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Albany, N.Y. - State Assembly candidate Frank Commisso Jr. today provided disturbing information regarding the voting record of Patricia Fahy. Commisso Jr. released a voter registration document that indicates Fahy, who is 54, did not register to vote until she was 36 years old. “For more than half of her adult life, Patricia Fahy chose not to participate in the most basic and important part of our democratic process – voting,” Commisso Jr. said. “For a candidate who touts her public experience gained while bouncing from patronage job to patronage job, it is deplorable that she ignored something as essential as casting a ballot. The electoral process is what our country is built on. It is how we elect leaders and it is how we make decisions that affect our community. It is disturbing that someone who hopes to serve in the State Assembly spent so much time completely checked out of the process. It is indicative of the kind of candidate Pat Fahy has been since announcing her campaign – say one thing, but do another – and I call on her to clarify her voting record.” Patricia Fahy indicated on a voter registration document filled out on April 3, 1995 in Cook County, Illinois that it was the first time she registered to vote. At the time she was a political appointee of Chicago Mayor and undisputed political boss Richard M. Daley. Citizens are eligible to vote on their 18th birthday. “For the majority of her life, Pat Fahy chose not to be a part of the democratic process. In the ultimate act of irony, Pat Fahy is out soliciting votes when for half of her adult life she never saw the value in voting herself.”


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