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Book Review Notes

Book Review Notes

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Published by: Jeff Bennett on Sep 08, 2012
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COMM #660 Book Review and Discussion Facilitation NOTES: Book Reviewed – Getting In by Karen Stabiner Getting In is the

story of 5 high school seniors and the challenges they face going through the process of applying to college. Within the book there are many examples of gender communication. Close Your Eyes: Think about your senior year in high school and the process you went through when applying to colleges.    Who were the people that you went to for advice? How did that advice differ depending on who it was coming from? Did gender and the communications between genders play a role in this process?

I can’t tell if gender communication was the main focus of the book or I was able to see so much of “it” because of the focus of the class. Either way I was blown away at all the back and forth between the genders and the challenges that arose due to the different styles of communicating. Setting: Wealthy section of California, Crestview HS along with the *former Crestview student and the public school **tutor also attending the public school.       Lauren (Jim and Nora) – Northwestern early? Katie (Dan and Joy) – Williams or Yale? *Chloe (Deena and Dave; divorced) – Undecided and Lost? **Liz (Steve and Yoonie) – Harvard Brad (Trey and Alexandra) – Harvard Ted (Guidance Counselor)

The process that the admissions teams face is what I am most comfortable and gender is a major issue. Many college campuses are looking to recruit more qualified men. I was shocked out how different the process is up until the point when the application arrives on my desk is so influenced by gender communications.     How parents communicate with children How guidance counselors and teachers communicate with students How student communicate with one another How students and parents perceive themselves in this journey

Examples of Gender Communication Ted (Guidance Counselor)    He sees his profession as a competitive game in which he has rules and there is a yearly scorecard with clear results. (Counsel and help to students and parents?) Rules against working with beautiful girls, gay boys and the most talented minorities because of perceptions and potential professional pit falls. Response to mothers gift of baked goods, NO and to a father bottle of wine, YES (maybe he likes wine over sweets)

Katie (Williams or Yale)     Living the perfect life (potential valedictorian) “Surprisingly good at math for a girl” Parent very controlling, especially dad Parents wanting to do more, especially for women (not her brother)

Lauren (Northwestern)    She did not submit early (parents response, dad pushy, mom comforting) Long wait to hear and the communication back and forth, “fronting” Waitlisted (dad-to hell with them, mom-she is heartbroken; comfort)

Chloe (undecided)   Carefree Stressed because of her parents situation

Liz (Harvard)    Sacrificing parents Obsessively organized How about Yale?

Brad (Harvard)   4 generation to Harvard ($350,000) Did not want to go into father chosen profession

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