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RECEIVED No. 126, Original} JAN 2 8 2000 ERK In The SUPREME COURT, U.S. Supreme Court of the United States STATE OF KANSAS, Plaintiff, v. STATE OF NEBRASKA and STATE OF COLORADO, Defendants. FIRST REPORT OF THE SPECIAL MASTER (SUBJECT: NEBRASKA’S MOTION TO DISMISS) Vincent L. McKusicx, Special Master One Monument Square Portland, Maine 04101 (207) 791-1100 January 28, 2000 TABLE OF CONTENTS Page TABLE OF AUTHORITIES . ii 1. PROCEDURAL HISTORY OF THIS ACTION... 3 I. BACKGROUND 6 A. The Republican River Basin... 6 B. The Republican River Compact 9 1. Negotiation and Approval of the Com- pact... . 9 2. Substantive Provisions of the Com- pact. feces 1" 3. Compact Administration “4 C. The Present Dispute Between Kansas and Nebraska . sees 17 Ill. THE ISSUE RAISED BY NEBRASKA'S MOTION TO DISMISS..........+ 18 IV. ANALYSIS . 19 A. The Language of the Republican River Compact ....... 19 B. Extrinsic Evidence of the Intended Mean- ing of the Compact. . 23 1. The Negotiation and Approval of the Compact... 23 2. The Parties’ Administration of the Compact.......sesceeeeeee 32 Review of Judicial Precedent Cited by the Parties ...... - 34 1. Supreme Court Cases... 34 ii TABLE OF CONTENTS ~ Continued Page a. Texas v. New Mexico and Kansas v. Colorado........... Ry b. Sporhase v. Nebraska ex rel. Douglas... 37 39 2. State Court Decisions ....... D. The Position of Colorado on the Motion t Dismiss . seeeeteeeeeees . 41 E. Conclusions .. V. RECOMMENDATION: The Republican River Compact restricts a compacting State’s con- sumption of groundwater to the extent the consumption depletes stream flow in the epublican River Basin and, therefore, Nebraska’s Motion to Dismiss should be denied ......eeceseeeeeeeeseeees 45 APPENDICES APPENDIX A: The Republican River Compact ......A1 APPENDIX B: Map of the Republican River Basin ....B1 APPENDIX C: Proposed Order......- seve Cl