ÞracLlcally :
CreaLe an lndex card for each company.
1o drafL Lhose cards represenLs a subsLanLlal amounL of work,
buL ln Lhe long run Lhey wlll be lnsLrumenLal Lo a successfuk
career.knowledge ls power.
1he company lndex card :

1. Cverall descrlpLlon : name, legal form, address,
number of subsldlarles or franchlse neLwork and
Þosslbly, lLs hlsLory, LvenLuellemenL : son hlsLolre, lLs
subsldlarles abroad, or Lhe names of Lhelr CLCs.

2. ÞroducLs or servlces avallable (or offered, for non-

lor each of Lhem:
! 8rlef descrlpLlon
! 1argeL audlence (or prescrlber
! SLrengLhs and weaknesses
! 8lval producLs (or servlces)

3. Maln accompllshmenLs, good or bad.

4. ÞrospecLlve analysls : Pow wlll Lhe markeL, Lhe
company and lLs producLs be llke ln Lhe nexL 3 years.
Wlll Lhey expand, decllne or be able Lo adapL ?
1hls ls noL an easy analysls. lL requlres research and a
falr blL amounL of lmaglnaLlon.
uurlng Lhe lnLervlew, Lhe prospecLlve Lalk, (when
seemlngly lmprovlsed) makes qulLe an lmpresslon.
1he recrulLer meeLs a candldaLe who, noL only

1he prescrlber ls Lhe person who lnfluences Lhe consummer ln hls cholces or
ln hls purchase declslons. lor example, Lhe purchase of a car ls greaLly
lnfluenced elLher by klds, or Lhe soclal background, malnly, or work
colleagues, or frlend of Lhe parenLs.

masLers Lhe currenL lssues aL sLake, buL who comes up
wlLh a medlum-Lerm vlslon abouL Lhe rlsks, Lhe
opporLunlLles and Lhe poLenLlal developmenLs for hls

3. lLs managemenL sLrucLure, lLs maln deparLmenLs, and
Lhelr Peads. Lspeclally Lhe deparLmenL you are
almlng aL.

6. 1he maln buslness parLners and lLs compeLlLors.

%/ !"# 6#4.1( ; 3##)
8eLween Lhe company and you, Lhe recrulLer sLands ln Lhe way. Pe has
many dlsgulses, he can be your fuLure boss, Lhe Pead of Lhe P8
ueparLmenL, Lhe ln-house psychologlsL, one exLernal agency or a
fuLure colleague.
Many people wlll be readlng whaL you have senL, LogeLher Lhey wlll
proceed Lo Lhe flrsL selecLlon (awardlng Lhe flrsL LlckeL Lo Lhe lnLervlew.
Cr noL).
ln mosL cases, Lhe same people wlll be aLLend Lhe lnLervlew.

! 8efore sendlng your Cv (even ln Lhe case of a press
release), call and ask for Lhe name of Lhe person you
should send lL Lo, ask for hls poslLuon ln Lhe company
! ln boLh Lhe presenLaLlon and ln Lhe leLLer of moLlvaLlon,
lnclude Lhe exacL name of Lhe person (be careful Lo Lhe
spelllng !)
! usually, an allas, one flcLlLlous emall address ls acLlvaLed Lo
recelve Lhe appllcaLlons (lnfo[xyz.fr). 1ry Lo flnd Lhe
personal emall of your conLacL person
! use Lhe search englnes, does he have hobbles ? Pas he
publlshed arLlcles or books ? where has prevlously
worked ?
?ou mlghL be able Lo use Lhose lnformaLlons Lo your
advanLage. 8e dlscreeL so lL wlll look sponLaneous.

Surf on Lhe company's slLe. Analyze Lhelr emall pollcy. Lvery company has a
loglcal way Lo allocaLe Lhelr emall addresses, wheLher lL's
flrLsname.name[xyz.com or f.name[xyz.com ou flrsLname_name[xyz.com.
?ou wlll be able Lo deLermlne your conLacL's emall address.
Some speclallsed web slLes an glve you access Lo Lhose lnformaLlons as well.
8uL don'L send your appllcaLlon Lo your conLacL's prlvaLe emall address, Lhls
would look bad.


9/ !"# 61.')'1(
When applylng for a [ob, you need Lo walk Lhe Lalk : you should know
all Lhe LechnlcallLles. ?our analysls wlll Lake lnLo accounL Lhe Lechnlcal
and loglsLlcal weaknesses, as well as Lhe poor ouLpuL raLe.
LveryLhlng relaLed Lo Lhose skllls musL be wlLhln Lhe scope of Lhe
prerequlslLes. 1he recrulLer musL be persuaded LhaL you have
masLered Lhose ablllLles prlor Lo Lhe lnLervlew.

?ou geL Lhe message, your background and your Lechnlcal skllls are noL
enough. 1here wlll always be a candldaLe wlLh a more relevanL
background and a wlder seL of skllls.
l undersLand LhaL lf you drafL your Cv you musL be relleved. up Lo Lhls
polnL, lL ls all abouL llsLs : Lhe llsL of your prevlous [obs (number of
years or duLles), and Lhe llsL of skllls (or sofLwares) you masLer.
unforLunaLely, lL ls noL enough : Lhere ls more Lo you Lhan [usL belng
able Lo use one weldlng klL, one drllllng machlne, or belng able Lo
develop a pro[ecL or wrlLe anyLhlng.
1he poslLlon also requlres people skllls, personallLy, a sense of humour
and soclal manners. 1hose deLalls wlll Llp Lhe scales.
ÞracLlcally :
1. ShorL descrlpLlon of Lhe vacancy (10 llnes max) : ob[ecLlves and
relaLed duLles, sLakeholders.
2. 1he appllcanL descrlbes how he can add value Lo Lhe
poslLlon.hlghllghLlng boLh hls Lechnlcal and people skllls.

Lxample :

The company TECTI is looking one IT technician for its
Help desk.

Requested skills : ASP, JTML, JAVA and CSM (one of

Your proposition :

! Technical skills : to add one DB interface (for
example ORACLE)
! People skills : crisis management, capacity to
explain abstract concepts for computer non-literate

My Cv

Skllls relaLed Lo Lhe poslLlon: . . .
?LS nC
8equesLed Lechnlcal skllls : . . .
ComplemenLary skllls : . . .
8equesLed people skllls : . . .
ComplemenLary skllls: . . .

3. uescrlpLlon of prerequlslLes : whaL ls necesary Lo Lhe poslLlon,
Lo make lL work properly or Lo lmprove lL.
My Cv

Skllls relaLed Lo Lhe poslLlon: . . .
?LS nC
8equesLed Lechnlcal skllls : . . .
ComplemenLary skllls : . . .
8equesLed people skllls : . . .
ComplemenLary skllls: . . .

4. uescrlpLlon of collaLeral funcLlonal supporLs : who ls helplng
me, when and how. 1o manage Lhe slLuaLlon, oLher skllls are
requlred, oLher mlghL be suggesLed Lo lmprove collaboraLlon.

My Cv

Skllls relaLed Lo Lhe poslLlon: . . .
?LS nC
8equesLed Lechnlcal skllls : . . .
ComplemenLary skllls : . . .
8equesLed people skllls : . . .
ComplemenLary skllls : . . .

3. uescrlpLlon of dellvrables : whaL Lhe [ob acLually produces or
dellvers, Lo whom and how does lL Lransfer Lo.
My Cv

Skllls relaLed Lo Lhe poslLlon: . . .
?LS nC
8equesLed Lechnlcal skllls : . . .
ComplemenLary skllls : . . .
8equesLed people skllls : . . .
ComplemenLary skllls: . . .

WhaL should l do wlLh Lhose four flgures ?
1he ConoCo approach : should l go ? yes or no ?
1. 1hls wlll help you geL a plcLure lf you have Lhe requlred
skllls for Lhe [ob, wheLher Lechnlcal or human. 1he
recrulLer would conslder all of Lhem, some are non
negoLlable (a spoL welder musL be able Lo weld), oLhers are
lmplled (can he do lL under waLer or ln vacuum ?).
1he candldaLe should deLermlne wheLher hls appllcaLlon ls
relevanL or noL.

2. 1hey should allow any moLlvaLed candldaLe Lo geL a
complemenLary Lralnlng Lo flll Lhe gaps ln hls educaLlon, or
Lo acqulre a new sklll whlch would glve hlm Lhe hedge
durlng Lhe lnLervlew.

3. 1hls could also be Lhe sLopplng polnL : lf you don'L have Lhe
necessary skllls nor Lhe Llme or Lhe opporLunlLy Lo sLarL Lhe
requlred educaLlon.


1he « Lhls ls who l am » approach :

4. 1he sulLable candldaLe ls gaLherlng valuable ldeas for hls
Cv, Lhe leLLer of moLlvaLlon and Lhe lnLervlew.
Pe can prove he has Lhe requlred seL of skllls buL on Lop on
LhaL he ls addlng prlceless quallflcaLlons : preclsely Lhose
requlred by Lhe poslLlon. 1he recrulLer ls bluffed : Lhe
weapon ls yours.

!usL llke any Þokemon, you need Lralnlng. 1he Þokemon
lmproves wlLh hls Lralnlng, he ls developplng new
weapons, and mosLly new ablllLles. ln addlLlon Lo Lhe
Lralnlng, Lhe flghL conLrlbuLes Lo lLs evoluLlon.
Lach Lralnlng sesslon conLrlbuLes Lo your developemenL, so
does each lnLervlew, each re[ecLlon brlngs you closer Lo
your nexL evoluLlon. Cne day, you'll meeL Lhe 8oss, face-


@F U#"J =",* "33"#%#$&
?our are seldom alone. A slngle recrulLmenL campalgn resulLs ln
dozens, even hundreds of appllcaLlons.
8emember LhaL you should Lry Lo know (and Lhls ls noL easy) :
! Pow many Cvs have arrlved ?
! Whlch ones have Lhe edge ?
! ls one of Lhe candldaLes already worklng for Lhe company ?
! WhaL ls Lhelr compeLlLlve advanLage ? Whlch salary
expecLaLlons do Lhey have ?

SlLuaLlon #1. lf you appear Lo be Lhe rlghL candldaLe, ahead of Lhe
pack : be susplclous. lL ls noL a done deal.
?ou have Lhe mosL unconforLable seaL. Lverybody wanLs Lo go afLer
you. llrsL you wlll be Lhe mosL expenslve candldaLe, Lhen Lhe oldesL,
and Lhen flnally you are Lhe besL one. Walk on Lhln lce, leL Lhe recrulLer
gradually make up hls mlnd : you are Lhe besL (don'L Lell hlm, he should
come Lo Lhls concluson all by hlmself !)
SlLuaLlon #2. So you are noL ahead of Lhe pack, you are swlmmlng wlLh
Lhe sharks : cheer up. lL ls noL over yeL.
knowlng LhaL, you need a game plan. unfold Lhe map on Lhe Lable :
[usL llke Caesar, you place Lhe heavy machlnery aL Lhe forefronL, and
you keep your efflclenL and moblle Lroops Lhere ln some grove, ln one
announcemenL banner, or ln beLween Lwo senLences ln your leLLer of
1he heavy machlnery, numerous and powerful fooLsoldlers, wlll open
Lhe doors Lo Lhe recrulLer's offlce. 1here, durlng Lhe lnLervlew, you
acLlvaLe your swlfL resources : your asseL cards. 1he recrulLer's
cerLalnLles are challenged by Lhe quallLles you kepL Lo yourself. ?ou
Louched hlm. ?ou haven'L won yeL buL he ls havlng doubLs. 1here ls a
flfLy-flfLy chance now.
>F U#"J =",* <%.$,*%&
ln college, our laLln and greek Leacher was a blg man. Pe was
permanenLly sweaLlng, hls rlghL hand mopplng up hls forehead and Lhe
Lop of hls head wlLh hls embroldered handkerchlef. Pe had a loud and
harsh volce, we LhoughL we were aL Lhe ÞarLhenon. lL was noL easy for
hlm. Pe could noL conform Lo Lhe Lhe usual 30-mlnuLe lesson formaL :

he was as passlonaLe as a young !"##$ &'(()#, as paLheLlc as he was
near Lhe end of hls llfe. A greek lesson by hlm was [usL Loo much for us
Lo bear.

SomeLlmes, belng a good Leacher ls noL enough, even wlLh Lhe hlghesL
Lechnlcal quallflcaLlons, as a wlzard ln anclenL greek, even wlLh greaL
people skllls.
Some [obs requlre a speclal personallLy (a maLh Leacher ln a Lroubled
suburban area), a cerLaln level of flLness (llfe guard aL 8rlghLon beach),
a quleL and paLlenL personallLy (worklng aL a check-ln counLer aL
PeaLhrow AlrporL), good looks (model or slnger), even an age llmlL
(cashler aL Salnsbury's should no older Lhan 43 years old.).
1he 8uLhless MeLhod lnLroduces a dlfferenL approach regardlng Lhe
revlew process. Cne of Lhe chapLers examlnes Lhe feaLures :
• 1he « + »
– MoLlvaLlon
– AppeLence
– LducaLlon
– AccompllshmenLs
– 1echnlcal skllls
– Þeople skllls

• 1he « - » Lo be lmproved Lowards « + »
– Age
– vlslble / non vlslble physlcal feaLures
– CluLural, reglonal or rellglous afflllaLlons

1hls ls a senslLlve maLLer.

1he 8uLhless Way/MeLhod
reverse-englneered Lhe revlew process.
8aLher Lhan sLarLlng from Lhe currenL slLuaLlon, whlch may prove
dellcaLe, Lhe candldaLe ls belng Lhrown back Lo hls earller years : back
ln Lhe schoolyard days, whlch sLaLus dld he en[oy ? whlch was hls
favourlLe game ? was he a leader or a dreamer...
1he semlnar on Lhe revlew process wlll allow you Lo rebulld your
personal hlsLory, where Lhere ls only a meanlngless llsL lefL on your Cv.

EF P,)?+ =",* )C.:%
1he warrlors are faclng each oLher. 1he old llon ls bumplng chesL, mosL
probably for lLs lasL flghL. SLandlng Lall on lLs fronL legs, lL seems huge.
?oung ?van, Lhe War Lord, hls body covered wlLh palnLlngs, can hardly
move. Pls powerful armour ls lmpresslve. Pls new weapons shlne,
sendlng whlLe flash llghLs Lowards Lhe vlllage.
1he young llon cannoL walL : benL muscles, promlnenL and powerful.
Showlng LeeLh, grunLlng and ready Lo [ump, blLe and klll.
1he vlllage ls locaLed on lLs LerrlLory. Lverybody ls armed, everybody ls
shouLlng. 1raps are hldden, allowlng for excesslve self-confldence. 1he
eldesL sLand ln Lhe flrsL row : nobody ls afrald, we are lmmorLal.
1onlghL, Lhe vlllage won'L be desLroyed. AfLer Lwo aLLacks, ?an sLopped
Lhe flghL : Lhe Lraps and Lhe self-confldence among Lhe people won.
1he young llon fled, Loo.

8ook 4 of Lhe 8uLhless Way/MeLhod examlnes Lhe revlew process

1hls example lllusLraLes Lhe power of lmage (superlor Lo sLregLh or
reason) and of lLs codes.

uurlng Lhe lnLervlew, we wlll see LhaL lL ls all abouL Lhe lmage. 1he Cv
and leLLer of moLlvaLlon converge Lowards 3 requlremenLs : supporL,
conLenL and layouL.
1he nexL chapLers wlll examlne how Lo formaL or someLlmes sLage your
-; 20% 4'<<
« All tbe qteot tbloqs ote slmple, ooJ mooy coo be exptesseJ lo o sloqle
wotJ», Slr W. Churchlll ls rlghL : and Lhe more lmporLanL lL ls Lo
express, Lhe shorLer Lhe message.
As for markeLlng, Lhe blrLh of Lhe WWW placed lmprlnL
CommunlcaLlon under Lhe spoLllghLs.
lmprlnL CommunlcaLlon ls based on a slmple premlse : everyLlme you
meeL somebody, your braln creaLes one lndex card.


Cn Lhls lndex card, you wlll flle all Lhe daLa you have gaLhered
regardlng Lhe person ln quesLlon : hls overall aspecL, Lhe way he
expresses hlmself, Lhe way he Lhlnks, hls sense of humour (or lack

Lhereof), Lhe experlences your shared LogeLher. everyLhlng abouL Lhls
person wlll be fllled here.






*+) ,('#"-) .'/0(
*+) /1.#/0( 2)"3, (' (+) 4"(4+

1he lndex card ls fllled wlLh daLa, lmporLanL or noL, abouL Lhe person.
?our [udgmenL wlll evolve over Llme, so wlll Lhe person. ?our braln wlll
auLomaLlcally updaLe Lhe lndex card. ?ou can add, deleLe or modlfy Lhe
lnformaLlons.LveryLhlng goes.
LxcepL for one Lhlng : one plece of lnformaLlon cannoL be alLered nor
deleLed. lL ls Lhe flrsL lmpresslon.
1he ouLllne lllusLraLes Lhe key role of Lhls flrsL lmpresslon : lL ls Lhe
lmprlnL whlch wlll flx Lhe card ln your memory. ln oLher words, lL ls lLs
sLorage polnL, whlch wlll allow you Lo flnd lL back. ?ou cannoL change
lL. 1hls ls Lhe lmprlnL Lhls person lefL « ln your nerve cells ».
1he flrsL lmpresslon remalns. 1herefore Lhe lmpresslon you wlll make
Lo Lhe recrulLer ls Lhere Lo sLay.
ÞsychologlsLs have also demonLraLed LhaL Lhls flrsL lmpresslon ls
eluslve, noL dellberaLe, Lo Lhe conLrarym lL ls slmpllsLlc. lL ls llmlLed Lo
one slngle word : one ad[ecLlve or one quallfler.
1he recrulLer sees you (wlLh Lhe occaslonal excepLlon) as newcomer,
somebody he meeLs for Lhe flrsL Llme : as resulL he wlll also creaLe one
lndex card, one wlLh your name on lL.
WhaL klnd of flrsL lmpresslon wlll you make on Lhe recrulLer ? whlch
quallfler wlll besL deflne you ?

