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44427614 Wood Foreign Entanglements Through United Nations US Congressional Record 1952

44427614 Wood Foreign Entanglements Through United Nations US Congressional Record 1952

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Address by Congressman John T. Wood, of Idaho, Before Sixty-first Continental Congress of Daughters of the American Revolution, in Constitution Hall, Washington, D. C, April 17, 1952
(Printed in the Congressional Record of April 23, 1952)

Mr. WOOD of Idaho. Mr. Speaker, under unanimous consent of the House, I am introducing into the RECORD the following address delivered by me before the Sixtyfirst Continental Congress of the Daughters of the American Revolution in Constitution Hall, Washington, D. C, on April 17, 1952. FOREIGN ENTANGLEMENTS
During the 3 years preceding the adoption of the Charter of the United Nations at San Francisco, in 1945, through 3 years of secret meetings, held in the United States and elsewhere, we were the accomplices, or the innocent victims, depending upon your viewpoint on that document, of the most infamous campaign of lying, deceitful treachery in the entire history of the world. This crime was perpetrated against us by a coterie, composed of out-and-out minions of Soviet Russia, pro-British Fabian Socialists, Rhodes scholars, and just plain traitors to America, who were known at that time as the brain trust. These were aided and abetted on our side by a dying President, already suffering from extensive cerebral disease, usually accompanied by delusions of grandeur, which was to result in his death before the treaty could be officially sanctioned. On the outer fringe of this group were the thousands of war-weary plain Americans, who had lost sons, fathers, or brothers in World War II. These long-suffering people were naturally conditioned for "peace at any price" and for "peace in our time." They were still further prepared for this peace-at-any-price program through the security-from-the-cradle-to-the-grave propaganda so extensively carried on by the administration, as

well as by the laws enacted to begin the actual operation of such an appealing panacea. They were told, at their own expense: "This is the last hope of the world for peace." And that the world has now become so circumscribed, through modern speed of communications, that we are only a few hours away from total war and destruction by a rain of atom bombs. Probably the great treason of the United Nations could never have been, so thoroughly sold to the people of America, had it not been for a deliberate campaign of immensely publicized fear of the atom bomb, again carried on at the expense of the taxpayers of America.

for a limited time. I charge the previous administration, and this, with a criminal, and unAmerican lack of awareness in everything which stood for the safety of America first.

Before one can begin to evaluate the merits or demerits of the Charter of the United Nations, and the scope of our commitments to it, it is advisable to give consideration to the philosophy of our Government before we began our foreign adventures in 1917. For the real departure from our constitutional American system began with our entry into that war. It may be that the Spanish-American War could be discounted as a threat to our previous policy, if the destruction of the battleship Maine be accepted as the proximate cause of that conflict. Previously to 1917 our national policy had been one, not of isolationism, as so many would have you believe today, but rather one of friendly cooperation with all other nations. It had never been our policy that we should enter into any entangling alliance with either any nation or group of nations. Our entire history shows that we had maintained an insistence that we should remain aloof from any alliance which could even remotely serve as a cause of embarrassment in the working out of our national aspirations to maintain a constitutional government, instituted by freemen, and resting securely upon the will of freemen, the perpetuity of which was to be maintained through a written Constitution which permanently secured those rights to the sovereign people not specifically granted to the Government. All the founding fathers had warned us against any sort of foreign entanglements.

