Raspberry  Brie  Phyllo  Cups  

Serves 8-10! ! Place phyllo cups on a cookie sheet. Put approximately one teaspoon of brie into each cup, then dollop with ½ teaspoon of chutney. Bake in a 350º oven until cheese is melted (approximately 10 minutes).! ! Notes:! ! For the Brie: I cut off the rinds.! ! For the Chutney: Wisconsin Wilderness is best, but Silver Palette makes a good CranberryApple Chutney, and sometimes it’s easier to find. ! ! For the Phyllo Cups: Found in the freezer section at your local grocery store.! ! Easy as pie!! ! 12” Satinique Plate: $34.05/Each!

Ingredients! ! 4 Ounces Brie (I cut off the rinds)! ! 4 Tablespoons Cranberry Chutney! ! 24 Phyllo Cups !

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