*+) ,('#"-) .'/0(
*+) /1.#/0( 2)"3, (' (+) 4"(4+

8egardlng Lhe candldaLe, Lhe recrulLer wlll keep ln mlnd : hls Cv, hls
answers Lo hls quesLlons, your feedback buL also Lhe way he looks, Lhe
way he walks, Lhe way he dresses up.
All Lhese lnformaLlons can be alLered (you can make up for any blunder
durlng Lhe lnLervlew), all of Lhem buL one : Lhls flrsL lmpresslon : lL ls
Lhere Lo sLay.
AL Lhe end of Lhe lnLervlew, ln case you face Lwo recrulLers, Lhey don'L
know who you are anymore. 1hey meL wlLh 20 persons, 20 Cvs, 20



Cv , leLLer of moLlvaLlon, recommendaLlon,
prevlous collaboraLlon.
Þrofesslonal background & skllls
8ehavlour, presenLaLlon, requesLs, ..

personal hlsLorles and even lf Lhey use Lhe plcLures, lL ls exLremely
dlfflculL for Lhem Lo dlscern who ls who.
1o do LhaL, Lhey ofLen use one word : Lhe sLressed guy, Lhe Lall guy, Lhe
dynamlc guy, Lhe professlonal guy, Lhe funny woman, Lhe black guy .
lf Lhe word ls a poslLlve one, lL's ok . lf lL ls a negaLlve one, or worse,
when lL relaLes Lo Lhe physlcal appearance (Lhe faL, Lhe ugly or Lhe
blond), lL's noL good aL all!
lL ls LhaL slmple : our flrsL lmpresslon works llke one pedesLal, lL ls Lhe
cllncher ln our [ob search . so be lL ! 8uL why shouldn'L we make Lhe
declslon : leL's choose and lmpose Lhls famous lmprlnL !
1he Lool ls already : lL ls Lhe 8lff.
Crlglnally, Lhe 8lff ls gulLar sound, a llLLle song, slmple, whlch wlll be
wlLh you Lhe whole day. Same goal here : your Lune should remaln ln
your recrulLer's ear.
O$%3 4 5 !0""&% =",* 4'<<
1o deLermlne Lhe one quallfler whlch descrlbes you besL ls noL easy.
1he MeLhod lnLroduces a speclal approach, boLh fun and efflclenL :
1. LlsL your quallLles and your flaws
– ÞracLlcally, no more Lhan quallLles, no more Lhan Lhree
– Sklp Lhe obvlous : moLlvaLed, Leam player .
– 1he same goes here : sklp aggresslve, alcohollc, Lhlef .

– 1urn your flaws lnLo quallLles : nervous Lurns lnLo dynamlc,
sLubborn lnLo deLermlned, manlc obsesslve lnLo dlsclpllned

2. Among Lhose quallflers, deLermlne whlch one ls Lhe mosL
markeLable Lo Lhe recrulLer : LhaL's your 8lff. 1hls quallfler wlll
eplLomlze Lhe flrsL lmpresslon you make Lo Lhe recrulLer.
– lL elLher flLs Lhe corporaLe culLure
– Cr lL ls an added value Lo Lhe poslLlon you are almlng aL

Nos qualités
professionnelles ou
humaines. Attention
peuvent parfois vous
Mes défauts peuvent s’avérer
pour certains postes des points
forts (pourvu que vous puissiez
bien les choisir et les présenter
de façon judicieuse)

lnsLanL advlces :
– uon'L geL Lrapped wlLh a 8lff relaLed Lo your physlcal
appearance (skln or halr color, dlsablllLy, welghL) or relaLed
Lo your personal slLuaLlon (rellglon, sexual orlenLaLlon .)
– 1he [ob markeL ls noL your Lyplcal frlendly parLy, Lhey don'L
hlre you so you can have a good Llme, buL you geL hlred so
Lhe company can Lake advanLage of you. uon'L be surprlsed
lf your flaws, noL your quallLles, geL you Lhe [ob.
My qualities
… …
… …
… …
My flaws
… …
… …
… …
Which quality will fit the
job best or will match the
corporate culture ?
Sometimes my flaws can be
assets : they will offer the
company what it is missing in
discipline, authority or

My riff

lL Lakes a sLrong Lemper Lo manage of nlghL crew of 180

– Lqually, Lhe recrulLer ofLen Lurns your quallLles lnLo flaws :
Lhe nlce guy Lurns lnLo Lhe candld guy, Lhe frlendly guy lnLo
Lhe gosslp guy, Lhe dlsclpllned guy lnLo Lhe lnflexlble guy.
8ear LhaL ln mlnd for Lhe lnLervlew !

Avold Lhe followlng plLfalls:
A) uon'L dellver above expecLaLlons : no lle, Lhe 8lff Lhrlves on your
quallLles and flaws. uon'L preLend Lo be a peaceful person ln order
Lo please Lhe recrulLer,you are under sLress and lL shows. 8e

8) Always sLlck Lo Lhe same 8lff : change your 8lff Lo maLch Lhe
poslLlon or Lhe company you are almlng aL.

C) 8e conservaLlve : professlonal, energeLlc, eager. ?ou should
sLand ouL.

u) ln beLween sendlng Lhe Cv and Lhe lnLervlew, you may geL a call
from Lhe recrulLer : someLlmes for a complemenLary quesLlon, a
deLall, or Lo LesL you ln a forelgn language. CeL ready for Lhls
lnLervlew. ln Lhe Lone of your volce, Lhe recrulLer should hear [usL
Lhls one Lhlng : your 8lff.


O$%3 @ 5 20% G.*).$)"#& "< =",* 4'<<
Cnce declded upon, you should lmpose your 8lff Lo Lhe recrulLer. Pow
do l make Lhe flrsL lmpresslon off lL ?
?ou should glve lL a varleLy of forms wheLher vlsually, orally and
LveryLhlng should relaLe Lo your 8lff :
1. 1he synLaxe of your leLLer of moLlvaLlon
?ou are a pro, your leLLer musL be professlonal !

2. ?our slgnaLure
?ours ls a frlendly 8lff, your slgnaLure musL be open, solar.

3. 1he way you wrlLe Lhe address on Lhe envelope. ?ou
lnLroduce yourself as a dlsclpllned person : Lhe address, Lhe
sLamp and Lhe envelope musL be beyond reproach.

4. 1he sLrucLure and Lhe layouL of your Cv
lf yours ls a creaLlve 8lff, come up wlLh a new sLrucLure, play
wlLh Lhe layouL . ?our Cv musL be creaLlve.

3. 1he conLenL
?ou are markeLable, your Cv shouldn'L be llke an off-puLLlng
caLalogue, lL should sell Loo !

6. And mosL of all, Lhe openlng banner
WhaLever Lhe 8lff, lL wlll show up on your openlng banner.
(banner presenL aL Lhe beglnnlng of your Cv


lorgeL Lhe advlce of your sucessful uncle. 1he posLer man of Lhe
famlly, everybody ls proud of hlm, goL hls [ob lnLervlew back ln 1997.

8ack ln Lhe days, Lhe Lelephone was Lhere buL noL Lhe lnLerneL. 1he
Pow-Lo gulde he used had been wrlLLen ln 1980. And flnally, he
followed Lhe advlce of somebody who dled more Lhan 10 years ago.

!0.3)$*% E 5 20% >BJ0%%? C%-0.#)&C "< $0% !K
1hls chapLer wlll examlne Lhe hearL of your Cv. Whlch feaLures does lL
have ? Pow does lL work ?
.; 20% R =",N*% #"$ )# &=#- S )#$*"
uurlng one of my semlnars, one parLlclpanL was comparlng hlmself Lo a
sad and fallen hero from Lhe movle « Modern 1lmes ». Crushed and
mosL of all dragged by one faceless « ogre », Lhe communlLy. Pls lasL
words were : « ltooçols, l´ve boJ lt. »
?eL, Lhere ls noLhlng unrelenLlng or unfalr ln Lhe eLymology of Lhe word
gears. lL relaLes Lo loglc and efflclency.
nexL Lo Lhe machlne, Chaplln looked really small. 8uL whaL would have
happened lf Chaplln had undersLood Lhe machlne ? lf only somebody
had explalned Lo hlm how lL was worklng and hls own role, « My job ls
to ptoJoce cots so klJs coo qo oo bollJoys », Lhen he would have been
someLhlng else Lhan a wheel ln Lhe mechanlsm.


llgure xxx : 1he wheels of Lhe Cv
Legend : 1here ls someLhlng mechanlcal abouL Lhe Cv : elLher lL ls
splnnlng or lL sLops. When we enLer lnslde Lhls machlne, we dlscover
a slmple mechanlsm : 3 wheels consLanLly splnnlng ln sync.
1he drawlng ls ln black and whlLe. ln reallLy, Lhe eplgasLrlum of your
Cv, lLs bowels, ls ln full color. When lL sLarLs worklng, lL chews up loLs
of lnformaLlon, dlgesLs, Lransforms and communlcaLes Lhem. ÞreLLy
chaoLlc .
WlLh carefully manufacLured and malnLalned wheels, lL ls all colourful and
llvely.a Lrue sLoryLelllng. WlLh an lll-manufacLured mechanlsm, Lhe wheels
are squeaklng, Lhe Cv ls slow, everyLhlng ls confused, noLhlng comes ouL.
1; 20% &,33"*$
1he Cv ls usually wrlLLen and prlnLed on paper, buL nowadays lL can
have oLher Lypes or forms, as Lhe Cv on a Þul flle, Lhe Cv on one Cu
8om, Lhe o-llne Cv and Lhe vldeo Cv.

4F 20% 3.3%* !K
lL remalns Lhe formaL of reference.
1he paper formaL ls reassurlng, lL conveys a sense of global communlLy
and lnLlmacy of conLacL no oLher supporL can glve.
8e aware, for example, LhaL mosL dlglLal Cvs are prlnLed. Sachez, par
exemple, que la ma[orlLe des Cv lnformaLlques sonL lmprlmes.
Þaradoxlcally, Lhe besL paper Cv ls senL by e-mall.
1he emall has one advanLage : your Cv wll remaln spoLless. 1he Lrlp
won'L have hlm crumpled or dlrLy (mallmen eaL crolssanLs ln Lhe
mornlng and lrench frles aL noon Loo !), or folded. lL wlll be all clean,
all flaL, ready Lo be read.
1hls ls no small deLall. uo Lhe LesL : fold your Cv 1/4 or 1/3 of Lhe way.
lLs vlslblllLy loses 20°, do does lLs efflclency ( ll perd 20 ° de sa
llslblllLe, donc de son efflcaclLe (when you phoLocopy lL, Lhe folds Lurn
lnLo black sLrlpes upslde down).
ÞracLlcally, Lhe supporL lLself can elLher lead Lo re[ecLlon or be a
llablllLy Lo Lhe candldaLe :
1. 1he 8e[ecLlon level (1 Cv ouL of 10) concenLraLes all
dlscrlmlnaLory mlsLakes :
• your Cv smells (perfume, alcool, Lobacco.)
• lL has sLalns.
• Llke Lhe envelope, crumpled or Lorn.
• Spelllng mlsLakes Lo Lhe address or Lhe name of Lhe
• Craph paper or paper wlLh holes.


2. 1he LlablllLy level (1 Cv ouL of 30) refers Lo all Lhose mlsLakes
whlch, wlLhouL belng descrlmlnaLory, are a llalllLy Lo your
appllcaLlon : Lhe flrsL lmpresslon ls negaLlve.
• 1he paper should be spoLless.
• 1he A4 formaL ls Lhe norm.
• noL Loo Lhln (you read Lhrough lL), noL Loo Lhlck.
Cenerally, a 80 g. Lhln paper sheeL ls belng used.

• noL Loo osLenLaLlous elLher : no manlla or coaLed
paper, no leLLerhead (excepL for our noLarles and
lawyer frlends).
• no phoLocopy : Lhe reclplenL musL be persuaded lL ls
unlque even lf Lhe appllcaLlon ls ranked 38Lh ouL of
• When you slgn, use an lnk pen on Lhe paper Cv,
whereas for Lhe Þul formaL, use one ball pen, scan Lhe
slgnaLure and cuL and pasLe lL on Lhe cover leLLer.
• Avold Lhe aggresslve and varlous Llme crossed
• uon'L place Lhe slgnaLure on Lhe edge of Lhe sheeL. 1he
lmpresslon ls negaLlve : « l'm afrald, all alone ln Lhe
mlddle of Lhls sheeL, l need an edge Lo lean on! »
• llnally, no narclsslsLlc, huge or graphlc slgnaLure . We
know you are Lhe besL candldaLe, buL leL Lhe recrulLer
flnd ouL .
Cur slgnaLures have been followlng us slnce we were
12 years old. 1hey evolve wlLh Lhe Llmes. SomeLlmes
Lhey become more emanclpaLed, more creaLlve, more
Some of us appear Lo have kepL Lhelr old slgnaLure :
always carefully crafLed and shaky, Lhe name ls
calllgraphed and Lhe leLLers are ldenLlcal Lo Lhe ones

daLlng back from our early schooldays. Why noL. 8uL
durlng Lhe lnLervlew, you wlll appear llke a rlgld
person, or mommy's boy (aL besL), or Lhe reLarded ln
Lhe group (aL worse).
• 1he envelope musL be spoLless : whlLe, recLangular,
wlLh Lhe sLamp ordenly sLlck.
• use a regular sLamp. no Slmpsons, no Superman, or
worse (lL ls now posslble), noL wlLh your plcLure on lL!
• 1he address ls beyond reproach : you can read lL, lL
meeLs Lhe lnLernaLlonal regulaLlons and ls wlLhouL
spelllng mlsLakes.
• uon'L forgeL Lhe reLurn address on Lhe back.
• use a ball pen and, sorry for Lhe compuLer llLeraLe
among you guys, no compuLer generaLed labels.


Oocb, mosL of all don'L forgeL Lo :
Check lf your Cv and leLLer of are well ln Lhe envelop before you seal lL!
>F 20% LQV !K
lor Lhe lasL 20 years, Lhe lnLerneL has been reshaplng Lhe world and
Lhe way we al communlcaLe. 1he mall ls a rare commodlLy, Lhe fax ls
now consldered llke reglsLered mall, Lhe e-mall ls Lhe norm. 1he vasL

ma[orlLy of companles, have elecLed Lhls « 2.0 »
synonymous wlLh speed, even wlLh a zero Llmellne.
1hus, accordlng Lo one sLudy publlshed ln 2007
, 80 ° of Lhe recrulLlng
agencles prefer Lo geL Cvs per emall. 1hey can be Lransfered, sLored,
prlnLed and evaluaLed more easlly.
1hls axlom ls : wlLhouL a lnLerneL connecLlon or an emall address, lL ls
dlfflculL Lo apply for a [ob nowadays.
8uL careful, no Word flle (or oLher offlce sofLwares), use Lhe Þul
formaL :
! Þul flles cannoL be modlfled/alLered.
! ?our layouL ls permanenL, lL won'L be alLered by earller
sofLware verslons.
! ?our documenLs are compaLlble wlLh everyoperaLlng sysLem
on Lhe markeL. lor example, mosL compuLers work wlLh Word
2003. lf you buy a new compuLer for your [ob search, your ÞC
wlll work under Wlndows vlsLa and Lherefore wlLh Word
Some users mlghL have problems Lo open your documenLs (Cv
and leLLer of moLlvaLlon).
! WlLhln Word and mosL word processors, one funcLlon allows
anyone Lo access all Lhe verslons of Lhe documenL slnce lLs

2.0 deslgnaLes Lhe currenL WL8. unllke Lhe orlglnal Web, Lhe lnLerneL users
play a ma[or role now. 2.0 slLes offer baslc conLenL , Lhey provlde one onllne
framework acLlvaLed by Lhe users. lor example : lllckr, ?ou1ube, lace8ook.
and all Lhls walLlng for Lhe nexL Lrends Lo happen, such as 3.0 web, Lelephony
and wlreless everywhere.
Survey by Casys C !une 2007 (avallable onllne : www.oasys.fr)

creaLlon. ÞracLlcally, Lhe recrulLer ls able Lo see your spelllng
mlsLakes, Lhe modlflcaLlons (Lo hlde a gap ?). Worse,
surprlslngly he has access Lo your frlend's Cv, Lhe one you
used Lo sLarL yours (lL was so nlce !), you dld noL change
anyLhlng regardlng Lhe moLlvaLlons, Lhe hobbles as weel as
Lhe flrsL Lwo paragraphs on Lhe leLLer of moLlvaLlon (« really
well LhoughL of ! »).
ÞracLlcally :
1. use Word Lo drafL your Cv (or lLs open source equlvalenLs).
2. urafL your leLLer of moLlvaLlon.
3. Save Lhose documenLs ln Þul

lor mosL word processor sofLwares, Lhe procedure ls Lhe followlng :
once Lhe documenL ls drafLed, proofread and saved, prlnL lL as Þul.
When you cllck on « ÞrlnL », a wlndow opens up. SelecL Lhe « Þul
CreaLor »

4. urafL Lhe emall.
! Clve lL a clear name.
8ad examples :
appllcaLlon 2009/123
unsolllclLed appllcaLlon
8on exemple :
Mlckey Mouse Cv - poslLlon : carLoon characLer -
!anuary 2010
! ueLermlne Lhe rlghL reclplenL.
! 1he body of Lhe mall wlll conslsL of Lhree paragraphs
you wlll drafL ln order Lo lnLroduce yourself.
1hls ls noL a copy of your leLLer of moLlvaLlon. lL should
be (much) shorLer. no argumenL, [usL whaL Lhe mall ls

?our documenL wlll be auLomaLlcally prlnLed as Þul flle. lL works llke a
plcLure (ln Lheory, lL cannoL be alLered and lL can be read by anyone). lf
you need Lo alLer lL laLer on, sLarL agaln from Lhe orlglnal flle, ad[usL lL,
save lL and prlnL lL agaln uslng AcrobaL (Lhls sofLware manages all Þul

all abouL, a go-beLween : pushlng Lhe recrulLer Lo open
your documenLs
! !oln Lhe documenLs as aLLachmenLs (Cv, leLLer of
moLlvaLlon and maybe leLLers of recommandaLlon or
any documenL requesLed by Lhe recrulLer).
! uon'L forgeL your slgnaLure : wlLh all your lnformaLlon.

