Edward meets Gina (Meet parties in conflict separately) Ed: Hello Gina Gina: Morning sir Ed: Is there a reason we didn’t

develop any ad in last 4 days or so? I guess you had a couple of meeting with clients. Gina: yes sir, but … I mean…. Ed: I am little short of time now; can we please meet today afternoon at 2 in the common meeting room? Gina: Sure sir Edward meets Mina (Meet parties in conflict separately) Ed: Hi Mina Mina: Yes sir Ed: Did you start designing the ad for the last 2 meetings Gina had with clients? Mina: No sir Ed: Did you have a talk with Gina on this? Did you get the requirement? Mina: No sir… I was not very sure about the meeting outcome Ed: Ok I see. We are nearing the deadlines for those ads, so they need to be developed on a fast pace. Can you please meet me at 2 after lunch in the common meeting room? We can talk through this. Mina: absolutely. Common meeting room (2pm) (Meet in neutral place) (Mina and Gina come first and look at different direction. Ed enters) Ed: Good afternoon, guys. I think we didn’t do much progress based on the outcome of our last two meetings. After talking to both of you separately I had an impression we all are not on the same page. Gina, you want to say something? Gina: Sir, I am having a tough time working with Mina. She is creating scene out of trivial issues. (wearing white hat) Ed: ‘having tough time’? But I thought you two always worked as a team. Mina, what happened? Mina: I didn’t create any scene; I only pointed out how irresponsible he was in returning my stapler, which I need through out the day. (wearing white hat) Gina: And he is not talking to me from that day. Ed: ‘Not talking’? Mina, is it serious? Mina: Sir, to be honest, I am truly disappointed the way my effort always remains

Ed: I agree and to me your contribution is no less. Ed: Any other issues? (looking at Gina) Gina? Gina: No sir. . In fact I have an alternative plan for recognizing your effort and you won’t feel bad after that. I am working on both of these plans for quite sometime and you would see the other one coming into effect pretty soon. I had put as much effort as Gina. See. Ed: Can you two now work together in getting the new ads done within the deadline? (refocus) Gina: Sure. I will sit with Mina to explain the requirement to her. Ed: Oh I see. I understand and recognize the effort you and Mina both put together for winning a new client. Can we again meet day after tomorrow to go through the initial draft? (Summarize) Mina: Sure Gina: Sounds good. Ed: Thanks guys. Thanks again for your dedication. Mina: I will speed up the ad design and would complete it before the deadline. But I didn’t get any recognition for that.under the shade. I was planning to recognize both of you in some means. (clarify) Mina: Thanks Sir. This time I could manage only one pay-hike as you must be knowing I have to deal with human resources for their approval. Mina: But I prepared the content. Though we had an excellent ad design client was more pleased with the way Gina presented. if not more. Ed: Thank you. In winning the last big contract.

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