Birth control pill for men is on the way

DOCS think they may have come up with a male contraceptive pill.
They hope the drug will make men temporarily infertile without being a flop in the bedroom. Scientists discovered JQ1 compound while searching for a cancer cure. And while it’s not effective at treating cancer cells, it was found to disrupt the development of sperm in male mice. A sample group had lower sperm counts and their sperm was less mobile than those not given it, according to research published in the journal Cell. Researchers also found the ‘pill’ did not affect testosterone production, mating behaviour, or the health of offspring conceived. Sperm production also went back to normal when it was discontinued. Dr James Bradner of the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute in Boston, US, said: “Our findings demonstrate that, when given to rodents, this compound produces a rapid and reversible decrease in sperm count and mobility with profound effects on fertility. These findings suggest that a reversible, oral male contraceptive may be possible Bradner, who is also on faculty at Harvard Medical School and the Broad Institute, added: “While we will be conducting more research to see if we can build on our current findings, JQ1 shows initial promise as a lead compound for male contraception.”

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