Theory-Based Recruiting Practices

Derek S. Chapman, Ph.D., University of Calgary David A. Jones, Ph.D., University of Vermont We develop a theoretical basis for recruitment research by conceptualizing recruitment as a process of active persuasion. We present a framework in which persuasive techniques are proposed to influence perceptions of person-organization fit and, ultimately, job choice. We apply theories of persuasion (e.g., the Elaboration Likelihood Model) to message source and content variables and offer predictions to inform research and practice across the attraction, maintenance, and offer stages of recruiting.

Note from the Conference Team: Dr Derek Chapman indicated that this paper was under review to be published in an academic journal. He therefore feels it would be inappropriate to publish it in the proceedings as this would be double dipping. He would be happy however to supply copies of the paper to anyone who e-mails him directly. He can be reached at .