Journey Of Two

-will be cherished forever
In life at least once a person comes in your life and changes you for rest of your whole life, just like a potter who takes sand, gives a proper shape and put into fire. After that it’s not possible to come in natural form...LOVE IS JUST LIKE THAT.

Journey Of Two Hearts!
–will be cherished forever In life at least once a person comes in your life and changes you for rest of your whole life, just like a potter who takes sand, gives a proper shape and put into fire. After that it’s not possible to come in natural form...LOVE IS JUST LIKE THAT. JOURNEY OF TWO HEARTS…is a TRUE LOVE STORY of protagonist Anuj and the bird of desires Pakhi. They made a milestone in their innocent and unforgettable love story.

“Sweetness of love you can taste, after wetting your lips with tears.” WHEN THE WORLD WAS SLEEPING THOSE LOVE BIRDS WERE MAKING THE GOLDEN NEST OF LOVE. The love where was passion, care and dedication for each other. Holding hands, strong feelings and just love, they always walked together. Anuj was always ready to do anything for her. He was the guy of surprises. Unexpectedly what did happen when the bird of desires said, “I can’t be with you Anuj, please leave me forever.” Why did she turn from that path? What happened that night which changed everything and broke the golden nest of love? ALL PROMISES BROKE…is a JOURNEY OF TWO HEARTS…few promises gone undone. However, as Anuj promised that at every memorable moment, he would be there to give her surprises…then why did he cry a lot for her? A TRUE TALE…where love was there, but not more than sacrifices… LOVING SOMEONE IS NOT TOUGH BUT THE REAL COURAGE IS, TO FORGET YOUR LOVING ONE… About the Author:

Anuj Tiwari works with a prominent IT company. He lives in Mumbai and works with NGO’s over the weekends. “I have tasted the water of many fountains,” He avows. “Some were sweet, and some sour.” JOURNEY OF TWO HEARTS! –will be cherished forever is his debut novel. Anuj Tiwari is a motivational speaker as well after learning from life now, he delivers the voice from heart very easily and simply to the youth. He is awarded as the youngest youth icon with his very simple and effective thoughts. He says, “Don’t scale your perfection in the middle; sometimes your last card decides the winner.” He is one of the youngest authors and motivational speakers. He visits colleges, universities, and talk to youth as he believes, “One day we all have to sleep forever, so let’s work till the day we breathe.” His motivational quotes are appreciated by many great people. He can be contacted at , , , Writing style: Anuj's writing style reflects the easy conversational tones of contemporary youth. His narrative style of writing is really appreciated and anybody can read his book. As he says, “I write to make you feel. I write the things which are very normal in daily life and we actually ignore but that actually creates the beauty in my writing and makes me different from other authors.”

How lovebirds met…

Today I’m going to see her who was only in my dreams ever. “I love you Pakhi,” I murmured and smiled looking outside the window. A cute baby girl woke up from my utopia. Suddenly a baby shouted, “Hey mom, Coww…close the window….she’ll come.” I looked at that baby girl; she was cute, sweet and innocent. She looked at me and smiled. I blinked my eyes; she jumped on the other side of the window. “Sweetie, come here,” Her mom tried to catch her. “Hehehe….heeehehee…” Baby girl laughed, looked at me, and again laughed. Mom caught her. “Mommy…C for Cat or C for Cow, tell me mommy, tell mommy,” Baby girl pulled her mom’s hand and swinging, laughing and enjoying. Her mom looked at me, “She is very naughty.” I grinned, “But she is very cute, what’s her name?” “My name is Navya, and dady mujhe betu bulate hain.” I laughed out loud, “Hahaha…Thankyou so much Navya.” Her voice made me to remember Pakhi. I laughed with her voice and her reply. I just loved it. “What’s your name?” Baby girl asked looking at me. I smiled, “My name is Anuj.” “Arey tell me your full name, I told you my full name na,” Putting her hands next to me on the seat. “Oh sorry sorry Anuj Tiwari,” I again laughed. I wanted to talk to Pakhi as I wanted to tell her as I met someone like you. I wanted to give her surprise of my arrival so I didn’t do. I logged on laptop, unhide folder “Win32” and browsed her photographs. When you expect, it never happens, when you don’t, it always happens. It happened with me. “Hi, kya kar rahe ho aap,” Pakhi asked me. “Nothing I am out with mom, will call you later,” I informed her and smiled. “Okay…when you’ll be free?” Pakhi asked, her question showed her feelings. She was missing me. “I’ll call you whenever I free, byeee…,” I disconnected the phone line before she could know I was in train. I received a message after disconnecting the phone call. Pakhi: Anuj Tiwari always try to give surprises but every timeI catch him. This time once again I caught you. I know you Anuj from last eleven months. Early in the morning, 'I am out with my mom' lol. . .dumboooo :P I smiled for a while looking at the mobile screen, “Just read me like that, just know me like that, just love me as much as…” I called her up at the next moment. “You lair, I knew you are coming, surprise dena bhi nhi aata…haaaahhhahahaha…dumbo,”

