Ang Batang Ayaw Magsipilyo

(The Girl Who Doesn’t Want to Brush Her Teeth)

1. “Yipee! No need to brush my teeth!” Mimi shouted for joy. Her mother heard what she said and she got worried about this bad habit of her daughter. 2. “Mimi, I brought you a new tooth brush! You have to use it every day before and after you eat.”

Mimi frowned because she doesn’t like brushing her teeth. 3. In school, no one wants to talk to Mimi because of her bad breath and yellowish teeth. 4. Mimi bought a lot of candies in their school canteen and ate them at home.

5. At night, Mimi got toothache. Her mother told her to brush her teeth but she disobeyed. 6. Late at night while sleeping, Mimi got a dream. A giant tooth brush and giant toothpaste are running after her. 7. She woke up while crying and run into the sink. She brushed her teeth and

Mimi’s mother woke up and she saw Mimi brushing her teeth and felt happy about it. Since then, Mimi used to brush her teeth before and after she eats. -The End-

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