The Sloan Team

at Fidelity National Title What are the Actual Numbers? July 2012 The last complete month of data available paints a stable, if still somewhat troubled story. The total number of sales was 2,929 for single-family resale and condominium resale. This does not include new home sales for the month of July. Single-family posted 1,547 equity sales, 327 short sales and 224 bank owned listings sold. Condos had 486 full sales, 232 short sales and 113 bank owned. Although distressed sales will be with us for the foreseeable future (at least 3-4 more years), equity sales are climbing, indicating many sellers believe the market stable enough to warrant their return. There were 343 trustee sale auctions, with 170 being purchased at the sale by investors and 173 returning to the bank, where they will eventually become REO listings. The total number of Notices of Default was 1,406 along with 1,008 Notices of Trustee Sale. Both these numbers are down drastically from 2011.

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