And please to remember that, during the whole of this campaign of fear, we were about to emerge triumphant from a victorious war against two continents; we possessed the strongest military and naval force on earth, and every nation on earth was our friend, except traitorous and treacherous Russia; to whom at that time we were either freely giving all our military secrets, as well as billions of dollars of military and civil equipment, as well as carte blanche in the full inspection of our military installations, except a very few of our supposedly most' closely guarded atomic secrets, though even with these a criminally lax supervision paved the way for their being obtained later by Russia, either by ascent of those in the seats of the mighty, or through actual treason of those still higher in authority. "Good old Joe," the friend of all democratic nations, spoke with high authority in those days, even if our fliers were either denied a landing in Russia, except under the closest supervision, previously officially arranged, and then only

but more especially those of a political nature. For they felt that the representatives of a constitutional republican form of government would be placed in a position of peculiar disadvantage in any sort of union with a monarchial or other form of government than ours. Quite necessarily a government of the people is slower in action than those in which an arbitrary power is exercised by those at the top, rather than upon the expressed will of the people through their representatives. All such unequal yokes were wisely contemplated and evaluated by the great men who built the bulwarks of this Government. Our constitutional Government pursued such a course for 128 years—years of glori-our achievement both at home and abroad. Under it America became a power for right and justice amongst the other nations. We were universally respected and loved. Our approbation was eagerly sought, and our ideals constituted a leaven which bid fair to leaven the governmental thinking of the world.

forth bitter fruit within the passage of just a few years, which led directly into the bigger and more deadly World War II. The allies at Versailles broke up the huge Austro-Hungarian empire on the charge that it was too big. Now, as one of the prime objects of the North Atlantic Treaty, it is advised that the countries of Europe shall form a bigger and better federation. "Consistency, thou art a jewel." and the peace settlements to be enforced. But the pages of history are barren of peace settlements imposed by the victor on the vanquished which were rooted in the principles of honor, decency, and justice. It is unnecessary to record, one by one, the tragic settlements of history to sustain this charge."

Came the Second World War, a natural corollary of the negation of Wilson's 14 points, which had led the defeated nations to expect that, though broken in battle, they too might become mutual partners in an International scheme infinitely more grand and glorious than that envisioned in the Charter of the United Nations. There the Big Three, as it turned out, are to be the masters of the whole world for all time, with the rights of each of the predatory group to be secured by the armed might of the whole group. This gave Russia the right to exercise the greatest sweep of might over right ever seen in the whole course of history. Under it, she gathered one-half of the population of the world into her hegemony. To offset the natural results of the iniquity, we are now attempting to do the same thing, willy-nilly, even if perhaps too late, with the rest of the world, either through international alms giving, cajolery, or an outright show of force. At the best, we drew the have-not nations into our sphere of influence, while Russia added a huge supply of raw materials to her already inexhaustible supply, with perhaps the single exception of oil. She secured millions of peoples, easily led, who had never known rights of self-determination; we got a collection of warring states, who have been for ages the international powder keg of the world.

It is probably unnecessary to recount the history of the near-treasonable and tragic steps pursued by the administration for our entry into World War II. Suffice it to say that, in spite of the lying chicanery and palpable partisanship of the ominous succession of contradictory policies enunciated by the Executive, to which a base and subservient Congress readily acceded, we were no nearer to an entry into that war on Sunday, December 7, 1941, than at the beginning of the machinations of a war-complaisant, if not warhungry administration. The great mass of the American people never favored our entry into the European conflict, in spite of persuasive and forked-tongue oratory, until the tragedy of Pearl Harbor, and the perhaps needless slaughter of 3,000 of our American boys on the ships trapped within the bottleneck of that perfectly untenable position. There yet remain cryptic truths to be disclosed by a real investigation of that horror. Whatever the facts, it succeeded in getting the assent of the people of America into total war. The loss of 1,000,000 of our boys in that war; the recognition of unspeakable Soviet Russia as a faithful and responsible ally; the give-away of our war materiel, our wealth, and top military and atomic secrets to that clique of international gangsters, proudly accepted as fellow-democrats in arms by the administration, but never by the bulk of American people, all followed in quick succession. Shades of the founding fathers. Was not this the acme and ultra of the foreign entanglements they had thundered against?