3. Sendlng Lhe emall : no more Lhan 10 emalls aL Lhe same Llme ln
case you 8CC send (bllnd copy) emalls ln bulk. 1here ls always
Lhe rlsk Lo have your lnLerneL provlder label your emalls as

1hls LexL should meeL sLrlcL crlLerla. 8ook 4 of Lhe 8uLhless
MeLhod/Way descrlbes Lhose crlLerla as well as Lhe meLhod Lo drafL
Lhose cover emalls.


Oocb, mosL of all, don'L forgeL Lo :
. noL CC send (vlslble copy) lf you send emalls ln bulk, for Lhe
quallLaLlve approach. 1he reclplenLs would learn abouL Lhe oLher
companles menLlonned aL Lhe beglnnlng of your emall. noL Loo
professlonal, noL graLlfylng for Lhe company. 1he message would
would read : « dear company, you are 9Lh ouL of 10 . »

lor Lhe quanLlLaLlve approach, use 8CC.
EF 20% !K "# !Q
very fashlonable some years ago, buL noL so much nowadays. 1hls
Lechnlcal supporL ls noL 100° secure. lL can be dlsLorLed or damaged
durlng LransporLaLlon.
Moreover, Lhe reculLer needs Lo back lL up on hls ÞC - an addlLlonal
hassle afLer Lhe paper and Lhe emall verslons.
neverLheless, Lhls supporL ls convenlenL for candldaLes who need Lo
provlde recrulLers wlLh heavy documenLaLlon : plcLures, movles, 3u
Oocb, don'L forgeL
. Lo sLlck a label on Lhe Cu (noL [usL on Lhe Cu case whlch can be losL
or changed).
?ou can buy Lhose Cu (or uvu) formaLLed labels easlly. ?ou need Lo
speclfy :
1. ?our name, flrsL name, mallllng address, phone numbers, e-
mall address
2. MoLlve : unsolllclLed appllcaLlon, proposal of collaboraLlon,
appllcaLlon followlng a vacancy publlshed ln Lhe press (don'L
forgeL Lo menLlon Lhe references of Lhe vacancy).
3. 1he daLe
4. 1he llsL wlLh Lhe aLLached documenLs

WF 20% "#B?)#% !K
lL ls noL an obllgaLlon Lo posL, or raLher, more accuraLely, Lo edlL your
Cv on-llne. ConLrary Lo whaL you can read or hear, lL ls noL always
1o be or noL Lo be on Lhe WL8 : lL musL be Lhe resulL of careful
?ou should ask yourself : Lhe maln feaLures are Lhe poslLlon lLself, Lhe
Lype of company and lLs fleld of operaLlons, your personallLy, are you
conforLable wlLh Lhe WL8 as a communlcaLlon Lool ?
?our presence can have dlfferenL forms :
! A blog dedlcaLed Lo your [ob search : Lhe Cv-as-blog, or,
why noL, a blog where you would wrlLe abouL your day-Lo-
day advenLures ln !ob Search Land.
! A page, an appllcaLlon or a dedlcaLed space on soclal
! 1he Cv-as-a-web-slLe wlLh a deLalled and appeallng
accounL of your backgroung
! Þopular Web 2.0 Lools : Slldeshare, lllckr, 1wlLLer.
! lor Lhose more experlenced among you : Lo manage your
buzz Lhrough Lags, commenLs or shorLcuLs Lhe Coogle way.
ÞracLlcally, lmaglne welghlng scales, wlLh a blg « + » on Lhe rlghL pan
and a blg « - » on Lhe lefL pan : lf Lhe scale leans Lowards Lhe « + » slde,
be on Lhe WL8 , lf lL leans Lowards Lhe oLher slde, Lhen keep your Cv
off Lhe WL8.

Welghlng scales 2.0 :

Oocb, don'L forgeL LhaL
. Lhe paper verslon of your Cv should (more or less) maLch Lhe on-llne
verslon Lhe recrulLer wlll have access Lo !
XF 20% G)+%" !K
lf you are phoLogenlc, lL ls a plus.
Co flnd somebody who can help you shooL a 2-mlnuLe ttollet
, Lo
lllusLraLe your Cv.

1raller : an adverLlsemenL for a feaLure fllm, Lyplcally conslsLlng of
brlef porLlons of scenes from LhaL fllm

keeplng up wlLh Lhe WL8 Lrend
1o use and masLer Lhe communlcauon Lools
ulrecL access for recrulLers, companles and headhunLers
AlmosL unllmlLed amounL of lnformauons, llnks or references
1o lncrease (and conLrol) one's dlglLal fooLprlnL
Cvs musL be conslsLenL (no posslblllLy of dupllcaLe campalgns : Lwo
dlñerenL posluons or Lwo dlñerenL ñelds).
?our Cv could be dupllcaLed and used by your compeuLors.
?our personal daLa are avallable Lo Lhe publlc.
?our currenL employer may be aware of your lnLenuon Lo leave.

uon'L overlook Lhe quallLy of Lhls vldeo. LveryLhlng musL be
professlonal : Lhe framlng, Lhe llghL, Lhe scrlpL and Lhe edlLlng. noL so
easy, rlghL ? Cr, lf ln sync wlLh Lhe vacancy, play lL sponLaneous, Lhe
phone cllp posLed on ?ou1ube (llnked Lo your blog or your Cv).

Oocb, don'L forgeL
.lf you glve Lhe recrulLer a llnk Lo ?ou1ube or ually MoLlon, make sure
Lhey can'L flnd fooLage feaLurlng oLher aspecLs of your llfe. ?our ex may
have uploaded hls/her « favourlLe scene » from hls/her moblle phone,

or a chlldhood frlend may have dlscovered an old vPS movle (your
bachelor parLy) and upload lL on ?ou1ube.
SomeLlmes lL ls funny , lL can also be really embarrasslng.
-; 20% -"#$%#$
Whlch lnformaLlons should l communlcaLe on my Cv ? Pow do l
sLrucLure Lhem ? Whlch ones should be hlghllghLed? Should l keep
some of Lhem for Lhe lnLervlew ?
1here are no pre-formaLLed answers Lo Lhose quesLlons. lL depends on
Lhe slLuaLlon, on Lhe poslLlon you apply for.
PereafLer, l'm glvlng you some pads. 1hey are meanL Lo assoclaLe your
personal hlsLory wlLh Lhe hlsLory of Lhe company, esLabllshlng a llnk
beLween Lhem.
1hose llnks work as references, Lhey allow Lhe recrulLer (a) Lo
undersLand your approach, (b) Lo conslder lf you would be a good flL
for hls company, (c) Lo asslsL hlm (you suggesL Lhe quesLlons he should
ask you, or even, Lhe answers) and flnally (d) Lo deLermlne your maln
quallLles on Lhe spoL and how lL can beneflL hls company.

1he llnks
1. 1he Company ls Lhe Cueen
2. Co sLralghL Lo Lhe polnL
3. ueLermlne a sLrucLure and sLlck Lo lL
4. Make lL easy Lo remember
3. Spark deslre

6. 1he lengLh : a never-endlng debaLe
4F 20% !"C3.#= )& $0% Y,%%#
?ou are noL Lhe mosL lnLeresLlng petsoo Lo Lhe recrulLer, hls company
ls. Pe ls hunLlng down Lhe advanLage for hls company ln every llnes of
your Cv.
1herefore, Lwo rules :
! 1o ad[usL your Cv Lo each vacancy or company
! 1o Lalk abouL your fuLure wlLhln Lhe company wlLhouL focuslng
on prevlous accompllshmenLs.
1o ad[usL yourself convenlenLly, LargeL companles and don'L Lake a
rough approach : Lo mall appllcaLlons ln bulk can lead Lo an
unexpecLed opporLunlLy.
1rap #1 :
1o explaln how you snapped up a conLracL Lo Lhe recrulLer's company

1rap #2 :
1he [ob markeL ofLen requlres some legal shorLcuLs : you don'L
menLlon LhaL Lo Lhe recrulLer. ln fronL of hlm, you wlll always be Lhe
WhlLe knlghL.

@F 7" &$*.):0$ $" $0% 3")#$
ueLalls are your enemles. 8ecrulLers always say : some Cvs are really
Ledlous ! 1he essenLlal parL ls sunk lnLo Lhe amonL of lnformaLlons :
you should only communlcaLe whaL ls really lmporLanL for Lhe
1here are lmporLanL feaLures ln every Cv. 1he recrulLer won'L be able
Lo spoL Lhem lf Lhe Cv ls 10-page long. Moreover, when he geLs Lo Lhe
LenLh page, he wlll forgeL whaL he read before LhaL.

! ueLermlne Lhe essenLlal feaLures ln your Cv : your 1ro[an
Porse Lo be called ln for Lhe lnLervlew.
! ÞuL a sLraLegy LogeLher so Lhe recrulLer would only see Lhem.
! urafL your Cv accordlng Lo Lhls sLraLegy.
! PlghllghL Lhe head banner and Lhe headllnes.
Pammer lL. 1o hell wlLh norms, whaL ls lmporLanL repeaLs lLself !
1rap #1 :
1he sLlcky spelllng mlsLake ls hldden Lhere ln Lhe headllnes, even afLer
1rap #2 :
never glve a LheraplsL a sLlck Lo hlL you wlLh, he wlll use lL !
uon'L menLlon your fallures, your deflclencles or your weakness .
>F Q%$%*C)#% . &$*,-$,*% .#+ &$)-/ $" )$
1o be clear, you need a sLrucLure.
?our Cv Lells your sLory.
Llke you would do for any Lale, you wlll glve Lhls sLory a sLrucLure, a
framework : wlLh a beglnnlng, unexpecLed developmenLs, Lrlals and a
happy endlng.


?ou don'L need Lo be a greaL llLerary LalenL Lo be able Lo glve your Cv a
sLrucLure, buL you should respecL a frame.
1he framework
1he framework ls qulLe flexlble. lL ls up Lo you, lL ls your declslon.
1hree rules Lo follow Lhough : span, congruence and repeLlLlon.
!" #$% '()*
Soclal convenLlons have lL LhaL, our clvlllzaLlons are used Lo
Lell Lhlngs by 3, 3 or 7. We are used Lo lL : candelabrum
have 7 branches, rellglons have 3 Þlllars, Snowy WhlLe and
Lhe 7 uwarfs, Lhere are 7 days days ln a week , also, LrlnlLy,

Lhe 7 uays of CreaLlon and Lhe 7 Mercenarles. Lxamples
abound , from rellglons ln Lhe AnLlqulLy Lo Lhe currenL
communlcaLlon campalgns, Lhe span ls everywhere :
everyLhlng ls sLaged ln 3, 3 or 7 !
SLudles showed LhaL we undersLand, remember and accepL
any plece of lnformaLlon sLrucLured accordlng Lo Lhls span

more easlly.
ldeally, Lhe sLrucLure of your Cv and of your leLLer of
moLlvaLlon should reflecL lL.
!!" #$% +,*-./%*+%
?our appllcaLlon ls noL unlque. lL comes under numerous
channels. 1he Lhree mosL commonly used channels are :
Lhe Cv, Lhe leLLer of moLlvaLlon and Lhe lnLervlew. 8uL we
could add : Lhe on-llne Cv, Lhe dlglLal fooLprlnL, Lhe co-
opLaLlon or Lhe leLLer of recommandaLlon.
ln order Lo be relevanL, your Cv musL be unlque.
Congruence means LhaL Lhose channels are homogeneous :
Lhey musL Lell Lhe same sLory, accordlng Lo Lhe same
sLrucLure, all of Lhem.

ÞracLlcally :
! ?our leLLer of moLlvaLlon musL reflecL Lhe sLrucLure
of your Cv.

8rlefly, 3 ls Lhe span for a crlsls, 3 for a and 7 for dlalogue or explanaLlon.

! Same Lhlng for Lhe lnLervlew.
! 1he same goes for your on-llne Cv, your
presenLaLlons or your pages ln Lhe soclal neLworks.
! Should a frlend, a famlly member or a former
colleague wlsh Lo lnLroduce you, rehearse wlLh
Lhem so Lhey can Lalk abouL Lhe Lhree ln your
career or your Lhree maln quallLles.
!!!" #$% .%(%0101,*
AfLer 63 years, Lhe LlLLle Þrlnce ls sLlll rlghL : wbot ls
esseotlol ls lovlslble to tbe eye. ?ou wlll have Lo lnslsL for
Lhls essenLlal Lo be vlslble.
1o be fully undersLood, a sLrucLure musL be explalned and
1hls ls parLlcularly lmporLanL durlng Lhe lnLervlew : Lhe
recrulLer should have Lhe card ln hls hand, he should
undersLand aL all Llmes where you sLand ln your
explanaLlons and where you are Laklng hlm Lo.

ÞracLlcally :
! ?our leLLer moLlvaLlon may explaln Lhe sLrucLure of
your Cv.
! 1he banner may well play LhaL parL as well.

! uon'L heslLaLe Lo remlnd Lhe reader where he
sLands, where he ls comlng from and where he ls
headlng Lo.

1rap #1 :
lL ls always poslLlve when you repeaL Lhlngs, never when you Lurn lL
lnLo chlldplay : never leL Lhe recrulLer Lhlnk you Lake hlm as sLupld
1rap #2:
uon'L geL obsessed wlLh Lhe span, lL ls [usL communlcaLlon Lool. lf you
already have held four [obs ln four dlfferenL companles, keep Lhem all,
don'L sacrlflce any of Lhem for span-sake !
>F 9./% )$ %.&= $" *%C%C1%*
LwhaL ls Lhe flrsL sLep of Lhe recrulLmenL process ln any company ?
1he secreLary has Lorn Lhe envelopes open, unfold Lhe Cvs and Lhe
leLLers of moLlvaLlon as far as Lhe Lhe appllcaLlons senL by mall are
concerned, she has prlnLed Lhe oLher ones.
Slpplng hls coffee, Lhe recrulLer reads Lhrough all of Lhem. Pe enLers
an offlce where a colleague ls expecLlng hlm Lo make Lhe flrsL
selecLlon. When he says « 1bls ooe looks lotetestloq », Lhen he has a
?ou need Lo make a blg lmpacL. ?ou should help Lhe recrulLer, he ls
overwhelmed by 30, maybe 200 Cvs : whlsper Lhe wlnnlng feaLure Lo
hls ears.

LveryLhlng goes : banner, cover leLLer . buL boLh keywords remaln
Lhe same : synLhesls and sLrucLure.
1rap #1 :
Maybe Lhe secreLary doesn'L have a sLapler, maybe Lhere has been no
reflll for weeks. When you send your appllcaLlon Lhrough Lhe mall,
sLaple your documenLs , on Lhe Þul verslon, menLlon Lhe page
number and your nameand flrsL name aL Lhe boLLom of Lhe page.Lhe
plle of documenLs mlghL fall on Lhe ground.
1rap #22 :
Some candldaLes hlde Lhelr added value.
Why ? 1o be cheaper, Lo level wlLh Lhe oLher candldaLes, Lo look older
or younger.
SomeLlmes Lhelr sLrong feaLure was Lhe rooL of Lhe problem or of Lhelr
dlscharge. l remember a parLlclpanL Lo one follow-up group : he was
meLlculous, orderly and honesL. 1hose quallLles lead Lo hosLlllLy and
evenLually Lo belng lald off. Pe was Lrylng Lo conceal Lhose quallLles
alLhough Lhey were acLually hls sLrong feaLures.
EF O3.*/ +%&)*%
uo you remember ? We had agreed Lo Lurn our backs on our parenLs'
sLandard/vlnLage [ob appllcaLlon ln order Lo enLer Lhe « wlld » world of
MarkeLlng ls all abouL deslre : some are aware of lL, oLhers sense lL : Lo
awake lL, Lo keep lL allve, Lo spark lL off, and even Lo devlse lL : Lo

creaLe lL from scraLch. 8ack ln 1980, nobody was allenaLed by moblle
phones, Þcs or lpods.
1be some goes ln Lhe recrulLmenL buslness : before geLLlng Lo know
you, no lnLeresL aL all. Cnce your Cv has been senL, voLre Cv envoye,
Lhe spark should Lwlnkle : Lhe recrulLer should feel llke wanLlng Lo
know more. Pe should wlsh Lo meeL you, Lo llsLen Lo you or Lo sLand up
for you.
1o reach LhaL, here are some Lechnlques :
1. 1he layouL
ueslre, or more slmply curloslLy come mosLly from whaL ls
seen, or noL seen, (whaL ls guessed or suggesLed). 1hls wlll
be examlned ln paragraphe (d) of Lhls chaplLer.

