Assignment No 2 PART A (4 Marks questions)
1. What do you mean by cross cultural dimensions of human behaviour? 2. Importance of good organizational climate in the context of organizational effectiveness. 3. Describe the role of culture in the organizational context. 4. What are the strategies for improved QWL? 5. What are the benefits of cross cultural dimensions of human behaviour? 6. Write short notes on QWL. 7. How the organisational climate affects the effectiveness of organisation? 8. Define the impact of culture on organisational behaviour. 9. How the culture becomes a liability to an organisation. 10. Explain the concept of team building. 11. Write short notes on Resistance to change. 12. Explain Organisational climate. Roll number: 1 to 11 Part A: 1-4 Part B: 13-16 Roll Number: 13-38 Part A: 5-8 Part B: 17-20 Roll Number: 39-50 Part A: 9-12 Part B: 21-24

PART B (10 marks questions)
13. Explain the tactics to overcome resistance to Organisational change. 14. Identify the tools through which Organisational culture is transmitted. 15. How you can motivate person across cultures? Explain.

16. What are the various intervention strategies in Organisational change management? Explain. 17. Explain the challenges in going global in the context of culture. 18. Explain the nature of any two theories of planned change. 19. Identify the factors responsible for changing Organisational culture. 20. Under what conditions the people willing to make Organisational change. 21. Describe the effect of Organisational change in organisational functioning. 22. How OD improves the functioning of the organisation? Explain. 23. Discuss the impact of cultural change in the organisational behaviour. 24. Managerial leadership across cultures. Explain.

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