Our entry into the First World War changed all of this. Forgetting the wise advice of the great founders of this Nation, we formed just such ties, political and military, as they had advised us against. We were supposed to make the world safe for democracy, but when that great conflict ended democracy was safe nowhere. Out of it had come the three greatest tyrannies of all times: Soviet Russia, Hitlerite Germany, and Fascistic Italy. Wilson had enunciated his noble 14 points, which were to guide the victorious nations at the peace table. Where were they at the peace table? Where are they now? Did they ever exist as anything else than a mere platitude, to be used as a bait to insure an earlier surrender; to be forgotten, as such statements always are at every peace table, when vengeful and predatory victors eagerly imposed hard terms on the vanquished? The terms of a victor-dictated peace have never yet advanced the cause of true peace. They never shall. For the very terms of the victor nations have always demanded that the newly acquired advantages of the victor shall be maintained or enhanced at the peace table. This is perfectly natural and inevitable, whether in the prize ring or at the peace table. For human beings are still human beings. They have not yet graduated into the celestial hierarchy. Not yet. Events more rapidly today. The injustices and great wrongs perpetrated upon victors and vanquished alike in the iniquitous Peace Treaty of Versailles blossomed and brought

I should like to quote a paragraph from the speech of the farsighted Senator Ship-stead, of Minnesota, given in the Senate immediately preceding the ratification of the Charter of the United Nations by that body: "The pages of history are filled with arrangements among the states of the world for the purpose of doing away with war. These arrangements always appear as an afterthought of the victor nations, who impose their will on the vanquished, in the hope that peace will then insure the spoils of victory. "But history also records that victor powers, either singly or collectively, are always the architects of the peace enforcing agency,

But worse is still to come, as we continue to turn the pages of the catalog of shame. Seeking still closer association with a murderous government of gangsters, established upon the skulls of millions of their own butchered citizens, we cooperated in their dictation of the most hideous international document of all times, the Charter of the United Nations. This atrocity was born of the mesalliance of a gangster government, a coterie of ignorant, and frequently treasonable, proponents of a new order for America, an unsavory array of alien and mendicant

nations, and a heavily propagandized majority of decent American citizens. None, except America, had ever known one jot or one tittle of the duties and rights upon which this great Government of the sovereign people was founded.

"Where are we going? Toward a renewal of our faith in ourselves, or to the novel experiment of subordinating the independence of action of one of the last free peoples on earth to a world superstate?" Could anyone have prophesied the loss of our constitutional liberties more clearly?

Since the ending of World War I there has evolved a younger generation of Americans, who have never known the experience of living under an undiluted constitutional American Government. They have been conditioned to living under wars, fear of wars, a controlled war economy, with its unseemly and unnecessary delegations of more or less absolute powers to the Executive, the threats of foreign military service in causes they cannot understand, and with which they do not have the slightest interest. They are lost, confused, hopeless, and living in a whirlwind of contradictions. They have lost faith in the Constitution, the Executive, and in Congress. And no wonder. It is difficult for me to understand why they have held their sanity as well as they have. Many of them have lost it. They are unable to regain their rightful place in the center of their own universe, and feel they are within the middle reaches of the eventual maelstrom of all the hopes and rights which the great Constitution of the United States had made theirs forever if their immediately older generation had not proved recreant to the trust imposed in them by their children of the great mist. The only evidence of wisdom I have been able to discover in that fateful meeting with the international gangsters and mendicant nations at San Francisco was our early insistence upon the right of veto in the Executive Council of the United Nations; though I understand that we are now seeking to even barter away that right. Don't try to tell me that even the misled Americans who signed that infamous document did not recognize its menace to America even before they signed it. But even that degree of healthy fear was overridden by the maudlin hope that somehow good might be born out of evil. We know better now.