They both were excited:

“Hey you, come in front of CCD on the right side,” Pakhi said, her voice raised, there is no change as I changed completely…MY VOICE…MY WALK…MY SIGHT…MY CHEEKS’ COLOR. I was not blushing I made it red to look fresh. “Hm coming”, Looked at a girl in skirt. Oval face, black eyes, curved shaped eyelashes; hazel eyes decorated eyebrows like a bow, giving perfect contrast to her complexion. Extra makeup but that suited her, HOT…HOT…HOT…but I crossed finger…wished she should not be Pakhi…please God…I am happy with coolness, I don’t want any hot girl, just send me my shona and I know she is not. Finally she approached to me…I turn to other side. My tried to match Pakhi’s voice on phone with that girl and LOST…LOST…LOST. I looked at the same place again and…CONFIRMED…she was not Pakhi…Ahhhh…I AM SAFE. I smiled, moved ahead to meet my angel…MY LOVE…MY PRECIOUS…MY EVERYTHING. I stepped towards CCD. Some weird questions started coming into my head. What if she isn’t as cute as she appeared in the photographs? What if she smiles in a wired way? What if she is not good…then what? Then I blinked my eyes and asked myself, “You love her Anuj?” “A lot...I am ready to live with her for rest of my whole life.” “Then go ahead and accept her as she is…because happiness matters end of the day, not physical beauty,” I smiled and happy. Many thoughts came as Tsunami and then a girl looked at me. I ignored her; she was cute but not hot as I saw a hot girl two minutes before. IGNORED…JUST IGNORED…YES I GNORED. She was still looking at me; I became conscious for a moment. “Is she Pakhi?” Everything repeated once again but just opposite, I wished, “Please she should be my Pakhi. Relax…Relax…Relax. Take a breath,” But I was already lost. All GUTS…SMARTNESS…INTELLIGENCE…everything, I was lost. On my phone, Pakhi calling… “Hello.” “Where are you?” “Ya coming,” I disconnected the phone line, the girl looked at me, was Pakhi, confirmed. Again, for a moment, everything stopped…its enough, I said. I just went behind her. So polite, soft voice, I said, “Hi.” Pakhi turned back, shocked, dry voice, she coughed, “Hie.” Oval face, black eyes, curved shaped eyelashes; hazel eyes decorated eyebrows like a bow, giving perfect contrast to her complexion. Chocolate color lip-gloss on her pink lips, her lips were like pulp of a flower. Her untied hair fell on her cheeks with a gust of wind. She was wearing blue-chocolate colored swatter, earphones in her ears, fish shaped earrings that hypnotized me for a moment, red cheeks, a cute face. She looked like a baby girl. But I looked at her as my soul-mate, her body appeared so perfect, so young, so poised…COMBO PACK…BABY AND BEBO, I smiled.

Best gifts:
I wanted to SEE HER…JUST SEE HER. Felt something, which even I could not describe to myself.