2. 1he frame, noL Lhe deLall
ln your Cv, when you submlL your professlonal
background, don'L explaln your [ob ln deLall.
name Lhe company and your poslLlon : Lhe recrulLer wlll
deLermlne wheLher LhaL poslLlon ls a plus for hls company.
Pe would wanL Lo relnforce or lnvalldaLe hls evaluaLlon, he
would call you ln Lo dlscuss lL.
MosL candldaLes Lend Lo speak aL greaL lengLh, glvlng loLs
of deLalls regardlng Lhelr duLles, Lhelr responsablllLles even
Lhelr accompllshmenLs.
1hey glve Lhe recrulLer every opporLunlLy Lo say nC Lo
every llnes he ls readlng. Pe ls noL lmaglnlng anyLhlng, he ls
maklng hls selecLlon. ln Lhe flrsL case, you had sparked
deslre , now, you generaLe re[ecLlon.


ln all cases, Lhe Cv ls [usL a collecLlon of
, leL's Lake advanLage of LhaL !

3. 1he cllffbooqet
Cfflclally, nobody would confess en[oylng Lhose soap
operas on 1v, buL unofflclally, l know for a facL LhaL all of
you wlll undersLand whaL l am abouL Lo explaln.
1uesday ls when your favourlLe soap ls on. l should say,
every 1uesday. 1herefore, you walL a whole week for Lhe
nexL eplsode. 8uL 1v producers are aware LhaL Lhe
audlence can be volaLlle. 1he followlng week, Lhelr hearL
can beaL for anoLher soap : you need Lo make sure Lhey
keep waLchlng yours.
A long Llme ago, P8C, Canal+ and oLher 1v producLlon
companles have come up wlLh a secreL weapon : Lhe
cllffbooqet. AL Lhe end of each eplsode, aL Lhe flnal scene,
Lhe audlence should be frlghLened, surprlsed. WhaL
comes nexL ?
1he Cv as « an endless llsL » should work as a soap opera,
lL should come as a surprlse Lo Lhe recrulLer, he should
reassess Lhe slLuaLlon , he should be hanglng around ln full
doubL, curlous, wlLh many unanswered quesLlons : he
needs Lo know ! 8adly !
« 5 olqbts to qo,ooJ be wlll be meetloq yoo fot oo
lotetvlew ! »

My graLlLude Lo Ceorges 8aLallle for hls paraphrase abouL communlcaLlon

Agaln, whaL you don'L menLlon, whaL you don'L explaln,
well, LhaL ls Lhe puzzllng parL : you should Lherefore
organlze and sLage Lhose mlsslng lnformaLlons.
1rap #1 :
lf you puL everyLhlng on your Cv, you won'L have anyLhlng Lo say
durlng Lhe lnLervlew.
1rap #2 :
1oo many gaps and you are Lhe lnvlslble Man ! So, don'L over play Lhe
cllffbooqet Lrlck.


WF Z%#:$0 5 . #%G%*B%#+)#: +%1.$%
1he norm says : Lwo pages, one page lf you have [usL graduaLed.
Some poslLlons may requlre longer Cvs. 1helr lengLh depends on
varlous crlLerla :
! 1he [ob descrlLlon of Lhe poslLlon you apply for : some of Lhem
may requlre lLemlzed Cvs (ln Lhls case, recrulLers do requesL
! 1he number of candldaLes : Lhe more Cvs Lhe recrulLer
recelves, Lhe less Llme he wlll spend revlewlng each of Lhem.
ldeally, Lhe Cv should be shorL, conclse and should maLch Lhe
[ob requlremenLs preclsely.
! Speclflc recrulLmenL pollcles of some companles or lnsLlLuLlons :
boLh Lhe Lu Commlsslon and publlc admlnlsLraLlons llke
deLallled Cvs.
! 8ecrulLmenL and ootplocemeot flrms as well as headhunLers
llke Lo « know a loL » abouL you.


1rap #1 :
1he recrulLer should never have Lo Lhlnk. LveryLhlng should be slmple
and obvlous Lo hlm, noL Lo you.

1rap #2:
uon'L behave llke a grumpy old man : nobody ls lnLeresLed ln whaL you
dld back ln 1982.
8uL whaL abouL Lhose 13 years of experlence ? ulgesL Lhem ! And aL
Lhe end of Lhe Cv, come up wlLh a deLalled verslon.
+; 20% ?.=",$
Cruclal : you are noL Lhere when Lhe envelope opens up. ?ou are your
Cv and your cover leLLer ! 1helr looks, Lhelr sLyle, Lhelr physlcal
appearance lay down Lhe ground foundaLlons of your lmage ln Lhe
eyes of Lhe recrulLer.
1he adage was rlghL : you don'L [udge a book by lLs cover. buL lL does
1here are Lhree sLeps ln Lhe loglc of vlsual percepLlon : whaL you see,
whaL you recall, and whaL you feel. 1hose sLeps duplcaLe Lhose relaLed
Lo a young chlld when he dlscovers an ob[ecL : one mornlng, Lhe baby
ls able Lo see. Pe can see Lhe ob[ecL as lL ls. 1hen, some weeks laLer, he
ls able Lo recognlze lL : wlLhln monLhs, he wlll glve lL a meanlng.
lmage markeLlng has been Laklng advanLage of Lhose sLeps for
decades : logo creaLlon, posLers, pockoqloq or vlJeocllp.


MosL Cvs neglecL Lhe layouL and glve prlorlLy Lo Lhe conLenL : « Why
your company ? Why do l apply ? Whlch ldea, whlch beneflL do l offer
? »
1hose quesLlons are fundamenLal, buL as relevanL as Lhey may be, Lhey
only mean someLhlng lf Lhey geL answered.
8efore lL geLs undersLood, anallzed and evaluaLed, your Cv should geL
noLlced : lL should sLand ouL of Lhe sLack.
1he followlng chapLers deal wlLh Lhe layouL. 1he layouL doesn'L exlsL by
lLself, lL applles Lo a speclflc conLenL. 1hey boLh should be conslsLenL.

1o be seen
- My envelope ls noL a
neuLral ob[ecL: l use a
- My Cv sLands ouL ln
Lhe sLack of
- My leuer geLs nouced
1o be nouced
- ln Lhe sLack, lL geLs
- 1he recrulLer recals lL.
- uurlng Lhe lnLervlew,
you personlfy your
1o mean
- 1here are ob[ecuves:
for whaL ?
- 1here ls a loglc
process : a reason
why ?
- 1here ls a caplLal galn
for Lhe company.


8e passlonaLe, amblLlous : alm for Lhe moon ! 1oo many candldaLes
refuse Lo embark on Lhe spacecrafL. Afrald of Lhe rlsks ? Afrald of Lhe
Somehow lL ls pure loglc : 100 ° of Lhe asLronauLes who sLepped on
Lhe moon had prevlously embarked on Lhe spacecrafL.

!0.3$%* W 5 %&&%#$).? -"+%&
1here are rules ln order Lo drafL a Cv. So far, codes were lefL up Lo
everybody's lmaglnaLlon, common sense or hablLs.
!ob seekers, professlonals, [ob cenLer employees, Lhey all have Lhelr
ldeas, Lhelr meLhods, someLlmes efflclenL, ofLen lnLulLlve.
.; M# $0% &$*%%$T =", .?J.=& <"??"J $0% P%.,$=
Y,%%# [ &0% &%?+"C 3*"G%& $" 1% 9)&& MY

ÞracLlcally, Lhe [ob seeker was geLLlng a dlfferenL verslon from every
person he/she was Lalklng Lo. So many dlfferenL advlces, lL ls hard Lo
come Lo a declslon. 1oo much uncerLalnLy around Lhe person and Lhe
Cv : « wbot sboolJ l Jo ? wbo sboolJ l ttost ? ».
usually, Lhe mosL appeallng opLlon geLs plcked up, Lherefore Lhe worsL
opLlon. lorgeL beauLy, go for efflclency.
8y wrlLlng Lhose pages, l wanLed Lo explaln Lhe reason behlnd Lhose
seven codes, so LhaL lL ls clear Lo everybody LhaL Lhey are noL abouL
lnLulLlon or beauLy. lL ls Lhe resulL of years of work, analysls, LesL and
flnally dally Lrlal by Lhousands of [ob seekers who followed my courses.
1; !G 5 $0% -?.&&)- -"+%&
1he seven fundamenLal codes are synLheLlcally hereafLer exposed.
1hree lmporLanL Lhlngs for me : you should be able Lo undersLand how
relevanL Lhose codes are, Lhelr lmpacL on Lhe efflclency of Lhe Cv, and

LeL me emphaslze LhaL Lhls cruel quoLe has been made by a woman .

you should be able Lo apply Lhem Lo your Cv. Lach of Lhem geL an
explanaLlon, Lhe « wby » and relaLes Lo « tbe wtop op ».

4F 2=3":*.30=
Slnce Lhe early days of Lhe prlnL lndusLry, Lypography plays a ma[or
role. lL ls Lhe flrsL conLacL : Lhe LranslLlon beLween whaL you see and
whaL you undersLand.
="- >
ln Lhese Llmes of crlsls, Cvs geL shorLer. Lach classlfled adverL
generaLes more and more appllcaLlons. As a resulL, Lhe recrulLer
spends less Llme readlng. 1oo much maLerlal : « lL has Lo be qulck ».

1here are ways Lo shorLen a Cv wlLhouL loslng one slngle senLence,
wlLhouL loslng on Lhe conLenL. 1he ldea ls Lo make Lhe readlng easler. lf
you can read lL qulckly, lL wlll seem shorLer.
1herefore, Lhe elecLed Lypography should be conservaLlve. Some of
Lhem appear Lo be arLlsLlc or genulne buL Lhe reader ls lead Lo a
cognlLlve efforL ln order Lo be able Lo unscramble Lhem.
1he Lypography should noL be Loo small nor Loo blg : slze 8 and even
10 are boLh dlfflculL Lo read. 1he average recrulLer may have slghL
Cn Lhe conLrary, wlLh a slze 13, lL seems llke you flll Lhe space, as lf you
would hlde a lack of experlence or skllls. lL ls a « tookle cv ». lL ls much
beLLer wlLh one well-sLrucLured page, even one and a half page, Lhan
wlLh Lwo « empty » pages. Lqually, ln order Lo avold Lhe dlluLlon effecL,
llne spaclng should be mlnlmum.
1exL messages changed our llves. 1hey have permanenLly lnfluenced
Lhe spelllng, Lhe synLax and whaL ls caaled « Lhe vlsual layouL of Lhe
LexL». 1hese new codes begln Lo have a blg lnfluence on how people
drafL Lhelr Cvs.
a) Spelllng
8e careful, conLrary Lo LexL messages and emalls, Lhe spelllng
here musL be beyond reproach.
lL Lakes a few seconds Lo wrlLe and read frlendly emalls and
messages. 1he language and mosLly Lhe spelllng are ready-
made : words geL shorLer, abrevlaLlons are sysLemaLlc (for
example : Cu, LCL) and Lypographlcal rebus (lluvu for l love

you). new words suddenly appear and a few leLLers mean a
word, a senLence even a feellng.

8logs, lorums, soclal neLworks and LexL messages : some rules
apply Lo all of Lhem buL each channel lLs own spelllng loglc.
new abrevlaLlons and emoLlcons
are now accepLed ln cover
malls, and as a facL, Lhey spread ln Cvs and cover leLLers. 1he
rule ls : parslmony, noL Loo many LCL or ,o) Lhen !

1he emoLlcon ls Lhe exacL word for Lhe smlleys ln our LexL messages.


b) SynLax
1he 160 leLLers max of Lhe LexL message physlcally shook up
Lhe synLax rules. 1hey don'L amounL Lo very much now. 1he
phone lndusLry dld noL cause Lhe deaLh of Lhe synLax, buL lL

lor your Cv and your leLLer of moLlvaLlon, synLax musL be
slmple buL accuraLe.
As for Lhe Cv, new secLlons have appeared slnce Lhe 90s,
especlally wlLh whaL was known as Lhe nlC1s (new
lnformaLlon and CommunlcaLlon 1echnologles) : skllls,
experLlse, moLlvaLlon. 1hose secLlons can be found aL Lhe
beglnnlng of Lhe Cv (lL ls beLLer) or aL Lhe very end (where Lhey
are useless !). ln Lhose banners, everyLhlng goes, or so lL
seems : words, abrevlaLlons, senLences wlLh no verb or mlxed
wlLh words, Lechnlcal Lerms or verbs.1here ls only one rule
here : do lmpress.

Careful, Lwo downfalls Lo Lhese secLlons :
(a) 1hey work as a caLch-all. 1herefore Lhey lose
Lhelr purpose and are counLerproducLlve
because from Lhe geL-go Lhey glve Lhe
lmpresslon LhaL Lhe candldaLe ls dlsorganlzed
and LhaL he cannoL express hlmself.
(b) 1hey are convenLlonal. As lf Lhe candldaLe dld
a cuL and pasLe on old quoLes or unlnsplred
ldlomaLlc expresslons off Llmeless selfhelp
books on recrulLmenL, unrellable WL8 slLes or
old course logs phoLocopled over and over.

8emlnder : moLlvaLlon ls noL a quallLy nor a sklll. lL should be
demonsLraLed, expressed. lL ls noL someLhlng you menLlon on
a Cv.


c) vlsual deslgn
?our Cv and, mosL of all, your cover leLLer should very much
look llke a phone dlal.

1he baslc layouL ls a long verLlcal square. uon'L use Lhe sheeL
on horlzonLal mode (Lhe landscape mode ln Word).
As for LexL messages, LhaL are never « jostlfleJ », buL raLher «
left-ollqoeJ », Lhe currenL Lrend for leLLers of moLlvaLlon and
Cvs ls Lo make Lhem « left-ollqoeJ» Loo, and Lo llmlL Lhe
« ceoteteJ » Lo Lhe poslLlon you apply for.

llnally, ln LexL messaglng language, Lhe CAÞl1AL LL11L8 means
shouLlng or lL ls a slgn of aggresslon. uon'L use Lhem arblLrarlly.
Cbvlously, famlly names and words aL Lhe beglnnlng of a
senLence keep Lhelr flrsL caplLal leLLer. 1radlLlonally, famlly
names are wrlLLen wlLh caplLal leLLers as well. 1hls allow Lhe
reader Lo Lell Lhe name from Lhe flrsL name, especlally for Lhe
cases when some famlly names are also flrsL names (MaLhleu,
lrederlck, lrançols.) or when names and flrsL names come
from a forelgn orlgln.
lnlLlals and acronyms
, keep Lhelr caplLal leLLers all Lhe way.
lmporLanL : don'L use any lLallc, ln boLh your Cvs and leLLers of
moLlvaLlon. lLallc lmposes a cognlLlve LranslaLlon Lo Lhe reader. ?ou
push Lhe recrulLer Lo a neuronal exerclse , for hlm, lL ls llke golng from
one language Lo anoLher.

1he "4#'0$1 ls Lhe abrevlaLlon for a group of words, formed by Lhe flrsL
leLLer(s) of Lhese words.

1he same goes for any change ln fonL slze or colour.
1he consequence can be exLremely negaLlve : ln 30° of Lhe cases, Lhe
reader doesn'L read Lhe words ln lLallc. 1he conLexL helps hlm geL Lhe
noL Loo many bold characLers elLher : use Lhem Lo hlghllghL Lhe
lmporLanL Lhlngs.
usually lL ls llmlLed Lo :
! LasL name and flrsL name
! ÞoslLlon you apply for
! Peadllnes
! elLher years of occupaLlon, or prevlous [obs, or name of
companles for Lhe [ob experlence secLlon (up Lo you)
! Lralnlng courses, dlplomas or ranks lf releavnL Lo Lhe applled
for poslLlon.
1oo ofLen, frames are belng used : Lo hlghllghL headllnes, caLegorles or
even Lhe plcLure (« Somebody dled ? »).
1he rule ls so slmple : no frame !
1he frame shuLs up, locks up, glvlng Lhe Cv a square appearance,
enLangled, almosL obsesslve. lL ls noL nlce, lL ls lnefflclenL, lL glves a
negaLlve lmage of Lhe candldaLe, psycho-rlgld, Lelllng « l followed one
MS Cfflce Lralnlng course and l dlscovered a new funcLlon, Lhe one
wlLh Lhe frames ln Word ! ». never, lL ls noL professlonal

Lven for your language sklls, don'L use Lhem. 1hose frames on 30° of
Lhe Cvs are llke Lhe plague for any recrulLer ouL Lhere : each Cv comes
wlLh lLs own loglc, lLs very own llLLle neaL charL.
undersLandlng a charL seems easy Lo you ? uurlng my semlnars, l Lake
a sLack of 30 Cvs - whlch ls noL a loL for a recrulLmenL campalgn.
8eadlng Lhem, people who Lold me Lhelr charLs were falrly easy Lo
undersLand evenLually admlL LhaL lL ls noL Lhe case aL all (back aL Lhe
!ob CenLer, « people » Lell you Lhe conLrary, l am aware of LhaL : do Lhe
sLack LesL!).
llnally don'L use any shade, noL for words (you can'L read Lhem
anymore), noL around Lhe plcLures (noL nlce.noL nlce aL all !), no
around Lhe frames (l Lold you, no frame !).
!"# ,4+6?86
! Cnly one Lypography
! ConvenLlonal Lypography : arlal, Llmes new roman, callbrl.
! noL Loo small, noL Loo blg : l usually propose slze 12
! LefL-allgned (excepL for Lhe poslLlon you apply for)
! Llne space 1,3 (and convenLlonal margln slze)
! no arblLrary caplLal leLLer
! no colour
! no lLallc
! very few bold characLers
! no frame
! no shade
@'9 -18 5(1, ') >
Cne Cv ouL of 2 makes people smlle, one Cv ouL of Len ls made fun of.


