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of References 2012
Selection Team: to be confirmed Alternate Member: to be confirmed


In case a committee member is involved in a project application, the alternate committee member will replace him/her in the committee. In case a committee member is not responsive within 5 days after an application is received, the alternate member will replace him/her for the selection. Funding available in autumn 2012: 900 euros (the funding is provided from the budget of the Gaia WG, and comes from donations from volunteers) for grants of up to 150 each. Selection of the Initiatives: We will select initiatives based on two criterias: - their relevance to the topic of “sustainable living”, - their impact (i.e. how you plan to involve more people, have a long term beneficial effect). - additionality. Each of the members of the selection team will comment on the project fulfillment of the three criterias. Funding to an initiative will be rejected in case at least two of the members of the selection team consider that the project fails to fulfill each of the 3 criterias. In such a case, a reasoned response will be given to the applicant to allow for the improvement of the project. Applications: Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis during autumn (from 20 th September and until 20th December): applications will be received any time and decision over the allocation of a microgrant will be made and communicated to the promoters of the initative within a week. To ensure diversity of projects supported, there will be a frozen period of 1 month from the acceptance a project, during which no application will be considered from the same branch/contact group. Reimbursement: A short report including bills and pictures will be expected within 3 weeks after the initiative took place. Reimbursement by pinkslip will take place within 3 weeks after the receipt of the report. An email will be sent to the Gaia WG mailing in case all funding available for autumn 2012 has been distributed. Reporting: Reporting will aim at helping the organizers to evaluate their initative and at collecting information for Gaia WG report. Timely reporting is a condition for the reimbursement of the costs related to the initiative
MicroGrant Funding – Infosheet 2011 GAIA Working Group

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