Her lips stretched into a smile. I unzipped my black color Nike bag. I picked one pink color heart shaped card for her which I made for her and difficult part to hide from my mom. “Hey, who made this,” Pakhi asked, snatching from my hand as my six years old cousin used to do. “For you” I replied, looked at her earrings, which were touching her neck as if those were kissing on her neck. I wrote something in heart shaped card, You always make me feel that I don’t need anybody from the day when I talked to you. She could read the first one and then I picked second, I love to wake you up in the morning because your voice makes my day and your laugh, fills happiness in my life and when I talk to you, I don’t know but I forget everything. She looked at me and picked third one and put on her hand, After talking to you for so long, I again wait for you at the next moment. what is that, I don’t know but something special in you. But when I call you again you shout, but I miss you…toh kya karun. But I love the way when you shout and then care for me, I just love that. And yes… your one smile after a big fight, I lose my heart all over again… I don’t know what magic it is but I love this. She felt herself in heaven, HAPPY…SMILE…HAPPY…She was smiling and felt my words. Then I picked fourth one, Many times, we fought, many times we shouted, but after that always you made me cry because I missed you a lot, I am sorry but don’t fight with me and talk to me, I miss you a lot, when you don’t talk. Her feelings were…GROWING…GROWING…GROWING, I didn’t wait for her words and picked the fifth one, I just love to pamper you, care for you. But I don’t like when you sad and cry alone, am I so bad? Fifth card made her eyes wet for a while, she looked me, “You are mad,” she wiped her tears very slowly which still didn’t come out from eyes. I gave a smile and I was waiting for reply, I LOVE YOU TOO. My mind said, “Anuj where there is a will, there is a way, come-on just give you ACE card.” “Shut up, it’s going fine, I love her and she loves me, you please don’t think anything wrong this time.” I picked the second last card and I could see her happiness when she kept all five cards as baby…JUST WITH HER…and why not, I MADE FOR HER. In the sixth card I wrote, You are the best girl I have ever seen and I have ever felt, whenever we talked on phone, there was always a thought in my mind that I love you so much… (If you think, you should go for the seventh card, which is not as simple as others are and then I hope you will accept from your heart, whatever I have written in that, should I give you.)

Crazy in Love:


was following her and that was the best option for me. We entered in CSM mall,

Noida sector-18

New place…New people, I didn’t know anything; I was thinking now what next? She slowed down, synchronized her steps with mine and said, “Let’s go for movie”. “Movie…Movie with her…first time and direct movie,” I shocked for a moment. “Okay,” Showing off that I was comfortable but I was not. “Come…,” She replied, moving to the ticket counter. “Which movie?” I asked, picking a pamphlet from the counter. Looking at pamphlet, Pakhi said, “3 idiots.” TWO CRAZY LOVERS…going to watch…3 IDIOTS, I asked myself, “I am going for movie with Pakhi, is this dream…DREAM COMES TRUE.” “Should I ask for corner seats…BIG QUESTION? As usual my heart said, “You love her and she loves you, then of course corner seats.” My stupid mind, “Who said she loves you, she didn’t say I LOVE YOU TOO, don’t live in dreams, be a decent guy, what she’ll think…SO CHEAP.” HELPLESS…HELPLESS…HELPLESS…I just asked for tickets to the counter lady, “Two tickets, 3 idiots, 1:10 show.” “Two tickets sir?” “Yes,” Giving 500 rupee note. “Yes sir, two tickets, sixth row from the back,” Lady replied, giving tickets in my hand. “Thanks,” I left the ticket counter. She didn’t ask me for corner seats, I could say for corner seats…EXCUSES. “You are dumb Anuj,” I said myself. Pakhi took tickets from my hand, “Which screen?” I was sure she looked at the seats as well, I couldn’t see which seat. “Hey screen0.3, come here,” She moved. I took tickets…I-2, I-3 I visualized I-1, 1-2, I-3 and then other aisle, IS IT? We entered. Tsunami of questions flooded. “Is she your girlfriend? And if not then what’s going?” My mind gave a strong punch. “I am not doing…IT’S HAPPENING,” I smiled

They both lived their whole life. . .
“Metro?” I asked. “No metro today, let’s go by auto, but first one gola,” Pakhi said and approached towards gola wala. “From CP to Anand Vihar by auto rickshaw?” I asked, surprised. “Hey, who cares, let’s go today, RAIN…WE…RAIN,” Pakhi said like a baby girl. It was raining; drops were wetting us continuously. “Baccha it’s raining and you are having gola,” I said her, looking at her and then rickshaw wala. “Just one minute, bhaiya one kala katta and one mix wala,” Pakhi bought. “Come it’s 9:00pm, you are getting late, and it’s raining,” I pulled her left hand. We hired an auto rickshaw for Anand Vihar. We seated in auto rickshaw, I pinched on her nose, “HANDS IN HANDS…RAIN…COLD BREEZ and KALA KHATTA with GORI GIRL, nice na?” “Thanks.” “For what?” I asked. “For the one of the best day,” Pakhi said, holding my hands. I pointed her towards the front mirror through that mirror usually rickshaw wala looked at others. She smiled, held more tightly. “Tomorrow we’ll go Chandni Chowk, I have never gone there.” “Tomorrow, you have to go classes,” I touched her cheeks and pinched softly.