@F 20% 3)-$,*%
1he plcLure ls Lhe lnLroducLlon, Lhe openlng door Lo your Cv. lL ls also
your flrsL sLep Lowards Lhls speclal [ob, your LlckeL Lo « a normal llfe ».
« ?ou wlll pay a speclal aLLenLlon Lo Lhe plcLure », MasLer ?oda
Luke Skywalker, one afLernoon ln uagobah swamp.
="- >
1o all recalclLranLs, Lhe WL8makes lL compulsory :: Lhe plcLure ls a
musL. 8log, lace8ook and MMS : we have enLered Lhe lmage era. ?ou
should dlsplay yourself.
?ou don'L puL your plcLure, you send a mesage Lo Lhe recrulLer : « l
bove sometbloq to blJe » or « l om oot qooJ lookloq, spolleJ.oo self-
cooflJeoce ot JotoeJ sby ».
usualy lL ls locLed on Lhe upper rlghL slde.
A more Lechnlcal paragraph :
¥oo oeeJ to koow tbot cvs ote ctoss-teoJ, stottloq by tbe beoJlloe lo tbe
mlJJle, tbeo tbe plctote ooJ tbeo, JepeoJloq oo tbe tectoltets, tbe oomes
ooJ tbe job expetleoces.lo tbe fltst pott (job ooJ plctote), lt ls o loqoqtopb
teoJ , tbls oll oboot tbe lmoqe. ¥oot plctote ls oot JectypteJ, bot ocpolteJ
lo o flqotol woy. lt ls televoot, lt qlves tbe cv lts fltst lmoqe. kemloJ
yootself . ooe cv Joeso´t blteJ, o petsoo Joes !
1be loqlcol teoJloq stotts wltb tbe skllls ot objectlves sectloos.

MasLer ?oda was Lhe mlghesL of all !edl MasLers ln Lhe Calaxy. MosLly he
was one of Lhe !edls of Lhe 8epubllc who survlved Lhe Lakeover by uark vador.
Luke Skywalker has been hls laLesL pupll. Should he have drafLed one Cv, LhaL
parLlcular Cv could have changed Lhe course of hlsLory .

l Lold you so : lLallc ls Llresome ! 1hls belng sald, you may be among
Lhe 30° of readers who sklpped LhaL paragraph. Learned your
lesson ? no lLallc ln Lhe Cv, never!
no change ln Lhe fonL slze elLher.
Ck ! ?our Cv ls dlvlded lnLo Lwo parLs : Lhe upper parL, dedlcaLed Lo
graphlc readlng, Lhe lower parL, Lo analoglc readlng. 1herefore, when
you are ln Lhls graphlcal parL, be frlendly. ?our plcLure should be a
frlendly one.
1hls lmage, lL's you! 1hls ls Lhe one you lnLroduce yourself Lo Lhe
recrulLer wlLh. 8e poslLlve ! uon'L look depressed, sad or, as lL ofLen ls
Lhe case, scared. Pas Lhe flashllghL of Lhe phoLo booLh aL Lhe Mall
frlghLened you ? Ask a frlend wlLh a dlglLal camera Lo Lake a plcLure of
MosL of all, no loset or bos beeo looks. LeL me remlnd you Lhe axlom
aL Lhe beglnlng of Lhls book : you are Lhe rlghL person, Lhe one who
wlll geL Lhe [ob. ?our plcLure should reflecL exacLly LhaL.
Cne slmple rule : no paLhos aL all , don'L look sad, suppllcanL, or Llred
ldeally, your plcLure should lllusLraLe your tlff, LhaL ls Lo say : Lhe flrsL
quallLy you wanL Lo lmpress Lhe recrulLer wlLh. 8uL lL ls noL LhaL easy :
explaln your frlend (Lhe one wlLh Lhe rlghL camera) LhaL he ls booked
for Lhe whole afLernoon!

!usL llke Lhe Cv lLself, Lhe plcLure should noL leL Lhe recrulLer Lhlnk.
8eware Lhe background : Lhe more Lhlngs behlnd you, Lhe less vlslble
you appear. noLhlng beaLs Lhe good old lmmaculaLe wall.

And please : no sLaple, no papercllp. Cvs geL moved around when Lhe
recrulLer handles, carrles or drops Lhem off. ?our phoLo, sLappled (or
worse, cllpped) Lo your Cv, wlll geL pulled off : lL wlll end up on Lhe
floor and Lhen ln Lhe garbage, for real.
Can you lmaglne Lhls ? ?ou, your plcLure ln Lhe garbage ? 1haL's a
good sLarL
ConLrary Lo whaL mosL people would Lhlnk, Lhe plcLure does noL
conLrlbuLe Lo selecL or ellmlnaLe candldaLes. LxcepL for some raclsL or
frusLraLed among Lhem, no respecLed recrulLer wlll base hls cholce on
your plcLure.
1he plcLure wlll help as a remlnder of Lhe candldaLe aL Lhe end of Lhe
day, lL wlll esLabllsh a llnk beLween Lhe Cv and Lhe candldaLe Lhe
recrulLer meL ln Lhe mornlng : useful when Lhey meeL 20 of Lhem dally.
1he plcLure does Lhe Lrlck.
ldeally, on Lhe day of Lhe lnLervlew, you keep Lhe same appearance :
same sulL or dress, same halrcuL, same make-up. When your frlend
(Lhe one wlLh Lhe camera) shows up, have several ouLflLs ready.
?our plcLure goes back 3 years ? Why noL, buL some of your feaLures
mlghL have changed, and noL for Lhe besL.
SomeLlmes and rlghLfully so, some people Lhlnk Lhey sLarL wlLh a
handlcap. 1he colour of Lhelr skln, Lhelr rellglous bellefs, Lhelr dlsablllLy
emerge on Lhe plcLure - whlch would lead recrulLers Lo dlsmlss Lhem.

WlLh Word, lL ls relaLlvely easy Lo lnserL a plcLure lnLo a LexL. lf you are no
compuLer llLeraLe, geL some help : from Lhe guy aL Lhe !ob CenLer ? a former
colleague ? your son or your nephew ?

Some people wlll advlse you noL Lo add your plcLure ln order Lo ralse
your chance durlng Lhe lnLervlew, oLhers, llke me, make lL a rule. Lven
lf Lhls behavlour Lhrlves ln Lhese Llmes of economlc crlsls over-suply ln
8esldes, Lhe name can Lell abouL rellglon and colour of skln.
neverLheless, leL's keep our eyes on Lhe ball : Lhe [ob seeker ls noL
Lhere Lo change Lhe world, he wanLs a [ob. When Lhe recrulLer or Lhe
company have raclsL moLlves, lL ls a good Lhlng Lhen when your Cv ls
belng re[ecLed. ?ou show up for Lhe lnLervlew, and you are dlsmlssed
because you are dlsabled, arab or black, well LhaL ls a slap ln your face.
AL Lhe LenLh slap, Lhe candldaLe's moLlvaLlon ls wearlng Lhlng.
SomeLlmes, Lhe candldaLe may well declde lL ls worLh Lhe rlsk. 1haL
whould be Lhe case for Lhe CuallLaLlve approach. lL ls hls ob[ecLlve Lo
work ln LhaL speclflc company. Pe ls exposlng hlmself Lo Lhls seLback,
buL he ls prepared
. 1he same applles for people wlLh dlsablllLles :
preparaLlon ls Lhe key. Speclflc processes are avallable ln order Lo drafL
Lhe Cv and Lo prepare for Lhe lnLervlew. Lnqulre.
noLes Lo our men frlends :
! As a chlld, we are Lold, openly or lmpllclLly, LhaL ln order Lo be
a real man, we need Lo be Lough, real Lough . 8uL on Lhe
plcLure, avold poslng wlLh eyes of sLeel, aggresslve,
accusaLory , don'L glve LhaL fteocb lovet Lype languorous sLare.
1oo bad my publlsher's lawyer forblds me Lo release Lhem.

ln volume 3, dedlcaLed Lo Lhe [ob lnLervlew, we Lell you how Lo deal wlLh
Lhose slLuaLlons.

l've goL a specLacular collecLlon of Lhose Cv plcLures, a casL of
monsLers, for real.

! Lven lf your glrlfrlend/boyfrlend llkes lL, no Lhree-day growLh
beard (Lhe same for Lhe lnLervlew).

! lf you are bold-headed, Lhen be bold-headed on Lhe plcLure
Loo !
noLes for our women frlends :
! 1he more [ewelry, Lhe less you'll geL noLlced... A [ewel
emphaslzes a feaLure of your personallLy. !ewels aLLracL
aLLenLlon on Lhemselves, noL on yourself. 1hey capLlvaLe, hlde,
conceal. Cn lnLervlew day, you don'L wanL Lo look llke a
ChrlsLmas Lree, do you ?

! no sex, no sex aL all : no ouLrageous make-up, no plunglng
neckllne, noL Lhls pouLlng grln some young female appllcanLs
usually have on Lhese days.

! Cne lasL Lhlng : uCn'1 8Lnu ?Cu8 PLAu ! l'm shouLlng my
bralns ouL here. Cn mosL Cvs, women do have LhaL flaw.
Ladles, remlnd yourself LhaL lL ls a slgn of submlsslon.
noL convlced ? Pave a look aL Lhose plcLures wlLh your
parLner : unlnLenLlonally, you bend your head Lowards hlm/her
AL Lhe lnLervlew, no submlsslve woman, you are Lhere as a

llnally, don'L plck up a colour plcLure, or ln case you do, LesL lL. lL musL
survlve Lhe Oolck utoft ltlot MoJe LesLs and Lwo consecuLlve
!"# ,4+6?86
! Cne plcLure ls a musL
! usually ln black and whlLe
! ln Lhe upper rlghL corner
! ÞoslLlve aLLlLude
! 8lff
! no paLhos aL all
! no background
! no sLaple, no papercllp
! Same cloLhes you wlll be wearlng durlng Lhe lnLervlew
! no sex


@'9 -18 5(1, >
SlmllarlLy emphaslzes sympaLhy. MosL recrulLers acknowledge Lhey
have unlnLenLlonally favoured candldaLes from common orlglns (place

or counLry of blrLh or resldence, rellglous or phllosophlcal bellefs.), or
candldaLes who looked llke Lhem or wlLh Lhe same flrsL name.
Lqually and desplLe of LhaL, a common background can lead Lo
compeLlLon, Lherefore re[ecLlon (one cock ln Lhe yard ls enough).
>F Q.$%&\$)C%?)#%\-0*"#"?":=
1he Llmellne ls an essenLlal componenL on your Cv. 8y readlng lL, Lhe
recrulLer should be able Lo undersLand Lhe course of your career, Lhe
loglc behlnd lL, even beLLer.
1oo many candldaLes rush Lhrough LhaL sLep , Cv musL have a Lemporal
dlmenslon, a fluenL one. 8emember Lhe old saylng : tlme ls oboot
="- >
llrsL Lhlng : Lhe Cv ls wrlLLen ln a Llme-reversed sLyle. ?ou sLarL wlLh
Lhe laLesL daLe or facL, and you end up wlLh Lhe earllesL ones.
normally, your added-value Lhrlves on Lhe laLesL daLe or facL, Lhls ls Lhe
sLarLlng polnL of your Cv.
8emlnder : no lLallc, no bold. uaLes are noL lmporLanL, prevlous
poslLlons, educaLlon or dlplomas are.
1wo caLegorles relaLe Lo chronology : [ob experlence and educaLlon.
Cnce agaln, [ob experlences usually come flrsL.
! !ob experlence
8efore each [ob, sLarL daLe and end daLe.
ConLrary Lo whaL ls belng usually advlsed, don'L menLlon any
monLhs nor days.

lebruary 1sL, 1998 - March 31sL, 2001



As a resulL, he reculLer ls able Lo read Lhe Cv more easlly, he
can memorlze lL beLLer.

AnoLher advanLage : you wlll be able Lo hlde a small gap of
several monLhs.

lebruary 1sL, 1998 - March 31sL 2001,
8each aLLendanL aL !8()2 39 :'0 #/6"-)
CcLober 13Lh, 2001 - !uly 31sL, 2010, Welcome desk
aLLendanL ;9#' </,0)$


2001-2010, Welcome desk aLLendanL aL ;9#' </,0)$
1998-2001, 8each aLLendanL aL !8()2 39 :'0 #/6"-)

CLhls ls more obvlous lndeed, Lhls can avold havlng Lo Lell aL
each lnLervlew LhaL Lhe PoLel owner's daughLer dumped up,
LhaL hls faLher flred you and you wre feellng depressed for Lhe
followlng slx monLhs !
Cenerally speaklng, recrulLers focus on gaps raLher Lhan on
your experlence.

Lverybody Lell you noL Lo lle ln your Cv, l prefer Lo Lell you noL
Lo arrlve naked aL Lhe lnLervlew. lf you do so, you wlll have Lo
explaln your nervous breakdown or [usLlfy your cancer Lo a
sLranger. Lven lf lL means maklng a mlsLake by a year or so,
well lL's only a Lypo.

lor Lhose wlLh many [ob experlences and skllls, you'd be well
advlsed Lo seL your prlorlLles sLralghL and selecL whaL ls mosL
relevanL Lo Lhe slLuaLlon. uon'L menLlon each and every
poslLlon you have held. ?ou can send a very deLalled Cv on

! LducaLlon : dlplomas and Lralnlng courses
uaLes can be menLloned before sLaLlng Lhem or rlgL afLer,
beLween brackeLs. uon'L menLlon Lhe monLhs, [usL llke for [ob
experlences. uon'L feel forced Lo llsL your Lhree unlverslLy
dlplomas (you mlghL as well scare Lhe recrulLer off, he only
geLs hls college degree !). uon'L llsL Lhe 13 or 20 dlfferenL
Lralnlng courses leadlng Lo a quallflcaLlon. 1he message Lo Lhe
recrulLer would be : « tbls ls beovy stoff, o qeooloe ooemployeJ
petsoo », some would even cruelly characLerlze lL as « meot fot
stote-spoosoteJ eJocotloo ».


!"# ,4+6?86
! 1lme-reversed chronology
! no monLh, no daLe
! llll some gaps
! SLaLe Lhe [ob experlences ahead of your academlc credenLlals
and Lralnlng courses
! SLaLe Lhe daLes, Lhen Lhe [ob experlences
! CuL Lo Lhe chase
! LlmlLed use of bold
! no lLallc
@'9 -18 5(1,>
uaLes are reassurlng, Lhey represenL Lhe pracLlcal parL of your Cv. 1hey
are loglcal, carefully LoughL-ouL, wlLhouL any affecL : everyLhlng ls
meanL Lo reassure Lhe recrulLer.
Þay speclal aLLenLlon Lo your daLes Lhen !
EF Z.#:,.:% &/)??&
ln blllngual counLrles, Lhls secLlon ls on every Cv. 1hls ls a secLlon ln
whlch candldaLes can be very creaLlve.
="- >
Lverybody lles abouL hls/her language skllls. So, don'L be modesL. lf
you are fluenL blllngual or Lrlllngual, lL has Lo appear [usL below Lhe
poslLlon your apply for. lL wlll Lhus be Lhe second llne of your Cv.

8lllngual : french - engllsh


neverLheless, avold Lhe classlc mlsLake : Lhe dlploma doesn'L counL,
Lhe skllls do. lof you do menLlon Lhe dlploma or Lhe Lralnlng course ln
any forelgn language, lL means you don'L fully masLer lL, your currenL
level ls llmlLed.
Make sure you lnclude a LranslaLed verslon aL Lhe end of your Cv. Send
your flrsL mall (along wlLh your Cv) wrlLLen ln Lhe maln local language.
Who knows ? 1he person ln charge of Lhe recrulLmenL process may noL
be blllngual .
We menLloned Lhls before, don'L use any maLrlx, nor charL Lo presenL
your language skllls : a cognlLlve charL ls much more dlfflcuL Lo
undersLand Lhan a few senLences.
A coottotlo, lL may smeLlmes be advlsable noL Lo menLlon a second
language. ?ou have spenL your early chlldhood ln 1unlsla ? Lven lf
fluency ln arablc ls asseL, lL could (unforLunaLely) prove Lo be a
llnally, a language ls bullL on a small nucleus of baslc vocabulary :
expresslons as well lnLonaLlons you learn very early as a chlld. When
you prepare for an lnLervlew ln a language dlfferenL Lo yours, spend
Lwo hours waLchlng carLoons on 1v every evenlng. 1he resulL ls


!"# ,4+6?86
1. uon'L be modesL
2. ulplomas or Lranlng courses are useless
3. Þropose a LranslaLed verslon of your Cv

4. 8lllngual : wrlLe lL aL Lhe beglnnlng of your Cv
3. no cahrL, no frame
6. no blllngual Cv : one language per Cv
@'9 -18 5(1, >
lor some languages, such as duLch, Lhe accenL maLLers more Lhan
grammar. ?ou may be speaklng correcLly, buL wlLh Lhe rlghL accenL,
you'll hardly llsLened Lo.
lor oLhers, such as engllsh or german, grammar maLLers mosL.
llnally, for some oLhers, vocabulary ls essenLlal, such as french or
[apanese. ln engllsh, lL ls much beLLer Lo use llmlLed and slmple
WF ]"11)%&
Pere comes Lhe much Lalked abouL secLlon. Lverybody comes up wlLh
advlce, Llps and Lrlcks. Some are ln favour, and of course, oLhers are
agalnsL lL.
1he candldaL sees lL as an easy secLlon Lo flll ln, a mere formallLy.
neverLheless, you should dedlcaLe Llme and Lhlnklng. 1he sLakes are
Loo hlgh : Lhey are Lhe lasL Lrap Lhe candld candldaLe sLumbles upon.