For freedom cannot be given to a people. It cannot be bought and sold. You cannot drop it down international chimneys, like Santa Claus. Our American freedom was implanted in the hearts and souls of the founding fathers by Almighty God, the source and only giver of all freedom. They, in their turn, willed it to every citizen born under the aegis of the Constitution. This, alone, continues our guaranties of liberty, as long as we choose to keep it so. Without it, we have lost our Shekinah of freedom, our Ark of the Covenant, and we become the slaves of the whirlwind. If we bury this talent in the ground, like the foolish man in the parable, we shall surely lose it. If we wish to retain our American freedoms, we must renew our obligations to the Constitution every sun-bathed morning; we must bathe in its life-giving water every day; and drink deeply of its crystal-clear waters. And when the shades of evening draw their mantle around our tent, we must relight the lamps of freedom, to make sure no foe shall compromise our sleepfilled tryst with the Almighty Founder and Giver of freedom.

Last fall, a coterie of our European, Canadian, and American friends, under the guidance and leadership of that apostle of destruction of American freedoms, Dean Acheson, the real President of the United States, met at Ottawa; and there drew up resolutions for the formation of still another of the treasonable brood of unions, supposed to keep America safe for Americans. I refer to the Atlantic Union, which is to be superimposed upon the dizzy North Atlantic Treaty Organization; and PATO, as Senator JENNER, of Indiana, recently christened the treaty forming the Pacific Peace Pact, passed by the Senate on black Thursday, March 20, 1952. It takes 19 years to breed and train your sons for the total atomic war which is surely coming unless we get out of the United Nations, and its kindred entangling alliances, but the multitudinous and motley unions of cross purposes, all of them traitorous to American interests, have been put over on the basically patriotic citizens of America without any precursory blasts of rams' horns, but the walls of constitutional, representative America are none the less falling down before the determined onslaughts of the termites and rodents presently infesting American politics. If this statement seems farfetched, listen to this clipping of April 7, 1952, sent from Ottawa, Canada, on that date:

I should like to quote again from that great American patriot, Senator Shipstead, of Minnesota, in his prophetic speech in the Senate: "There are those in our midst who openly confess their belief that Bill of Rights democracy has been overemphasized in this country; that economic democracy is all that matters. And under the guise of such labels, we are being lured away from a constitutional, representative government into the embrace of an ancient tyranny masquerading in a modern dress. It must be that such economic and political modernists have either forgotten, or are contemptuously disregarding, the roots from which America has grown. These men can find no facts in 150 years of American history to refute my claim that America was born of the determination that, were it humanly possible, a new nation under God should be forever free from entanglements in the ancient tyrannies of the Old World. Our Constitution was set up as a specific safeguard against any remote possibility of returning to tyranny."

There was at least one patriotic American Senator who knew the Charter was evil. Listen to him (quoting Senator Ship-stead again): "Have we, through our diplomacy, and our participation in international politics, become so enmeshed that it is now impossible for us to maintain our political independence on a basis of peace and Justice; or are we now at the end of the rope as an independent Nation? Are we now to decide that we must Join a world superstate for our safety and economic welfare? If that decision is to be made, let us walk carefully.

"Men who want to destroy the independence of the United States, including at least one American Senator and some Congressmen, will meet here April 30 to lay the ground for their next steps. "Their goal is to lower the Stars and Stripes to the level of a state or provincial flag in a supernew Atlantic nation to be ruled by a polyglot parliament. Canadians, Britons, Frenchmen, Dutchmen, Belgians, and Luxemburgers would enact laws telling Americans what to do. "The Americans would not lose all independence at first, Alistair Stewart, Canadian member of parliament, explained today. They would Just give up sovereignty in foreign policy, defense, and a few other things,

