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Published by: Ravindra Gandhi Manne on Sep 10, 2012
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MACHANICAL ENGINEERING 2nd YEAR. (section A&B) SUB: metallurgy & material science.

1 mid exam

1 a) Explain electron cloud. What is the role of electron cloud in metallic bond? b) Describe the bonding of atoms in metals? 2 a) which is the most important of the Hume rothery rule? b) What is the difference between random and ordered solid solution? What is the role of energy of like bonds and unlike bonds in them?

3) a) what do you understand by metallic bonding? Why is it non-directional nature? b) Compare and contrast metallic, covalent and ionic bonds give examples. 4) a) difference between single crystal and polycrystalline materials ? b) Explain why fine grained materials have superior properties then coarse grain materials ?

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