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Cake Php Cookbook 2.0

Cake Php Cookbook 2.0

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Published by Syed Jibran Uddin
Cake Php 2.0 Documentation
Cake Php 2.0 Documentation

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Published by: Syed Jibran Uddin on Sep 09, 2012
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Models are the classes that sit as the business layer in your application. This means that they should be
responsible for managing almost everything that happens regarding your data, its validity, interactions and
evolution of the information workflow in your domain of work.

UsuallymodelclassesrepresentdataandareusedinCakePHPapplicationsfordataaccess, morespecifically
they represent a database table but they are not limited to this, but can be used to access anything that
manipulates data such as files, external web services, iCal events, or rows in a CSV file.

A model can be associated with other models. For example, a Recipe may be associated with the Author of
the recipe as well as the Ingredient in the recipe.

This section will explain what features of the model can be automated, how to override those features, and
what methods and properties a model can have. It’ll explain the different ways to associate your data. It’ll
describe how to find, save, and delete data. Finally, it’ll look at Datasources.

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