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Published by: Wesley on Sep 09, 2012
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A friend of mine mentioned that she had an appointment with her son's Spanish-Immersion kindergarten teacher.

I knew that regular parent-teacher meetings were not due for a while, and when I asked if there was a problem, she related a conversation she had, had with her son. "Mom I can speak three languages now!" he said excitedly. "Three?" she questioned. "Yes" he replied proudly. "English, Spanish and Inappropriate.

Sometimes I feel so inept. Like when there's a baseball player who's worth $250 million, and I can't remember his or her name. Visa is everywhere you want to be, except out of debt. It's better to be poor than to be rich. The rich always have to fear becoming poor, but the poor never have to fear becoming rich. Nothing is impossible if you don't have to do it yourself. How about a constitutional amendment that declares anything said in a campaign commercial to be under oath? Could it be that the people who have nothing to say are the ones we should listen to? You never get tired if you rest a lot in advance. Real courage is a willingness to attack raw oysters in public. It's hard to relate to this high-tech world when your kid says her Lego Toys need more memory.

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