Reputation Risk Management in Oil and Gas Industry Master Thesis Laman GAYIDOVA ABSTRACT For decades, academic

scholars and professionals from energy sector, studied reputation and risk considering them in different piles. They either intensively debated on risk management from financial and operational angle or made research on reputation under understanding of cooperate social responsibility. Both studies were not sufficient to give saturated answers to nowadays questions. In contrast, we aim to introduce a distinctive study combining both understandings (Reputation and Risk Management) and fall deeper to reveal them in the crisis period. We also plan to contribute to academic literature by analyzing and applying findings and presenting approaches on reputation risk management in crisis period particularly for oil and gas companies. In the study we argue that through the combination of management approaches of reputation risk both in crisis and stable period can boost company’s results in overcoming or at least diminishing negative traces of risk related to the reputation of company. In sum, by providing new systematic approaches this research aims to make a contribution to the literature on reputation risk management in crisis period, framed with a study on companies representing oil and gas industry.

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