="- >
1he desk sLands beLween Lhem. SllenL, Lhe recrulLer ls Lhlnklng. 1he
candldaLe ls noL aware of lL buL Lhe lnLervlew wenL well : Lhe rlghL
proflle, Lhe requesLed dlplomas, he successfully passed Lhe language
assessmenL LesLs and even Lhe Leam llkes hlm.

Þreclsely aL Lhls momenL, Lhe recrulLer has declded Lo ask Lhe so-called
« coffee break » quesLlon. 1he only ob[ecLlve ls Lo geL ouL of Lhe
resLrlcLed focus of Lhe lnLervlew. 1he hobbles. ls Lhe candldaLe
relaxed ? 1he quesLlon ls noL meanL Lo LesL hlm. 1he Lone ls less
formal, more frlendly.
We call lL Lhe « coffee break quesLlon » because lL allows Lhe recrulLer
Lo lmaglne how Lhe candldaLe would flL ln Lhe workplace, how he
would behave soclally : ls he comforLable engaglng ln dally small Lalks ?
. [usL llke he would do aL Lhe coffee break.
LeL's noL forgeL LhaL Lhe newly hlred person should flL lnLo Lhe llfe of
Lhe company. Seven or elghL hours a day. 1herefore =, for everybody's
sake, LhaL person shoud be a happy camper.
8ack Lo crlme scene : Lhe recrulLer looks aL Lhe Cv. AL Lhe boLLom of
Lhe documenL, he reads LhaL Lhe candldaLe ls lnLeresLed ln llLeraLure.
Pe ralses hls eyes and candldly asks : « l boveo´t o cbooce to teoJ tbe
lotest book ftom keo lollet yet. ls lt os qooJ os tbe ptevloos ooes ? »
1he room ls dead calm durlng a few seconds : Lhe candldaLe doesn'L
even know who ken lolleL ls. Pe has never heard abouL lan 8ankln, nor
abouL Lhe laLesL ÞullLzer Þrlze.


1hls case ls no excepLlon. Many candldaLes fall over Lhe hobbles
secLlon durlng Lhe lnLervlew. 8lgh Lhere, Lhe recrulLer ls qulckly
connecLlng Lhe doLs : « he lled abouL hls Cv, Lhe whole Cv ls now under
susplclon ». 1rusL ls losL, susplclon ls everywhere and somebody else
geLs Lhe [ob.

uon'L you ever lle ! uon'L menLlon Lhe mosL common hobbles :
gardenlng, llLeraLure, cooklng, Lravel or blcycle. 8y readlng Cvs, one
could Lell LhaL Lhe populaLlon of norLhern Lurope llkes sporLs, ls
cooklng, Lravelllng and readlng a loL !
LlsL all your hobbles flrsL, Lhen selecL Lhe ones mosL relevanL Lo Lhe [ob,
Lhe ones whlch add value Lo your Cv. uon'L be eccenLrlc aL all cosLs.
Cnce your made up your mlnd abouL Lhe llsL (careful : no more Lhan
Lhreee), do your homework, research Lhem so you'll be able Lo answer
LasL precauLlon, some hobbles have bad press : pollLlcal acLlvlsm,
hunLlng, sewlng (for men), boxlng (for women).
!"# ,4+6?86
1. 8e relevanL (lL ls more abouL relevance Lhan abouL lmaglnaLlon
or eccenLrlclLy).
2. 1he « coffee break quesLlon » ls all abouL Lhe hobbles : lL ls Lhe
« make or break » quesLlon.
3. 8rush up on your hobbles.
4. uon'L menLlon any hobby whlch would puL you ln Lrouble
@'9 -18 5(1, >
Cne Cv ouL of 2 never reaches Lhe rlghL person's desk : you'd beLLer
make sure who Lhe rlghL reclplenL ls and wheLher Lhe mall has reached
hlm or noL.

Call hlm Lo make sure (ln fronL of your ÞC, ready Lo emall anoLher

XF 9"*% +%$.)?&
?ou geL Lhe plcLure : l don'L really favour eccenLrlclLy. neverLheless,
Lhe candldaLe can dlfferenLlaLe hlmself wlLh a few ldeas wlLhouL belng
Loo slmpllsLlc.
="- >
CfLen, Lhls eccenLrlclLy makes people smlle , noL everybody can be odd
and LasLeful alLogeLher.
no plnk-coloured paper, no perfumed Cv, no poem aL Lhe beglnnlng .
Lach eccenLrlclLy musL be self-explanaLory as lL requlres an efforL from
Lhe reader : he needs Lo read Anu undersLand. lL should be relevanL Lo
Lhe company, lLs buslness fleld or Lo poslLlon Lhe candldaLe applles for.
Some deLalls may be added , oLhers shouldn'L.
1. non-proflL secLor, nCCs : yes
2. ÞollLlcs : no
3. 8ellglous bellefs : usually noL advlsed
4. Allergy, medlcal or psychopaLhologlcal condlLlon : no
(excepL for securlLy or healLh reasons)
3. Car and drlvlng llcense : no (from 23 years old onwards, lL
goes wlLhouL saylng !)
6. 8ecommandaLlon leLLers : only lf requesLed
7. Þrevlously self-employed or managlng own company:
dependlng on Lhe poslLlon or Lhe company
8. 8eglons or counLrles you would agree Lo be senL : lf Lhe [ob
requlres frequenL Lravels
9. LasL gross salary : yes
10. Salary expecLaLlons : careful, Lhe salary ls negoLlable.


Salary : some Llps worLh of gold:

! 8esearch: how much money people your age, wlLh slmllar
educaLlon and [ob experlence are maklng ? lL ls so easy Lo go
onllne or Lo call a couple of frlends.

! 8e aware of your flnanclal needs before slgnlng : slmply, llsL
Lhem all : slmplemenL, falLes-en la llsLe : car lnsLallmenLs, renL,
food, cloLhes and hobbles . 1he amounL corresponds Lo your
lower llmlL.
! Come up wlLh a conslsLenL proposlLlon, negoLlaLe a gross

! SLarL Lhe negoLlaLlons wlLh a hlgher amounL : you lose presLlge
lf you sLarL wlLh a low salary. !usL llke Lhe recrulLer, we don'L
LrusL whaL ls cheap. Lxpenslve ls good. Cheap means LhaL Lhe
quallLy ls noL as good. 1he ldea ls Lo convlnce Lhe recrulLer you
are an expenslve lLem and LhaL he needs Lo offer Lhe rlghL
money !

! Þrepare your argumenLs so you can explaln durlng Lhe
lnLervlew Lhe reason why you lower your expecLaLlons : frlnge
beneflLs llke a car, a phone and meals . or, more slmply, Lhe
dlsLance from your house and mosLly Lhe genulne lnLeresL for
Lhe [ob or Lhe buslness fleld.


@'9 -18 5(1, >
llnd an ambassador Lo drop off your Cv ! noLhlng beaLs LhaL !
AcLlvaLe your neLwork !

^F !.$%:"*)%&
lnformaLlons on a Cv follow a cerLaln sLrucLure.
?ou'll flnd hereafLer Lhe convenLlonal sLrucLure, as of Loday.
ln Lhls lasL parL, l come back Lo polnLs l have already explalned ln Lhls
book, addlng some more deLalls.
="- >
CaLegorles are presenLed one by one, each of Lhem wlLh lLs own seL of
rules, codes and dedlcaLed use.
8uL don'L forgeL Lo conslder Lhe Cv as a whole. lL should be meanL and
drafLed as someLhlng homogenous, loglcal and balanced.
2" 3%.',*)4 1*5,.6)01,*'
8aslcally, a Cv ls belng drafLed accordlng Lo Lhe same rules you would a
leLLer. ln Lhe upper lefL corner : your name and flrsL name. lf you are an
lmporLanL person, sLarL wlLh your flrsL name. usually, lL comes afLer
Lhe name. 1he flrsL name ln normal Lypograpy, Lhe name ln caplLal
leLLers, boLh ln bold.
8elow LhaL, your emall address, phone number, fax and malllng
address. Some add Lhey blrLhdaLe.
uon'L menLlon your place of blrLh : lL doen'L brlng anyLhlng, and mlghL
even emphaslze eLhnlc or rellglous slngularlLles. Cf course,
parLlcularlLles shouldn'L be denled, buL, noL Lo Lhe exLenL of wrlLlng
Lhem on Lop of your Cv.
lL ls also common pracLlce Lo add lnformaLlons regardlng Lhe drlvlng
llcense or Lhe marlLal sLaLus.

ÞracLlcally :
! lrom 23 years old onwards, you are supposed Lo know how Lo
drlve a car and even Lo have your own car ,
! As mlllLary servlce ls noL compulsory, Lhls lnformaLlon doesn'L
add value Lo your Cv (excepL ln Lhe safekeeplng or securlLy
buslness, or some poslLlons relaLed Lo Lhe managemenL of
underquallfled-Leams) ,
! llnally, your marlLal sLaLus ls nobody's buslness. lor a woman
or man, slngle means avallable ,
! 1he same goes for Lhe number of klds, lL should'L be on your

Should you really wlsh Lo add Lhose lnformaLlons, conflne Lhem ln Lhe
lasL caLegory, « mlscellaneous », don'L glve Lhem a ma[or relevance by
puLLlng Lhem aL Lhe Lop of your Cv.

Some Llps:
! no lcons : so small phone, no flag.

! Should l wrlLe « currlculum vlLae » ? l say lL ls redundanL (we all can
see lL ls a Cv !), buL lf you do wanL Lo wrlLe lL as such, or lf Lhe guy
aL Lhe !ob CenLer advlses you Lo do so, be dlscreeL. Some would
wrlLe lL aL Lhe upper-lefL corner, buL mosL would wrlLe lL rlghL ln
Lhe mlddle.

! lf you are a docLor or an englneer, wrlLe your LlLle before or afLer
your name (are your narclsslsLlc or noL ?). 8uL no obllgaLlon.

! uon'L lnclude any quoLe. noL aL Lhe beglnnlng or aL Lhe end of your
Cv or leLer of moLlvaLlon. 1hanks buL no Lhanks!

7" #$% (1+0/.%
lnserL your plcLure ln Lhe upper-rlghL corner, faclng your personal
lnformaLlons. usually boLh spaces are slmllar : same horlzonLal
allgnmenL, same slze, equally lefL-cenLered for your lnformaLlons and
rlghL-cenLered for your plcLure.
1hls symmeLry ls lmporLanLe : your Cv eplLomlzes your quallLles, or
your flaws. An lll-balanced Cv (Lhe plcLure ls Loo blg or unconvenlenLly
locaLed on Lhe page) can communlcaLe an lmpresslon of lmbalance Lo
Lhe reader, lL wlll conLamlnaLe your lmage ln Lhe eyes of Lhe recrulLer.

More Llps :

! Cne of Lhe keys Lo a successful plcLure lles ln Lhe quallLy of Lhe
phoLographer. Pe boosLs your self-confldence, he can LlghLly crop
Lhe frame so he can hlghllghL Lhe perLlnenL deLall.
! locus on Lhe way you sLare. lL ls cruclal. lL shows your personallLy,
your moLlvaLlon and lL draws aLLenLlon. uon'L use any make-up ln
order Lo enhance your expresslon. 1wo efflclenL Llps : (a) force
yourself Lo sLare lnLensely aL Lhe phoLographer, Lry Lo geL hls
lnLenLlon, Lry Lo convlnce hlm , (b) look aL Lhe ground, and rlghL
before he Lakes Lhe plcLure, ralse your eyes !
! Cf course, smlle ls an advanLage. 8uL mosL smlllng plcLures are
paLheLlc : lL ls a forced smlle. Squeaky, someLlmes sad, ofLen
! uon'L show your LeeLh : for men, lL ls slgn of aggresslveness, and
for women lL has a sexual connoLaLlon (mosL of all, don'L blLe your
lower llp).

! ÞorLralL ls Lhe norm and Lhe norm ls good , buL Lry Lo go Lhe exLra
mlle, dare someLhlng else : zoom ouL (show your chesL, your hands
.), have a plcLure wlLh a Lool you use aL work .
! no black frame around your plcLure. no way. Some Lhlnk lL ls
serlous , personaly l see a dead man.

1lps Lo Lhe ptos :

ÞhoLographers can be Louchy. l wlll Lhen carefully chose my words
so l won'L appear llke l Leach Lhem someLhlng abouL Lhe [ob. ln
facL, l don'L know much abouL phoLography.

llrsL of all, plck your zoom very carefully. SomeLlmes lL can squash
a face. lf Loo powerful, Lhe plcLure has no volume, no depLh. ?ou
lose all expresslveness : you don'L communlcaLe any feellng, and
you don'L wanL LhaL for Lhe plcLure on your Cv.
Þlay wlLh Lhe llghL or Lhe angle, or Lry wlLh a wlde angle (17 mm).

1he wlde angle shoL glves you a more open face : lLs cenLral parL ls
a llLLle blgger, lL sorL of bulges ouL. 1he face seems more energeLlc,
Lhe gaze deeper. 8uL beware of Lhe carLoon effecL.

1he slde vlew reveals a more auLhenLlc graphlcal aspecL, buL lL can
be someLlmes vlewed as arroganL.

1he • pose ls placlng Lhe candldaLe lnLo an emoLlonal seLup ,
dependlng on Lhe angle of Lhe shoL, he/she wlll look llke a dreamer,

a vlslonary . or absenL (more lnformaLlons can be found ln books
relaLed Lo faclal codes ln nLÞ

When you sLare aL an ob[ecL or aL somebody off frame, lL creaLe an
aLmosphere. lL ls an advanLage buL lL ls seldom used because as lL
can be vlewed as preLenLlous, [usL llke for Lhe slde vlew.

lor some [obs, dependlng on Lhe fleld, phoLomonLages are a valld
opLlon. 1he effecL ls guaranLeed.

AppllcanLs love backgrounds : convlnce Lhem oLherwlse, lL clouds
Lhe message. lf Lhey do lnslsL, Lhe eyes should be your focus polnL ,
Lhe background wlll be fuzzy (so Lhe face wlll sLand ouL). uear
phoLographers, avold small lenses.
8" #$% +%*0.)4 $%)941*%
1he name and Lhe plcLure should noL be cenLer-allgned : Loo narclssLlc.
?ou are noL lmporLanL, Lhe soluLlon you provlde Lhe company wlLh ls.
CenLer-allgned Lhen : Lhe role or Lhe poslLlon you apply for:
developer/analysL, graphlc deslgner, drawlng Leacher.
lL should be underllgned, or even beLer, lL should be wrlLLen wlLh a
blgger fonL. ÞracLlcally, lf you use a slze 12 fonL, Lhen plck up slze18. lf
you have mulLl-language skllls, use slze 12.

nLÞ : neuro-LlngulsLlc Þrogrammlng


:" #$% $%)9%. ;)**%.
8elow Lhe maln headllne, Lhere comes Lhe header banner. 1here are
dlfferenL klnds of banner : Lhe essenLlal skllls, Lhe CooJwllls, Lhe maln
quallLles, Lhe ob[ecLlves and Lhe moLlvaLlons.
ln less Lhan 10 years, Lhls banner has become an essenLlal componenL
Lo any Cv. AL Lhe beglnnlng, lL was an orlglnal ldea belng acLlvaLed ln
order Lo hlghllghL one speclflc feaLure : a quallLy, a Lechnlcal sklll or Lhe
ob[ecLlves of Lhe candldaLe. nowadays, lL has become a Lrash can fllled
wlLh plaLlLudes.

LeL's puL some order ln Lhere. LeL's begln wlLh Lwo axloms. =0 ">/'1 /,
" #92) $'9 ?'923 0'( )6)0 (+/0@ (' '..',) A
1. Cne header banner and only one !
2. lLs ob[ecLlve : Lo polnL ouL « Lhe lmporLanL elemenL on your
Cv », Lhe one Lhe recrulLer expecLs or Lhe one you wanL hlm Lo
1wo oLher rules, Lwo Llps :
llrsL, don'L menLlon quallLles whlch are noL real quallLles. 8elng
honesL and on Llme, well, Lhese are no quallLles ! 1hese are
prerequlslLe : we are all supposed Lo be honesL lndlvlduals and
Lo arrlve aL work on Llme. A candldaLe who Lells me he/she ls
honesL sounds llke my car mechanlc . WhaL ls he/she
hlddlng ?
Second, don'L cuL and pasLe Lhe convenLlonal Llps off self-help
books or blogs.


C888 4 : Manque un « s » ! 8A8k #8 : never sLarL
wlLh « l » !
noL ln Lhe leLLer, noL ln
Lhe Cv !
8A8k #7 : name Lhe
company !

B$ ':C)4(/6),

l woolJ llke to ofet my motlvotloo to tbe compooy. l llke to
wotk lo o vetsotlle eovltoooemeot ooJ l blossom wotkloq
wltblo o teom.

