Development of a Hybrid gas and solar powered grain dryer

Funded by GTZ

Outline • • • • • • • • Objectives Solar heating System Gas heating System Dryer Combined Heating System Auxiliary heating System Conclusion Team .

that will reduce the quantity of gas usage.Objective To achieve grain drying. . using an energy efficient hybrid heating system (Gas and Solar).

Solar Heating System Hot water line Solar Collector Return water line Hot air to dryer Cold Air Cold water line Radiator System (Secondary heat exchanger) Blower .

Vent r Dryer Gas Heating System .

16 ft 4 ft Dryer capacity = 3 tons 8ft Grain Dryer .

Combined System • Both Gas and Solar systems will be operational until the hot air reaches a temperature set point • Gas system shuts off automatically leaving the solar system • Solar system runs until the air temperature reaches a lower point determined by the thermostat • At this set point. . the Gas system automatically starts running again.

Auxiliary heating system • To increase the efficiency of the Hybrid heating system by diverting the exhaust and retrieving the heat energy back into the system .

which will be our next step.Conclusion • At this stage. will determine whether the System meets the needed targets . it is expected that the system could safe about 50% of the quantity of gas used • The testing stage.

Team • Mr Daniel Blay • Mr Moro Adams • Mr Daniel Anang .

Thank you .

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