Hi, my name is ___________________. You must be ____(subject name)______. I am a ____(title)___________ with ___(organization)_____________. I have been designated by _____(appointing authority/designee)_______ to conduct this interview. The reason I am here is to look into allegations related to ___(what happened)___. The investigation is being conducted to ensure the University has a clear understanding of the facts and circumstances of this matter. There is no assumption of misconduct on the part of any employee. I am interviewing you because you ____(explain the subject’s connection_______. I will take notes during our interview or _____(other person)_______ will be taking notes. I appreciate your cooperation with the investigation and anticipate you will be forthcoming with your responses. I’ll restrict sharing the information from our interview to those with a reasonable need to know. You are protected from retaliation as the result of participating in this investigation. If the witness is the subject of the investigation and representation is provided by the CBA, then say: As an employee of Eastern Washington University, you have the right to union representation. I appreciate your cooperation and your help with this matter. Before we start, do you have any questions?

HRRR – 11/2/2010

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