Milestone Paper Guidelines Purpose of this assignment is to give you another opportunity to demonstrate your understanding of the unit

material, reflect on your experience with the content, and comment on how you learned the various topics. Two parts, 15 points, due on exams days by midnight on your blog. Part 1. Content (300 words) Pick one topic in the unit with which you felt engaged, curious, or surprised. Write about 300 words on this topic. Proceed in this manner: 1. Paragraph 1: Introduce the topic in a general way and make a statement about why you chose it. For instance, if you choose the mitochondria, explain what role the mitochondrion has in a cell and explain that you are facinated with how such a tiny organelle can be so important to the cell (about 50 words). 2. Paragraph 2: More throughtly explain your connection to the topic. This could be due to personal experience with an aspect of the subject, curiosity, surprise about new information, or something else. If you cannot come up with something easily, do some research. This research does not count toward the one source for paragraph 3 (about 100 words). 3. Paragraph 3: From one source outside your personal knowledge and that of the textbook, provide some details about the subject that are not evident in reading, labs, or classroom participation. This could include function, diverse locations, appearance, or other things (about 100 words). 4. Paragraph 4: Conclude with a summary of what you said (about 50 words). 5. Cite your sources according to: > citation machine. Include as a separate section at the end of your paper entitled “Sources.”

Part 2. Thinking About the Course (in complete sentences, please number in blogs) 1. What one assignment or activity you performed in this unit are you the most proud of? 2. What do you now understand best about the information in this unit? 3. What actions did you take for yourself to enhance learning or enjoyment of the material? 4. When did you feel most “connected” with the course? Most distanced? 5. What could be offered to you to help your understanding of the material?


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