such as trade at first. Of course, the United States always would keep some domestic rights, much as the individual States have some rights today. "Stewart, a Socialist from Winnipeg, is secretary of the Canadian Parliamentary Association for World Government, host to the conference here. He said Senator GILLETTE, Democratic Senator from Iowa; Congressman BOGGS, Democrat from Louisiana; and JOHNSON, Republican from California, will be among the world government workers coming here from Washington. Another will be Owen Roberts, former Supreme Court Justice. "Senator KEFAUVER, Democrat from Tennessee, and a present aspirant for the exalted office of President of the United States on the Democratic ticket, wanted to come, Stewart said, but we talked him out of it, because we think he should not take the time from his campaign to win the Democratic nomination for President. "The American delegates to the meeting will be given the honor of being seated in the Canadian Senate in a session at which GILLETTE will make a speech. Stewart and GILLETTE will urge the creation of a North Atlantic parliament which will have power only to make recommendations to the governments of the member countries. "This parliament would be the forerunner of the real thing, which would have the power to make laws, not merely recommendations, Stewart said, but of course that will take time. * * * We all have the same kind of democracy, and would understand how to get along together in a federation, Stewart said. Later we might take in other states. "The tentatively planned North Atlantic Parliament would have about 300 members, of which about 160 would come from the United States. But they would not be expected to vote on nationalistic lines. We would not want to keep up any differences of national feelings in the Atlantic Parliament. "He said the idea would be a great thing for the United States, because it would give Americans a bigger export market within

the federation. (He did not say where this new market would get its money.) "North Atlantic Federation would also strengthen the defense of the countries now associated in the Atlantic Alliance, he said. Stewart said it would be up to the superparliament to decide whether Canada, which has been in the forensic front in NATO, and the United Nations, would have to do more in an Atlantic federation than it is doing now. "Lester B. Pearson, Canadian Minister of External Affairs, and Chairman of the NATO Council, has been an eloquent supporter of the idea that NATO should grow into an Atlantic community, but Canada has sent only token forces to Europe and Korea, and has refused to give cash, food, or raw materials to Britain and Western European Allies." this act of aggression occurred last Friday, might be the beginning of another constitutional war, to be fought at the ballot boxes next November, which shall decide once again whether this Union shall remain one and indivisible, so long as the world shall exist, or whether it shall lose its identity in an inglorious polyglot of alien peoples who want nothing from us except their protection, at our expense, and to appropriate our wealth until we leave our starved and shriveled bodies on the shoreless sands of time. This beloved land of ours can never be destroyed by any alien foe, but even the glory of the Star-Spangled Banner cannot endure when its superiority is attacked from within. Listeners, is it not high time to get our beloved land out of the thralldom of this hideous conspiracy which disgraces our beautiful flag and is to surely destroy our American freedoms?

Now lest you should think the previous item is visionary—though I assure you it is not—I quote from the New York Times of Friday, April 11. On that day, Old Glory was hauled down ignominiously at the United States Navy Yard, at Norfolk, Va.; and a strange and alien rag—the flag of the NATO Atlantic Fleet Headquarters— unfurled and saluted in its place. Admiral Lynde D. Mc-Cormick is in direct command of the former United States Territory, stolen by this international bastard organization, and Vice Adm. Sir William Andrewes of the British Royal Navy, second in command. I wonder Just what the revered shades of Paul Jones, Lawrence, Farragut, and a thousand other splendid old American seadogs might think of that disgraceful occurrence; men who gave our Navy the right to fly the Stars and Stripes victoriously over every ocean. Those in authority who ordered this disgraceful episode, taking over American territory by a hybrid organization of this kind, to my mind, were guilty of high treason to America. The Civil War began in South Carolina, the ending of which secured our Union—we hoped forever. May we not hope that Virginia, within whose former territory

Americans, awake, before it is too late. Surely I do not need to remind you that four of our presidential candidates this year are actively supporting these treasons to America. I would not want to dictate your duty at the ballot box this year. I do pray Almighty God if your duty is not clear to you at this time it shall be made so before election. To my mind, the great question before the American voter next fall is to choose between your beloved country and this hideous caricature of America false prophets of doom are asking you to support. You don't need to be ashamed to get down on your knees and pray to the God of the founding fathers for wisdom to guide you. George Washington did. Read your Constitution again; then read it once more. If you will do this, I have no fears whatever for the future of America— your land and mine. You frequently sing that beautiful song God Bless America. Make it possible for Him to continue to bless it by keeping it one and indivisible as He willed it from the beginning. Else you shall have no America for Him to bless.

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