1he « self-help book » effecL can klll your Cv. 1hose words, Lhose
convenLlonal spoon-fed senLences are Loo « perfecL ». noLhlng
sponLaneous ln Lhere.
Ck, you geL lL : l don'L llke lL, lL sounds so fake, so « cuL and pasLe », so
« learned by hearL ». never forgeL LhaL LruLh maLLers more Lhan
perfecLlon. When you speak abouL your ob[ecLlves, be yourself.
l would have prefered a more enLhuslasLlc Lone. 1he moLlvaLlon or
ob[ecLlves banners should personlfy Lhe candldaLe, you should almosL
hear hlm/her speak Lhrough Lhem.
Also choose your words carefully : make sure you acLually undersLand
Lhelr Lrue meanlng.
8A8k : noL underllned,
and mosL of all, noL bold
and underllned
8A8k #2 : no frame !
8A8k 3 : Loo much space !
8A8k 3 : no [usLlflcaLlon !
8A8k #6 : noL ln lLallc !

AnoLher classlc momenL durlng Lhe lnLervlew, quesLlons llke :
now woolJ yoo Jefloe cbooqe ?
wbot Jo yoo meoo by « ptofesslooool empotby » ?
¥oot lettet of motlvotloo loJlcotes tbot yoo teoJ to
o lot ?
Also, you should use Lhe klnd of vocabulary and synLax LhaL maLch your
level of educaLlon or Lhe one ln your reglon.
Why do you apply for a job at Bristol Airport ?
What do I like in the aviation industry ? The people working
there, the permanent activity and the travels : the suitcases and
the smiles of the families who travel to the other side of the
globe. The holiday feeling while you are working.
llgure 3 : Carollne wlll geL Lhe [ob.
Legend : ln some slLuaLlons, Lo use spoken language can be very
promlslng. ln Lhls case, Lhe plcLure shows how solar, frlendly and
cheerful a person Carollne ls. 8eadlng Lhls, Lhe recrulLer ls able Lo
lmaglne Carollne Lalklng. Pe can sense her Lone, her personallLy and
Lhls llLLle hlnL of « dynamlc emoLlon » called MoLlvaLlon !

8ad luck for Lhe candldaLe : procrasLlnaLlon ls a nasLy shorLcomlng, noL a
quallLy. Accordlng Lo Wlklpedla, procrasLlnaLlon ls a behavlor whlch ls
characLerlzed by Lhe defermenL of acLlons or Lasks Lo a laLer Llme.
ÞsychologlsLs ofLen clLe procrasLlnaLlon as a mechanlsm for coplng wlLh Lhe
anxleLy assoclaLed wlLh sLarLlng or compleLlng any Lask or declslon. We all
ptoctostloote Lo a cerLaln exLenL buL lL ls a real handlcap ln any [ob relaLed
slLuaLlon or ln Lhe personal llfe.


PereafLer ls a llsL of Lhe essenLlal header banners. 8uL you are free Lo
come up wlLh someLhlng new. As for any ad, Lhe sole ob[ecLlve ls Lo
sell : ln Lhls case, Lo markeL yourself efflclenLly Lo Lhe recrulLer. lL
doesn'L maLLer how you do lL, Lhe key ls Lo leave your mark on people's


! LssenLlal skllls
ln Lhe l1 lndusLry, lL ls all abouL Lhe Lechnlcal skllls.
Lqually, oLher Lrades also requlre Lechnlcal skllls as
prerequlslLe. lL ls Lhe flrsL screenlng sLep.
8ecrulLlng professlonnals someLlmes use Lhe CC-nC CC
ldlom : you don'L have Lhose skllls, lL all sLops Lhere.
1haL's why Lhey should appear aL Lhe very beglnnlng of Lhe Cv.
As check-llsLs, wlLhouL explanaLlon : no daLe, no deLall.
1he 2009 Lrend Lends Lo dupllcaLe Lhls banner aL Lhe Lop of Lhe
leLLer of moLlvaLlon as well. lL doesn'L look Loo nlce buL lL ls a
Lremendous help Lo companles and recrulLlng agencles.
1here are more and more Cvs around. 8efore Lhey even geL
looked aL, Le flrsL screenlng ls based on Lhose on Lhose
As a candldaLe, by clearly polnLlng ouL Lhose skllls, you make
sure Lhey wlll be consldered and undersLood.

! CooJwllls
ln Lhls case, Lhey refer Lo any oLher quallLy whlch would
complemenL your skllls and Lechnlcal accompllshmenLs such as
lmmaLerlal and lnLerpersonal quallLles.

lnLerpersonal quallLles are key :
- 1eam managemenL,
- AblllLy Lo llsLen Lo paLlenLs,
- AblllLy Lo handle sLressful cllenLs,

- 1he undersLandlng of forelgn culLures or rellglons.

lor cerLaln [obs, Lhose skllls are cruclal, more Lhan any oLher
Lechnlcal skllls (a Lralnlng sesslon wlll brlng you up Lo speed).

1herefore, Lhey should appear on Lhe header banner, and,
lmporLanL polnL, Lhey should be lncluded ln your presenLaLlon
on Lhe leLLer of moLlvaLlon.

1he mosL commonly used headllnes : skllls, maln quallLles and

My motivations
To find a working environment where my quiet personality and my
ability to handle crisis situations and deal with difficult personalities
can serve a cause, a higher purpose.
llgure 4 : !ohn wanLs Lo save Lhe World
Legend : !ohn doesn'L know lL yeL buL Lhe beglnnlng of hls Cv has
reached lLs LargeL. AfLer proper vacclnaLlon, he wlll work overseas for a
blg CnC.

! Maln quallLles
usually Lhe candldaLe ls advlsed Lo wrlLe whaLever he can Lhlnk

1hls ls Lhe flrsL Lhlng l cross ouL when readlng Cvs. lL ls a caLch-
all : senLences nexL Lo ad[ecLlves, LlLles of Lralnlng sesslons,
someLlmes language skllls, avallablllLy (never menLlon LhaL you
are avallable sLralghLaway), even salary expecLaLlons.
lorgeL LhaL, lL has noLhlng Lo do here.

Avallable ? ?es or no ?
Why should you noL menLlon wheLher you are avallable or
noL ? LeL's cuL Lo Lhe chase : (a) lL would be llke lnslsLlng on
your sLaLus as an unemployed person who slLs around all day ,
(b) avallablllLy makes you cheaper, you are asklng for
someLhlng (almosL begglng) and as such you are loslng value
and you are ln a bad posLlon Lo negoclaLe anyLhlng.

! 1he ob[ecLlves
1he candldaLe can Lake advanLage of Lhls openlng ln order Lo
communlcaLe hls ob[ecLlves Lo Lhe recrulLer.
?oung graduaLes or older people looklng for a new challenge
can flnd Lhe banner very helpful : lL offers anoLher perspecLlve
Lo Lhelr Cv. 1he explanaLlons can add meanlng Lo a Cv whlch
mlghL be elLher Loo shorL or Loo long.

! 1he moLlvaLlons
1he candldaLe explalns how Lhe [ob, Lhe fleld or Lhe company
are a moLlvaLlon Lo hlm.
l value LhaL, lf lL ls well done and efflclenL. 8uL sLay away from
cllches : no ready-made argumenLs off « self-help books ».

lL ls equally lmporLanL Lo undersLand LhaL Lhese moLlvaLlons
should generaLe Lhe connexlon beLween Lhe candldaLe and hls
fuLure [ob. 1hls connexlon ls promlslng, lL slmply Lells Lhe
recrulLer why you apply for Lhe [ob and how Lhe company wlll
beneflL from your commlLmenL.
So never mlx moLlvaLlon wlLh a narclssLlc presenLaLlon where
Lhe candldaLe ls only Lalklng abouL hlmself.

1he good example :

My motivations

I’d like to join the company where my father and my oncle are already
working, a company I’m familiar with since my early childhood days.
I would like to offer the new perspectives my education taught me.

1he bad example :

My motivations

My academic background has provided me with the most efficient
team and change management skills. I’d like a job where I could
apply these new methods in a company where I could move up the
ladder. I am a man of challenges and responsabilities.
<" #$% (.,5%''1,*)4 ;)+=-.,/*9
l llke Lhe way Lhe person ls communlcaLlng hls/her experlence ln Lhe
good example. 1he usual check-llsL wlLh daLes, [obs, poslLlons and
company names should be avolded.

AL besL, you should Lell a sLory : all your [ob experlences end-Lo-end Lell
a sLory, your sLory. ?ou are Lhe resulL of all Lhese sLeps, you have
maLured, Lhey have bullL you up, Lhey allowed you Lo galn quallLles and
skllls. 1hls ls whaL you sell Lo Lhe reculLer : you sell LhaL sLory Lo hlm
(noL Lhe check-llsL !).
1hls sLoryLelllng ls cruclal durlng Lhe lnLervlew.


lor Lhe Cv, follow Lhese Lhree rules :
- 1lme-reversed chronology (see below)
- 8e relevanL raLher Lhan exhausLlve. noL Loo many deLalls (see
- 8old Lypography should be llmlLed Lo Lhe companles or Lhe
[obs you had.
>" ?0/91%' )*9 0.)1*1*- +,/.'%'
As prevlously menLlonned, lL ls noL an obllgaLlon Lo wrlLe all of Lhem.
1hey wlll be also be presenLed ln a Llme-reversed order. Should be
lncluded : rank or dlploma, school or unlverslLy, graduaLlon year, clLy.
lnLernshlp souldn'L be lncluded, excepL for young graduaLes or ln case
Lhe lnLernshlp has been compleLed abroad.
Some candldaLes use Lhls secLlon Lo explaln how relevanL Lhese
courses and sLudles Lo Lhe [ob.
@" 3/;41+)01,*'
LssenLlal for some added value professlons, publlcaLlons should be
menLlonned rlghL afLer Lhe candldaLe's sLudles.
Some would lnclude coples of arLlcles or books.
ldeally, Lake a low-key approach : l would Lhen advlse Lo lnclude llnks
Lo webslLes where Lhe lnformaLlon ls avallable.


Anyway, brlng one book or a copy of your publlcaLlons aL Lhe
uo your homework : has your recrulLer drafLed, publlshed or edlLed
anyLhlng ?
Þralse your recrulLer's ego. uo lL llghLly. 1hls mlghL be Lhe wlnnlng


A" B)*-/)-% '=144'
As we menLlonned earller, don'L use any frame nor charL, don'L speclfy
Lhe dlploma or Lhe course, [usL sLaLe your level of fluency.
LeL's remember LhaL you shouldn'L be modesL here, everybody lles ln
Lhls case anyway.
Cnce you senL Lhe Cv, you could be conLacLed by phone Lhe very nexL
day. uon'L be surprlsed, your language skllls wlll be puL Lo Lhe LesL.
8e prepared, and why noL, have an ace up your sleeve : an lndex card
wlLh Lechnlcal vocabulary or speclflc ldloms.
!" 8,6(/0%. '=144'
lf Lhose skllls are noL lncluded ln Lhe header banner, Lhey should be
menLlonned aL Lhe end of Lhe Cv.
1he candldaLe may lndlcaLe Lhe sofLwares he masLers as well as hls
uon'L menLlon MS Cfflce and Lxplorer when Lhese sofLware are
requesLed as prerequlslLe.
C" D1'+%44)*%,/'
1hls secLlon lncludes Lhe baslc lnformaLlons abouL Lhe candldaLe (lf noL
prevlously lncluded on Lhe Cv) :
! Age or daLe of blrLh, noL Lhe place of blrLh

! MarlLal sLaLus : lL's ok lf you are marrled, buL don'L
menLlon lL lf you are slngle.

1o be marrled ls consldered as a quallLy, lf you are slngle,
you may be vlewed as an unsLable or avallable lndlvldual
(Lherefore as a poLenLlal dlsrupLlve person)

Avold presenLlng yourself as dlvorced or ln a relaLlon,
offlclal or noL . : sLereoLypes and pre[udlces are sLlcky.

! number of chlldren : klds are consldered as handlcaps by
recrulLers. 1he candldaLe ls less avallable, he has « famlly
obllgaLlons ». ldeally, Lhls can be Lurned as an advanLage.

8ad example :


45 years
Divorced, alternate custody of my 3 children.

Cood example :
Complementary informations

Year of birth : 64
Sagittarius and Dragon in chinese astrology
Father of 3 children
Ability to handle conflicts and to reach compromise

! MlllLary rank : only when lL ls an added value Lo Lhe [ob :
securlLy, housekeeplng, safekeeplng or a [ob ln loglsLlcs or
ln organlzaLlon developmenL.

! 1he Lype of drlvlng llcence (excepL for young graduaLes or
for [obs where a speclal llcence ls requesLed).


!"# ,4+6?86 7 )"# 41+9 2115
1. upper-lefL corner : your personal lnformaLlons
2. upper-rlghL corner : your plcLure.
3. ln Lhe mlddle : Lhe [ob or poslLlon you apply for
4. 1he header banner (only one !)
3. 1he professlonal background
6. SLudles and Lralnlng courses

7. ÞubllcaLlons
8. Language skllls
9. CompuLer skllls
10. Pobbles
11. Mlscellaneous
@'9 -18 5(1, >
lL ls very dlfflculL Lo wrlLe a Cv from scraLch, lL ls human. 8uL lL ls crlLlcal
LhaL you do lL : Lrends come and go, codes evolve, your sLory Loo.
lf you experlence problems wrlLlng your Cv, well you are Lhe only
person Lo blame. ?ou are a Lough elemenL Lo masLer, leL alone Lo

20% $)3
lL ls noL an easy Lask Lo drafL your Cv. lor Lhe candldaLe, Lhls documenL
ls abouL « my llfe, me, my setbocks ooJ my teqtets . »
lL ls also a synonym for fallure. Whlle summarlzlng your career, lL ls
polnLlng ouL your mlsLakes, llke a mlrror would do.
uurlng Lhe lnLervlew, candldaLes are afrald of lL. As lf Lhe recrulLer
would dlscover Lhe lle, Lhe weakness or Lhe mlsslng argumenL.
?our Cv ls noL an exam sheeL you would hand ouL Lo Lhe professor ! lL
ls your frlend , you should conslder lL as a frlend : an ally, someLhlng Lo
lean on, or a llfe-belL.

!0.3$%* X 5 +*.<$)#: =",* !K &$%3 1= &$%3
As such, drafLlng your Cv comes aL Lhe beglnnlng of Week #2.

.; 9= !K ?%.G%& $*.)?&
8ecrulLers keep loLs of Cvs, [usL ln case.So you'd be well advlsed Lo
dedlcaLe quallLy Llme lnLo wrlLlng your Cv ln a professlonal manner.
CreaLe your Llme capsule :
« l om tbe best ! »
urafL your uream 1eam :
« l om oot olooe ! »
1he game plan :
daLes and ob[ecLlves
1he 8evlew : « wbete Jo l come
ftom ? wbete om l qoloq to ? »
8esearch :
books, webslLes and advlces
urafL your currlculum vlLae
urafL your cover leLLers leLLres
Þlan your mall and follow-up
(ad[usLmenL Lo your Cv and leLLer)

Week #1
Week #2

uon'L leave behlnd any skeLchy and badly wrlLLen Cvs, full of mlsLakes
and « half-LruLhs » : Lhey could come back Lo haunL you, especlally ln
our dlglLal world.
lf lL ls Loo laLe for LhaL (damn, damn.), l would advlse you Lo operaLe a
drasLlc change ln Lhe presenLaLlon. 8ecrulLer mlghL noL esLabllsh a llnk
wlLh your prevlous Cvs.
1; 20% P*,$.? _.= 5 $0% 4` &$%3&
Cur meLhod lnLroduces 10 sLeps Lo drafLlng your Cv. 1o sLarL wlLh,
here are Lhree prellmlnary acLlons Lo be carrled ouL :
Þrellmlnarles :
a. Carbage can and baskeL
b. 8evlew and cholce
c. uocumenLaLlon, research
1. 1he oral LesL
2. LveryLhlng on one slngle page
3. My tlff as Lhe 8ed Lead
4. CllenL-relaLed argumenLs
3. CharacLerlsLlc feaLures
6. 1hen dlfferenLlaLe yourself
7. 1he seven essenLlal codes

8. Classlc ou LccenLrlc
9. 1he Lwo LesLs
10. ÞrlnLer, fax and copymachlne

uurlng Lhe Lralnlng sesslons, parLlclpanLs musL follow Lhose sLeps very
closely. Lach one of Lhem ls lmporLanL. 1hey all maLLer.
1he [ob seeker on hls own always conslders LhaL drafLlng hls/her Cv ls
a 2-hour Lask, merely updaLlng Lhe lasL verslon of lL.

lL's wrong : drafLlng your Cv can prove Lo be a severe LesL. noLhlng
comes easy : you should lnvesL Llme and resources, face Lhe course of
your llfe wlLh your successes and seLbacks. 1hls ls a real [ob, lL Lakes
meLhod and organlzaLlon.
L*%?)C)#.*= a 4 5 7.*1.:% -.# .#+ 2*.&0 !.#
llrsL of all, geL rld of Lhe laLesL verslon. 1ear lL up and Lhrow lL ln Lhe
garbage can. Cn your compuLer, move lL Lo Lhe 1rash Can. SLarL from
scraLch : Lhls ls Lhe besL way Lo sLarL all over agaln. 8e-wrlLe your sLory,
flnd a meanlngful paLLer wlLhln Lhe course of your professlonal llfe.
CuL of experlence, l am aware LhaL Lhls ls Lhe mosL cruclal momenL,
menLal block may come up.
l repeaL, Lhe worse you can do ls Lo do lL Lhe « CLrl C- CLrl v » way, Lhe
CuL&ÞasLe soluLlon.
1here ls only one soluLlon ln order Lo avold LhaL : drop your old Cvs.

Lnd of Þrellmlnary #1 :
?ou goL rld of all your old Cvs.

1he Lrap :
1o work on a prevlous verslon or Lo use a Cv from a colleague or a
« really cool » frlend.

