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Agile Testing_ Best to Keep Customers Happy

Agile Testing_ Best to Keep Customers Happy

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Published by: Bhageerathreddy Bheemireddy on Sep 09, 2012
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Agile Testing: Best to Keep Customers Happy
By HARISHCHOWDHARY | 27 Jul 2011 | Article
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Agile Testing has been an evolving methodology we’ve been seeing over the last 3 to 5 years. The popularity of this methodology can be accredited to several reasons such as the product development lifecycles and Go to market cycles (GTM) are shrinking in the light of ever changing business dynamics. Everyone wants to put the product out in the market as soon as possible capturing the customer share as soon as possible to gain control on the changing business dynamics. Agility, it seems is paying dividends for such short GTMs and providing a quick ROI. In this article, I will be talking about how agile testing is different from normal traditional testing methodology. To do this, let us look at a simple definition of Agile Testing and the principles behind the Agile Testing. The word “Agile” itself goes with the meaning “move quickly” and so the testing. In agile testing, no conventional testing practices are applicable to wait until the entire development cycle activities are completed, whereas the testing is closely intact with the development and is done in parallel as and when a piece of code is developed. Some of the principles behind the Agile Testing [Reference: Agile Manifesto] are: Customer satisfaction by rapid agile scrum (sprint) process, continuous delivery of useful software Working software is delivered frequently (weeks rather than months) Working software is the principal measure of progress Even late changes in Testing Requirements are welcomed Close, daily cooperation between business people and developers Face-to-face conversation is the best form of communication Projects are built around motivated individuals, who should be trusted Continuous attention to technical excellence and good design Simplicity Self-organizing teams Regular adaptation to changing circumstances Let us now draw the advantages of Agile testing from this definition and principles: Take away #1 from definition: The word “Agile” itself goes with the meaning “move quickly” In today’s hasty world, stakeholders and customers want quick return on their investments. They don’t want to wait for longer periods for a full featured product. As a result, nowadays new software testing paradigm is catching momentum, i.e., Scrum approach. In agile scrum (sprint) process, projects are divided into small components to be developed and then to be tested in specific time-slice called as sprint (small cycles). Each feature should get developed and tested in a specified small time-slice. Take away #2 from definition: In agile testing, no conventional testing practices are applicable In the conventional development process which is based on phases, each phase goes through thorough a lengthy validation before triggering the next stage while Agile testing does not emphasize rigidly defined testing procedures, but rather focuses on testing iteratively against newly developed code until quality is achieved from an end customer's perspective. In other words, the emphasis is shifted from "Testers as Quality Police" to something more like "entire project team working toward demonstrable quality." Take away #3 from principles: Self-organizing teams Cross functional Team work is at the heart of Agile Testing. There is no “my work”, “I have finished www.codeproject.com/Articles/230489/Agile-Testing-Best-to-Keep-Customers-Happy

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testing team. An Agile team’s job is to self-organize around the challenges and management’s job is to remove impediments to self-organization. motivated and dynamic Software Quality Engineer. Software is finished when it is successfully tested and delivered.com/Articles/230489/Agile-Testing-Best-to-Keep-Customers-Happy 2/2 . has a lot of benefits to offer.Ltd. Agile Members are always available to team members rather than locked away behind closed doors.NET.worked for QAInfoTech Pvt.5 . performance and load tests on 32 & 64 bit Redhat Linux Agile Sandbox (Part III) License This article. along with any associated source code and files.Agile.1 | L as t U pdated 2 7 J ul 2 0 1 1 L ayout: fixed | fluid A rtic le C opyright 2 0 1 1 by H A RI SH C H O WD H A RY E verything els e C opyright © C odeP rojec t. Search this forum Profile popups Noise Medium Layout Expand Posts & Replies Refresh -. Life-cycle. keeping everyone on top of changing business conditions. Agile Development: Part 2 The best Unit Test Framework (UTF) in town Agile Sandbox (Part II) The benefits of automated unit testing Ajaxion . is licensed under The Code Project Open License (CPOL) About the Author HARISHCHOWDHARY HARISH CHAUDHARY FREE LANCE TECHNICAL WRITER is a young. Working software is defined as tested software that delivers value to the end-user Agile Testing Process. we find only “Our work”. Server Side Relationship Oriented Programming .codeproject. business analysts and stake holders. 1 9 9 9 . Web Design.C ayen Systems NHibernate Best Practices with ASP.0.my work” and “your work”.3 setup. customers will appreciate the results or updates – and can also react quickly to any potential problems. 1. In turn. The team can deliver high value software features in a short time period. Software is finished when it is tested and accepted by the (key) end-user. There must be highly collaborative interaction between client and the delivery teams. when implemented correctly and adequately. Take away #4 from principles: Close daily interaction and cooperation between business people and developers Good communication must exist among team members of development team.Now working as a Information Security Researcher. Software progress is not “70% done coding”.Standalone Ajax . He is a keen orator and has won himself a position by participating in testing conference organized internally at QA InfoTech as well as presented paper on "Assuring Data Security by penetration Testing" at 11th International Software Testing Conference 2011. It implies more bandwidth for communication.There are no messages in this forum -P ermalink | A dvertis e | P rivac y | M obile Web0 1 | 2 . Tester / Quality Assurance Aricent Technologies India Member Follow on Twitter Article Top Sign Up to vote Poor Excellent Vote Comments and Discussions You must Sign In to use this message board. He is Master of Computer Applications from Guru Gobind Singh IndraPrastha University. “we have completed our Sprint”.2 0 1 2 T erms of U s e Go Per page 10 Update www. to make your software a success by proactively planning for these above areas well in advance.1 2 0 9 0 5 .2nd Ed.Part 1 of 2 . Trying to be agile in a scheduledriven organization Agile Sandbox (Part I) Agile C ase Study . Team Lead will always motivate the teams and create a supporting learning environment. Take away #5 from principles: Working software is the principal measure of progress The fundamental measure of progress is measuring things that are finished. Harish holds Diploma in Software Engineering and is also Microsoft certified SQL 2005 professional. customization. He is passionate for Security and Penetration Testing to safeguard Data from hackers. Reap those benefits. On an Agile team. Individuals will have helping tendency for sharing technical knowledge. Team will always be sprint-oriented and often discuss smooth run of the sprint. plugin or module development.The IDE plus More on Agile Project Management Darwin Streaming Server 6.

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