“Then I’ll bunk my classes,” I pinched back on my cheeks. “No need to bunk classes, we’ll go later.” Pakhi replied and assured me, “Tomorrow’s class isn’t important, so we can go Chandni Chowk, I have to buy few books.” “Aapke aage main natmastak hu prabhu,” I laughed, “Ok we’ll go.” “You are so sweet.” “Yes, I am,” I came out from auto-rickshaw and then she. Almost wet, happy…crazy…lucky for each other, we waved hands but next plan for tomorrow. Coffee with ice-cream, kala khatta in rain at 9:00pm…no limits, no boundaries…just love, we went CRAZY. Next day we both missed our class. Well, it was better to live my life with my shona rather than wasting time in the class. One side where my friends were in class, I was with my shona. We were having Kachori in Chandni Chowk. I always liked the place parathe wali gali. Her hands in her pocket and I was giving one-one piece. In between, I put a piece of chilly. “Shhh…Shhhh…Shhh….Mirchi,…pani…” Pakhi asked for water. “Hahaha….Nooo,” I laughed. “I’ll kill you Anuj, give me water, it’s so spicy,” Pakhi jumped multiple times. “First say you love me,” I choked her. “I love you, so much…muaahh…muaahh…muahh, give me water,” Pakhi shh..shh…asked for water. Kachori wale bhaiya looked at us, smiled, and gave water. “Hahaha…sry…I wanted to listen love you,” I said, touching my finger on her cheeks. “Youuu…I’ll kill you,” Pakhi pushed me back. We moved ahead, she bought some books and then somewhere she found lassi shop. “Hey Anuj,” Pakhi said. “What?” “Hey Anuj.” “Kya hua baccha?” I asked. “Suno na, woo…,” Pakhi pointed towards lassi shop. “Hahaha…motu, come, crazy girl,” we both moved to that lassi shop. “Bhaiya ek lassi dena,” I took a glass. One big glass of lassi and pakhi took only few sips. . .

They Loved each other…
“Want to dance with me?” With love poured eyes, I asked. She laughed, “Oh, with you…” She dressed the same T-shirt and denim but now her dress was tight on her body. Every part of the body was giving the perfect response to the dress. I was losing my sense. I was too eager to hug her once. She was looking smoking hot. I held her hand and pushed her on the bed. She placed her neck to my shoulder by tilting her head to one side of her shoulder on the bed. I touched her fish shaped earrings then gave a soft gentle touch on her neck. She was looking at the ceiling and I was looking at her. We both were lying on the bed. “What you are doing?” She looked at me and whispered. I placed my index finger on her lips, “I love you shona, I just want to love you.” “Shut up Anuj and get up,” She pushed me to the other side. I held her hand and placed one hand on her shoulder and other on her cheeks. I pushed her cheeks to my side very gently. She looked at me with sharp sight. She hypnotized me within seconds. I swept my hand over her hair and kissed on her forehead. “What you are doing?” She didn’t tell anything without these words. “Shut up,” I kissed on her lips, placed my palm inside her top, and moved to her stomach. She laughed and removed my hand.

“I love this stomach,” I grabbed courage and gently put my whole palm a bit up to fell the softness of her body. “Anuj! Just shut up and remove your hand, “She held my hand tightly when my hands were moving up to the neck from the stomach. I laid down on her and covered her body with mine. I just pushed her both the hands on bed. I came close to her face. I sensed her warm breath. One hand on her neck and other just below, I kissed on her lips two three times deeply and she responded with the same passion. I licked her lower lip multiple times. “Hey switch off the lights,” She whispered. I jumped and switched off the lights within seconds and I came on the bed. I smiled and responded by claiming her lips in a passionate kiss. I kissed very passionately. I was in the heaven with her. She kissed me more than four times with my pace. She was loving me madly now. I pushed her back but then suddenly, she locked my lower lip with her. She won the battle of kisses and I lost the battle with a very low score. She didn’t just love, she owned me. We didn’t speak even a single word but she made me wet. We were not in sense. I wanted to hold this moment forever with a girl for whom I was ready to do anything. The picture of her as my life-partner flashed in my head. She turned and laid down on me and kissed on my chest. I rolled again and came on her. I placed my both the palms on her waist and then one moved on her breast and other moved to her jeans. She gripped my hand hardly. I snatched my hand and my palm on her . . . . . . . . .

