The Italians have followed the ages old tradition of naming their boats with a three-letter prefix

. For example: USA uses USS which means "United States Ship." The British uses HMS which means "Her Majesty's Ship." and now...Italy is using AMB which means "At's-a My Boat!" As a senior at college, Steve would often engage women psychology majors in heated discussions about male-female relationships. Once, Shelly and Steve got into a hot debate about whether men or women make the larger sacrifice of their respective gender characteristics when they get married. To Steve's surprise, Shelly agreed with him that men give up far more than women. "You're right, Steve," she said. "Men generally give up doing their cleaning, their cooking, their grocery shopping, their laundry..." A lawyer drafts a will for an old lady. He charges her $100. She pays him with a $100 bill, not noticing that it was stuck to another $100 bill. The ethical question facing the lawyer is: "Do I tell my partner?" I answered the doorbell and a Jehovah's Witness said, "Can I talk to you about God?" I responded, "Sure, what would you like to know?" A woman walks into the optometry store to return a pair of eyeglasses she had purchased the week before. "What seems to be the problem, ma'am?" the optometrist inquired. "Well, I bought these glasses for my husband last week and they're just not working," the woman complained. "Perhaps the lab made an error in filling the prescription." "I'm sure they must have," the woman confirmed. "My husband's still not seeing things my way."

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