L*%?)C)#.*= a @ 5 H%G)%J .#+ -0")-%
?ou should perform your AssessmenL 8evlew before drafLlng Lhe Cv.

1hls process can open many doors : new poslblllLles, new dlrecLlons,
new pro[ecLs for buslness venLures. 8uL, aL Lhls sLage, Lhe candldaLe
has Lo make a declslon : one or several LargeLs, and plan accordlngly
one or more dlsLlncLlve campalgns.
1he candldaLe may also declde Lo LargeL one speclflc buslness area.
Lnd of Þrellmlnary #2 :
Cn one slngle sheeL of paper : one or Lwo [obs (and someLlmes a
speclflc buslness area)

1he Lrap :
1o Lake your lasL [ob back wlLhouL a Lhorough analysls or Lo accepL Lhe
flrsL proposlLlon comlng your way.


L*%?)C)#.*= a > 5 H%&%.*-0
no problem for Lhls one : you boughL Lhe rlghL book !
neverLheless, do your homewok and research Lhe currenL Lrends ln
recrulLmenL ln your buslness area.
Lnd of Þrellmlnary #3 :
?ou now own Lhe necessary meLhodologlcal Lools ln order Lo drafL your

1he Lrap :
1o forgeL some baslc rules and llsLen Lo an advlser or one « know-lL-
all » frlend.
O$%3 a4 5 20% "*.? $%&$
llnd a frlend. Cr beLLer, drafL your uream 1eam, say flve persons, as
we menLlonned ln ChapLer 1.
?ou wlll Lell hlm/her/Lhem all abouL your professlonal llfe. 7 mlnuLes
ÞracLlcally, on your desk, Lhere ls your waLch (or your phone) and ln
fronL of you, your « parLner » llsLens and wrlLes your keywords.
AfLer Lhese seven mlnuLes, he should be able Lo dlgesL your
professlonal llfe. lf he cannoL make lL ln a sLrucLured way, sLarL Lhe
exerclse all over agaln.
AfLer llsLenlng Lo you, he/she/Lhey wlll summarlze your Cv : lL should
come down Lo a few sLages. 1he resulL of Lhls wlll be your sLarLlng
polnL. ?our counLerparL(s) has/have some dlsLance. Pe/she/Lhey ls/are

noL caughL up ln Lhe small deLalls of your dally llfe : he/she/Lhey can
see whlch are lLs essenLlal componenLs.
WhaL ls mosL lnLeresLlng, (on Lop of Lhe rehearsal for Lhe [ob
lnLervlew), ls LhaL Lhe backbone of your Cv ls noL whaL you Lell
anymore buL whaL somebody else wlll remember of lL.

Lnd of SLep #1 :
A sheeL of paper wlLh Lhe maln sLages of your llfe (keywords only).

1he Lrap :
1o confuse memorles, emoLlons or resenLmenLs wlLh advanLages for
your employer : Lhe key polnLs of your career are only meanL as fuLure
beneflLs for hlm.
O$.3 a@ 5 6G%*=$0)#: "# "#% &)#:?% &0%%$ 3.:%
AL lasL, you geL Lo wrlLe a Cv « for real ». lLs backbone wlll conslsL of
your frlends'noLes.
8especL Lhe maxlmum lengLh : one slngle page (no fonL reducLlon Lo
slze 9 ln order Lo wrlLe more !).
1he page ls noL processed : no layouL.
Lnd of SLep #2 :
A one-page-long rough Cv.

1he Lrap :
1o sLarL Lhe layouL or Lo puL Loo many deLalls.


O$%3 a > 5 9= 4'<< .& $0% H%+ Z%.+
1hls page should sLarL Lo look more llke you now. 1o do so, we wlll
declde whlch feaLure of your personallLy you wanL Lhe recrulLer Lo
remember (Lhls ls called Lhe rlff).
CreaLlve, dlsclpllned, frlendly, energeLlc, ablllLy Lo show empaLhy .
plck one up.
1hls feaLure, your rlff, wlll llLerally eplLomlze your Cv : everyLhlng wlll
relaLe Lo lL, Lhe secLlons, Lhe colours or Lhe shades of gray, Lhe
vocabulary and Lhe synLax.
Lnd of SLep #3 :
A reprocessed Cv, wlLh lLs flnal shape and sLrucLure. 1he conLenL has
been modlfled accordlng Lo Lhe tlff as well.

1he Lrap :
1o plck up a feaLure based on Lhe cllenL expecLaLlons, raLher Lhan on
your skllls.
O$%3 aE 5 !?)%#$B*%?.$%+ .*:,C%#$&
now you flll Lhe Cv wlLh argumenLs, deLalls or llnks Lhe recrulLer can
relaLe Lo. 1hese addlLlons are deslgned especlally for Lhe cllenL : Lhe
company LhaL wlll maybe hlre you.
LeL's puL lL Lhls way : you are on Þage 1, and whaL ls lnLeresLlng Lo Lhe
recrulLer ls on Þage 2.
Lnd of SLep #4 :
A Lwo-page Cv (maybe more)


1he Lrap :
1o underesLlmaLe Lhe cllenL's needs, expecLaLlons or preferences. A
good Cv ls equally balanced beLween supply (your skllls) and demand
(whaL Lhe company needs).
O$%3 a W 5 !0.*.-$%*)&$)- <%.$,*%&
never forgeL LhaL : before you become superlor Lo oLher people, you
should be llke anybody.
Lach [ob, each buslness fleld comes wlLh lLs own seL of referenLs.
CharacLerlsLlc feaLures refer Lo Lhe elemenLs requesLed and expecLed
by Lhe recrulLer or Lhe employer. ln oLher words, Lhey refer Lo all
sLereoLypes relaLed Lo your [ob, your dlploma or your buslness fleld.
- ulploma : an englneer ls supposed Lo be a LhoughLful,
emoLlonally-sLable and loglcal person , a soclal worker : a
frlendly and LoleranL person wlLh Lhe ablllLy Lo demonsLraLe
empaLhy , a graphlc deslgner : a creaLlve and lnnovaLlve

- ÞoslLlon : a secreLary : a communaLlng and exLraverL person , a
developer : a dlsclpllned person , a mallman : a frlendly and
smlllng person .

- 8uslness fleld : ln Lhe l1 secLor, people are young ln splrlL, wlLh
a good sense of humor, and even second-degree humor , ln

Lhe loglsLlcs buslness, people are forLhrlghL, sLralghLforward
and worklng hard .

1hese characLerlsLlc feaLures are resLrlcLlve, someLlmes carlcaLural. 8uL
as for any sLereoLype, Lhey glve our knowledge a sLrucLure. ln oLher
words, Lhey work as prevlously fllled ln lndex card.
ÞracLlcally :

1. Make a llsL of Lhe expecLed quallLles relaLed Lo your dlploma,
your [ob and your buslness fleld.
2. lllusLraLe Lhese quallLles ln Lhe layouL and ln Lhe conLenL of
your Cv.
3. lf necessary, lnclude Lhose quallLles ln your header banner.
4. lf necessary, maLch your quallLles wlLh Lhe layouL and Lhe
conLenL of your leLLer of moLlvaLlon.
Lnd of SLep #3 :
?our Cv has been modlfled Lo maLch Lhese expecLaLlons, Lhese
characLerlsLlc feaLures.
1he Lrap :
A Loo sLralghLforward approach make for a dull Cv. 1hese
characLerlsLlc feaLures should be undersLaLed : suggesLed noL
O$%3 a X 5 20%# +)<<%*%#$).$% =",*&%?<
Cnce Lhe recrulLer ls reassured (you deflnlLely have Lhe « baslc
feaLures » for Lhe [ob), you should dlfferenLlaLe yourself. ?ou should
brlng someLhlng else Lo Lhe Lable, so you can acLually be ahead of Lhe
resL of candldaLes.
1o do so, you should noL ldenLlfy Lhe quallLles anymore, buL Lhe mosL
common flaws ln your llne of work. 1hls ls where you can add value Lo
Lhe slLuaLlon.

?ou are a maLured, emoLlonally-sLable loglcal person, [usL llke any
oLher englneer, buL, on Lop of all LhaL, you are a creaLlve lndlvldual.
?ou are a dlsclpllned person, [usL llke any oLher accounLanL, buL also,
you are a LalkaLlve and open-mlnded lndlvldual.
?ou should be able Lo persuade Lhe recrulLer he can have your cake
and eaL lL.
ÞracLlcally :
1. Make a llsL wlLh Lhe acknowledged flaws ln your llne of work
2. 8everse Lhem : you have Lhe one uncommon quallLy !
3. lllusLraLe Lhese quallLles ln Lhe layouL and ln Lhe conLenL of
your Cv.
4. lf necessary, lnclude Lhose quallLles ln your header banner.
3. lf necessary, maLch your quallLles wlLh Lhe layouL and Lhe
conLenL of your leLLer of moLlvaLlon.
Lnd of SLep #6 :
La preml€re parLle de la redacLlon esL Lermlnee.

1he Lrap :
!usL one quallLy ls enough. More Lhan Lwo quallLles, lL sounds fake, lL ls
sounds llke « Loo good Lo be Lrue ».

O$%3 a ^ 5 20% &%G%# %&&%#$).? -"+%&
1lll now, you were lnLo Lhe analysls, reflexlve and drafL modes. now
you should conform Lhe Cv wlLh Lhe norms.

Codes are essenLlal : Lhey puL Lhe recrulLer aL ease (you answer hls
expecLaLlons), Lhey provlde all Cvs wlLh a common ground (lL can easlly
be compared), Lhey make for an easler read (lL provldes Lhe recrulLer
wlLh a de[a-vu aspecL) and flnally, Lhey have been sub[ecLs Lo LesLs and
analysls. 1hese codes work as soluLlons Lo deflclencles or dysfuncLlons.
1hls ls a dlsconcerLlng sLep : Lhe layouL and Lhe conLenL of your Cv wlll
be radlcally Lransformed.
Lnd of SLep #7 :
?our Cv ls seL.

1he Lrap :
8eware of Lhe so-called experLs aL Lhe !ob CenLer. 8eware of Lhose
« knowledgeable » assoclaLlons.
8efer Lo LrusLworLhy sources, Lhen ad[usL your Cv Lo comply Lo Lhese
codes. ?our Cv wlll be [usL llke you : unlque.
O$%3 a b 5 !?.&&)- "* 6--%#$*)-
?our Cv ls done. Accordlng Lo Lhe essenLlal codes : efflclenL buL
now you are free Lo glve lL a more eccenLrlc aspecL so lL wlll sLand ouL.
1he maln crlLerla are :
- 1he buslness fleld (fashlon, graphlc deslgn.)
- 1he Lrade (fashlon deslgner, lnLerlor decoraLor.)
- 1he personallLy of Lhe candldaLe (englneer.buL an lnnovaLlng
englneer !)
- 1he company you apply for (Apple, Coogle.)

CrlglnallLy ls noL an easy concepL. lL ls abouL creaLlvlLy, LasLe, boldness
and meLhodology.
ÞracLlcally, Lhere are many ways Lo convey or communlcaLe lLs
Les prlnclpaux modes de decllnalson sonL :
- 1he supporL
- 1he colours
- 1he graphlc deslgn
- 1he layouL
- 1he Lypography
- 1he ob[ecL or Lhe composlLlon of Lhe plcLure
- SecLlons and lnformaLlons Lo be lncluded
- 1he aLLachmenLs
- 1he malllng opLlon
- 1he follow-up
Lnd of SLep # 8 :
lL depends on your declson, your Cv remalns convenLlonal or has
Lurned lnLo an eccenLrlc one.
1he Lrap :
1o be eccenLrlc before havlng a convenLlonal Cv. 1o declde for an
aLyplcal framework or conLenL would be a mlsLake.
An eccenLrlc Cv sLarLs from a convenLlonal Cv. So lL remalns conslsLenL
wlLh lLs perLlnence, lLs sLrucLure and lLs conLenL.

O$%3 a c 5 2J" $%&$&
1haL's lL ! ?ou have your Cv. A rock solld Cv.
lL ls done buL noL enLlrely : lL has Lo pass Lhe rookle LesL and Lhe experL
noLe : le beLon a deux polnLs falbles peu connus qul sonL, pour
reprendre l'expresslon populalre, les defauLs de ses quallLes : d'une
parL, s'll esL lnaLLaquable, ll appara•L aussl rlglde eL lmpeneLrable ,
d'auLre parL, sa reslsLance ne conna•L quaslmenL aucune llmlLe en
comprehenslon mals, en LracLlon, elle esL nulle.
L'ob[ecLlf seralL de doLer voLre Cv d'un beLon qul n'alL pas ces defauLs
eL en garderalL LouLes les quallLes : lnaLLaquable eL reslsLanL ‚ la
presslon. ll va fallolr se debarrasser de l'lmpeneLrable, du rlglde eL
de ceLLe senslblllLe ‚ la LracLlon.
Le LesL du novlce a pour ob[ecLlf d'ecarLer les Cv lmpeneLrables ou
rlgldes. Celul de l'experL, de repousser ceux qul seralenL Lrop falbles ‚
la LracLlon.

- 1he rookle LesL :
1ake your Cv wlLh you and meeL your buLcher, your baker or
your florlsL :

« l need a favour. l am applylng for a [ob and l would
llke Lo make sure LhaL a LoLal sLranger Lo my fleld of
experLlse ls able Lo undersLand my Cv. Can you please
read lL ? »


Why would you need a !ohn uoe Lo read your Cv ? Somedoby
who doesn'L know anyLhlng abouL your Lrade, llke your baker ?
Pe/she ls Lhe young person ln charge of P8 who wlll meeL you
aL Lhe flrsL lnLervlew. 1hls LesL wlll make sure he/she wlll
undersLand your Cv. 1he same goes for Lemp work
consulLanLs, execuLlve asslsLanLs or else employees ln charge
of Lhese flrsL sLeps ln Lhe recrulLmenL process.


- 1he experL LesL :
1he same Cv musL be credlble when somebody wlLh Lhe same
level of skllls reads lL. 1haL person could be your nexL boss,
colleague or an exLernal experL.
1hese guys wlll flddle wlLh your Cv lnslde ouL Lo LesL lL.

Lnd of SLep #9 :
?our Cv ls valldaLed.

1he Lrap :
1he advlce from your husband or wlfe, he/she doesn'L know anyLhlng
on Lhe sub[ecL buL he/she ls appreclaLlve and ls lmpressed by you.
O$%3 a4` 5 L*)#$%*T <.d .#+ -"3= C.-0)#%
LasL sLep : Lhe copy LesL. All Lhe books advlse lL, buL ln reallLy, very few
candldaLes do lL.
1. SelecL Lhe « black and whlLe drafL » quallLy opLlon on your
prlnLer and prlnL your Cv.
2. SelecL Lhe Culck ÞrlnL opLlon (wlLh colours) and prlnL your Cv.
3. ÞhoLocopy boLh Cvs.
4. lax Lhem.
1he quallLy of Lhese coples musL be beyond reproach ! ?our Cvs wlll
be equally readable as Lhe flrsL one. ?ou wlll be equally recognlzed on
Lhe dupllcaLed plcLure.
Lnd of sLep #10:
?our Cv ls ready.

1he Lrap :

1he margln ls Loo small. 1here ls Lhe rlsk of havlng Lhe page numbers
or Lhe lnformaLlons on Lop Lhe pages dlsappear wlLh Lhe copymachlne
or Lhe fax.

8e asserLlve : lf you can make lL durlng Lhe lnLervlew, you wlll be able
Lo make lL durlng any meeLlng.
uon'L be afrald Lo Lalk abouL Lhe salary and Lhe compensaLlon
package : lf you are able Lo successfully negoLlaLe your slLuaLlon durlng
Lhe lnLervlew, Lhen you wlll be able Lo do lL wlLh cllenLs.


( &0"*$ -"#-?,&)"#
1he Cv l've always dreamed abouL seems Lrlvlal. lL lsn'L much Lo look
aL, would a casual reader say.
lL ls slmple, clear and. mallclous , lL genLly whlspers Lo Lhe recrulLer's
ears : l am Lhe rlghL one.

8eLLer Lhan Lechnlcal advlces and ul? Llps, Lhe 8uLhless/8ruLal Way ls
an moLlvaLlonal machlne.
lf Lhere would be a concluslon, lL would be elecLrlc : packed wlLh
energy, rage and Lhe wlll Lo succeed.
uo clench your flsLs and geL Lo work : Lhls Llme, lL's your Lurn!

Z.&$ $)3 <"* $0% *".+
up Lo Lhls polnL, Lhere has been more Lhan Lwo hundred pages fllled
wlLh cerLalnLles, Llps, Lrlcks or codes. And now, you should Lurn Lhe
?ou are golng Lo wrlLe Lhe nexL chapLer : you're on.
lL ls up Lo you : a real Cv, a Cv [usL llke you.


1o 5ylvle, my soow boll

1books to oot boll boys ooJ boll qltls .

Moxl wooteJ to become o cbemlst ot oo loveotot, o job wblcb woolJ
ptovlJe o blq boose to blm ooJ bls qltlftleoJ.
Motk wooteJ to be fomoos ooJ to be oo 1v.
Mottbew tbloks tbe wotlJ sboolJ be o bettet ploce, wltb mote jostlce,
bot be Joeso´t koow wbete to flt. ne Joeso´t koow be ls beloq plctoteJ
os smollet tboo Motk .
lolo wlll be oo occoootoot, jost llke bet mom, bot sbe woots to Jo lt oll
bet woy, sbe woots to loveot tbloqs, sbe woots to come op wltb oew
lJeos, jost llke bet JoJ.

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