Hooray for the World!

September 7, 2012 Newsletter
This week we enjoyed talking about friends. The children practiced friendly behaviors like sharing, using words to solve problems, and being kind. They are interacting with one another and learning how to be social. This is a very important time in their lives as they grow together and learn how to function in a school setting. You will get a first hand look at how the children work as a group during our upcoming program. We are very proud of them!
Important To Know:
• • • • • • All About Me Program, 9-14 at 8:30 in the classroom.

Hooray for PK!

Celebrate Woodland Sunday, 9-16
Spirit Day, 9-21 Grandparents Day, 9-28 Fall Break, 10-4 through 10-8 Parent Conferences, 10-26


Our Newsletter Challenge for this week is to have your child write lines down on a piece of paper and bring it to school on Monday.

(Lines down look like this: I I I I )

Handwriting Corner Check out the class blog for more information on this week’s Handwriting Corner! http://littlehandsgetready.blogspot.com

Mrs. Smythe and Mrs. Lucchesi

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