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Grade 5 English Writing Direct and Indirect Discourse

Grade 5 English Writing Direct and Indirect Discourse

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Writing Direct and Indirect Discourse

I. Learning Objectives • • II. Relay information accurately using direct and indirect discourse. Use direct and indirect speech in giving reports.

Subject Matter A. Topic: B. References: C. Materials: Value Focus: Using Direct and Indirect Discourse PELC Speaking II English Language Power 5 pp.264-273 pictures, puzzle, comic strips Accuracy and responsibility


Procedure A. Preparatory Activities Motivation Game: Message Relay Divide the pupils into five groups. Let each group choose a leader. The teacher will relay a message through the leader. Then the leader passes on the message by whispering to the group members. The last member writes the message on a piece of paper and submit it to the teacher. The first group to submit the written work with the correct message wins the game. Unlocking of Difficulties Meeting New Words – Let’s Boogie The teacher gives each group a copy of this puzzle.

It is advisable to have an English dictionary as reference in settling possible disputes that may arise during the game. The teacher will give you three minutes for the groups to form words in a given signal.receive and pass on information ___________ . 1. There are 100 letters in the “Boogie Box. This “Boogie Box”. tells the exact words of the speaker ___________ discourse.N Q F H K S T W Z I K O D I S Q P S R N B U I K U W X E N D O P S H S U P A I I O M C F A L J Y C R I N O N Y T G U M E Z I U R J R O T O C D I R E C T A U U T L L S A A R E E Q A H C E E P S D B N O The object of the game is to discover words with the highest point value from the letters in the Boogie Box within the given time. 4. 5. 2. will be provided by the teacher.used to mark the beginning and end of a quoted title or passage ___________ . ___________ marks . Words in the Box! Quotation Relay Speech Direct Indirect 3 2 1 2 2 10 The group with the highest score wins the game. – – – – – . 3. tells the relayed or reported speech Each word in the Boogie Box earns corresponding points.the ability to explains thoughts and feelings by articulate sounds ___________ discourse.” Each group will start at the same time to find the words defined below.

“This is my best performance!”) Say: “You are really good at reading people’s body language!” to compliment the actual response of the class. Ask: What was the police officer trying to say by his action? (The police officer meant “Stop” when he raised his hand). Show the picture to the class. 2. Can you guess what the athlete was trying to say? (The athlete said. What about the lady in the picture. What about the conductor. Development of the Lesson Presentation 1. She gestures. What about the referee? (The referee. Say: Based on the finished activity on Body Language. . what kind of a dancer is she? (She is a ballet dancer. shouted “Time Out!” as he formed the letter “T” using his hands). d. Ask. are you good at interpreting body language? Can you tell what the people in the pictures are saying by their actions? Let’s start the fun! a. (The teacher will write the possible answers on the board). b. relay what the people said as seen in the pictures. c. I’m very tired when he slumped on the ground).B. what was he trying to say? (The conductor directed the orchestra to play softer).

d. b. Driver!” The referee shouted. “Sing Softer!” The ballet dancer expressed. Given Messages The police officer signaled. “Stop Mr. 2.Given Statements Direct Discourse/Speech A. c. Driver had to stop. Relayed/Reported Messages The police officer signaled that Mr. a. What rules should we follow in changing direct speech to relayed or reported speech? . c. What information are given in these sentences? What do you call these sentences? Do sentences A and sentences B have the same information? What is the difference between direct and indirect discourse? Generalization Recall the differences in structure between a direct and an indirect speech or discourse. command or request. “I’m very tired!” The conductor directed the singers. Analysis and Discussions 1. The athlete sighed that he was tired. a. Read the sentences in A. The ballet dancer expressed that it was her best performance. The referee shouted that it was time out. What do you call these sentences which contain the exact words of the speaker? • These sentences are called direct discourse because they contain the exact words of the speaker. What kind of sentences are they? • These sentences are statements. What are the exact words said by: the police officer? the referee? the athlete? the conductor? the ballet dancer? How were you able to tell the exact word of the speaker? • They are separated by quotation marks. Read the sentences in B. b. The conductor directed the singers to sing softer. “This is my best performance!” Expected Answers Indirect Discourse/Speech B. “Time Out!” The athlete sighed.

_____________________________________________________ 3. They will take turns in relaying the direct discourse given to them. Remember: Follow the rules you have learned. _____________________________________________________ 9.” requested Ms. _____________________________________________________ 10. _____________________________________________________ 5.” said John. “Have you met the new neighbors?” Lina asked her brother. “Turn on the light by the stairways.C. Mother said.” _____________________________________________________ 4. “It’s a silly game. _____________________________________________________ . “Some computers can talk. “My plants have grown so fast. _____________________________________________________ 6. Palma.” he said. “Will you join the educational trip?” Joana asked Vina. Post Activities Application Activity 1–Dyad/Pair Each member of the pair will be given two of the different discourse below. 1.” said Darwin. _____________________________________________________ 2.” said Nicole.” Mark remarked. “We will leave early. _____________________________________________________ 7. _____________________________________________________ 8. “Please buy the materials for my project” Jay pleaded. “Kindly help me carry these books to the library. “Kangaroos have long and powerful hind legs.

