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WEB SERVICES SECTION A Creation of tables in MS Access (Database) 1. Open MS-Access 2.

. Choose Blank Database from New Blank Database

3. Now after clicking, provide a name for your database Here I have given it as Flight and click Create


4. Once you click Create you can see your database getting opened as shown

5. Now (Right Click) Table1:Table and then Click Design View


6. It will prompt you to provide a Table Name, give a suitable name and click OK.

7. Now the Design view of your table gets opened.


8. Create all your suitable fields with the Data Type. (if you wish to lock or unlock a field as primary key, click Primary Key, else leave this option)

9. Save it. 10. Again, right Click FlightDetails:Table and click Open.


11.Now the Data Sheet View gets opened

12.Type all the required values in it for all fields.


13. Save it in Access 2002-2003 Database format (.mdb format) preferably in your desktop.

(Your Database is Ready Now)


SECTION B- CONNECTIVITY 1.Click Control PanelAdministrative ToolsData Sources(ODBC)

2. ODBC Data Source Administrator Dialog Box gets opened, Click System DSN then click Add..


3.Create New Data Source dialog box gets opened, Choose Driver do Microsoft Access(*.mdb) and Click Finish

4.ODBC Microsoft Access Setup dialog box gets opened. Provide a Data Source Name(I have given it as AirLineService), give a description. Click Select.. and choose your .mdb file and then click all OKs

You have successfully established the Connection