Passion was in their love…
She took a long breath and shook her head, without making any eye contact. She placed her both the palms on my neck and pulled to her side. She kissed me passionately. I paused her sometimes but she didn’t look anywhere and put her teeth on my neck and gave a love bite. She just pushed me but suddenly she took my left part of neck into her mouth. She sucked and licked, her eyes closed. She defeated me but I wasn’t a guy to lose the battle.”I won’t give up,” I blinked my eyes. I reached down to unbutton her jeans. I got embarrassed, I couldn’t unbutton her jeans in the first attempt as I unhooked her bra in second attempt. “Anuj! Now enough,” She gripped my hand tightly. “I love you, please,” I was in her beauty. “No, it’s not right, leave it, please,” She loosed the grip. “Ok,” I kissed on her cold stomach and a bit below. “You are awesome girl, yaahh…I just wana hmm….love you,” I pushed her forehead on the bed and started licking her lips. She didn’t respond. “You are always mine my baby and I’m yours,” I unhooked her jeans. It was tight but I removed within seconds. My legs touched her legs. She shivered, took a long breath, tried to cover my body with her legs. “Anuj! Whatever we are doing, isn’t right.” “I’m doing nothing, I love you my sweetie.” She came on me, kissed on my cheeks, chin, neck and then chest. She rubbed her tongue on my chest. I was setting her hair, she kissed me a bit low, bit low, and bit low again…I closed my eyes. I was lost in her love and she was in mine.

They were true lovers…

Hi Anuj, Please read this mail with patience please, Anuj I know we had lots of fights in last few days. I want to share lots of things with you. Anuj I know I'm the reason of all the fights but this is true that I love you a lot. Whenever I changed myself for our love then something went wrong and I then I stopped doing anything for our relation. Anuj I love you a lot and I want that you should be happy. Please remove from your mind that I want to leave you. Why should I leave you? I love you so much and you love me so much. A guy who takes care of everything in my life, should I leave him. Anuj you are the one who wakes me up early in the morning. Who makes me sleep, who makes me laugh who makes me cry. I'm nothing without you Anuj. . . please baccha I really love you and will never leave you and I want your support also. You pamper me like a small chil as my Dad used to do; that's why sometimes I talked to you very rudely but I really love you. Hope after reading this, we will have a tight hug. . . .I am waiting for your hugggggg. . . You Loving Pakhi

Then What happened between them. . .
Hey Pakhi, On 22 April 2011, I know you don't love me anymore. If you loved me, then you would have dried the tears in my eyes. When you came to EDM mall to meet me, you looked tired. You were like a baby girl. You should take care of yourself. I saw the dark circle under your eyes. Your lips were dry. You were trying to be happy, but you were not I know. You did nothing like that; instead you left like always without any apologies or goodbyes. You hurt me so badly with all your lies. I did nothing but cried, thinking that everything was a joke to you. You took advantage of my love, my feelings, and my emotions. Today I just want to ask you if it was all worth it. I promised you a life of love and happiness and instead gave you nothing but pain and sorrow. We both hurt each other. The only difference is that when you were with someone else, you were lost, confused, and hurt. You had no idea what you were doing and why you were doing it. Should I really forgive you? Well I already have. You know why. Because I love you. When you love someone so much, like I love you, you don't look at the bad stuff someone did to you. I'm blinded by all the good times, all the times that you put a smile on my face and just how happy your presence in my life made me. I know you haven't forgiven me otherwise you smile and look into my eyes (I was seeing you and you looked into my eyes with full of tears, and now you say you hate me. You love me my baby.) I love you today like I loved you two years before. I love you today like I'll love you every day from now. My love isn't fake. My love is

mature enough and understand everything now. One day you'll realize that I love you and have always loved you. I didn't say anything, because I wanted to see your eagerness. After a long fight, I know you missed me a lot. Your eagerness to meet me, your eagerness to talk to me, was on your face but you were lying that you are getting late and you have to leave. I know you are very kind hearted; I'm waiting to see that. I love you!!! Miss you a lot. Please come back in my life. Hey don't cry baby. You are my baccha, you know this na. Your backbone is waiting for your call. But first get up and have some water and wash your face. You know you are so stupid. No need to cry ok, I love you a lot.

LOVING SOMEONE IS NOT TOUGH BUT THE REAL COURAGE IS TO FORGET YOUR LOVING ONE… Are they together or Apart… Read this true story Availble on Flipkart… or call at 1800 425 3547 to buy.