______________________________________________________ 2. The children said that cleaning up the house was their task that day. Write your sentence on a one-half sheet of paper. Bessie quipped that her chore was the easiest. ______________________________________________________ Activity 3 Reporting Group of four to six members each may use the Relay Table Strategy wherein each member take turns in giving their answers. 1. . ______________________________________________________ 3.Activity 2 Change each reported statement to direct speech. ______________________________________________________ 4. and so on. Example: Student A will answer item #1. Girlie said that her brother was washing the dishes. ______________________________________________________ 5. Cory said she would clean her room. Mother said that she would prepare their lunch. student B will answer item #2. Observe correct punctuation marks.

Sam asks where the party will be held. The telephone rings. Grace tells Rowel to hold the line. . Rowel the caller asks for Sam. She calls Sam and tells him that he has a call. too.Enrichment Activity 1 Read the narrative and then provide the necessary dialogs for the speech balloons in the comic strips. Sam thanks Rowel and says goodbye. Sam gets the phone. Rowel tells Sam that they are going to attend Emmanuel’s party on Saturday. Rowel tells him that it will be at Willie’s Restaurant. Grace picks it up and answers it. Rowel bids him goodbye.

Report each event using indirect discourse. .Activity 2 Read the comic strip.

“I think we can have Reading corners in all rooms. then rewrite it as (a) a direct quotation .” everyone agreed. 7. Geoffrey answered that it was good to have magazines too. Read what each character says. Read your sentences to class. each of us will bring a book for the corner. “Yes. Evaluation Oral or Written A. 6. IV.” said Paul.” said Paul. The president said they had to think of their project for that school year. The president said that the secretary wrote down notes. 4.” the president encouraged the group. “Let’s start this project this coming Monday. 8. The group said the ideas of Paul were excellent. 10. “Please give your suggestions.” added Joan.Activity 3 Change the indirect discourse to direct discourse and vice versa. 1. “So it’s decided then. “How about bringing magazines too?” asked Vino. 5. Values Integration When speaking. 2. 9. 3. observe accuracy and responsibility in disseminating messages and information.

The man asked Mother if _________________________________. Written Test. a. 1. Is this the brand you want? The man asked Mother. The man asked ______________ if ______________.” Mom said.” Mother said to the grocery owner. 3. Prince: I will never marry a girl who is not a real princess. b. 5.” he apologized. a. “I will buy a tray of eggs. Maidservant: I will take you to the guest room. 2. She said that it was alright. Mother told to the grocery owner that she needed some flour. _____________________________________________________ B. Example: “I need some flour. _____________________________________________________ b. Use the simple present tense in your direct quotation. Mom said _______________________________. Princess: I do not know what is in my bed. a. _____________________________________________________ 3. a. Report the direct discourse by completing the blanks with the missing words. _____________________________________________________ b. too.” c. _____________________________________________________ b. _____________________________________________________ 5. _____________________________________________________ 4. 1. She said. 1. . She said ________________ a tray of eggs too. “I forgot about it.and (b) as an indirect quotation. Put a cross (x) before the discourse that has a different idea or message. a. Mother said _______________________________. 4. _____________________________________________________ 2. “That’s alright. “Do you want some sugar?” the man asked. Queen: I can easily find the truth. _____________________________________________________ b. C. “I’ll take it. _____________________________________________________ b. Gatekeeper: There is a maiden in the gate. “I’m so sorry.” Mother said. a.” she said.

“Is she your Math teacher?” she asked. c.” she asked. Assignment Change the following direct statements to reported statements. b.” he said. The children greeted her back.” he said. “My teacher will be mad at me. V. 4. “We can still arrive her time. 6. She answered him that she wasn’t hurt c. “The outreach program will start next week. The president added.” _______________________________________________________ 2. 1. Make the necessary changes in verbs or pronouns. He said he was in a hurry. b. a. b. “Our club will donate old clothes and toys for the poor. He said his teacher was Miss Kahanap. b. The teacher said good morning. c. “Here she comes. “We’re classmates. b. 10. b. She said they were classmates. 3. a. “Is your class in room 16?” she wanted to know. 8.” he said. He observed that she teaches well. c. c. a. The club moderator announced.” she said. a.” he said. “She teaches well.” the teacher said. “Good morning. Rico exclaimed. b.” he said. too. 5. 7. She asked who his teacher was. “I’m late for my class.” she said. He said they were just on time.” he observed. c.” _______________________________________________________ 3. 9. “I was in a hurry. a. b. c.” she said. a. “Thank God were just on time. c. She said she was on the way to class. a. She urged him to hurry. “That a great idea!” _______________________________________________________ . a. a.” she urged him. “Who’s your teacher. “Let’s hurry. “I think I will enjoy her class.2. Write your sentences in the blanks. He said he was late for his class. c. She wanted to know if his class was in room 16. b.

” _______________________________________________________ . “I will share my old books.4. Liza said. Nikki said.” _______________________________________________________ 5. “I will bring canned foods.

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