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How to Read Faster and Recall More

How to Read Faster and Recall More


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Learn to read faster.
Learn to read faster.

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Published by: solava on Jan 16, 2009
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We might now usefully introduce the idea of setting time limits for reading. When

you have a chapter of a book or an article to read, use your developing awareness

of your speeds for various materials to set deadlines for when you wish to have the

reading completed. Writers find deadlines very useful and the same can be said for

readers. As Dr Johnson once said, 'If a man knows that he is to be hanged in a




fortnight, it concentrates the mind wonderfully.' You will not be hanged if you do

not read faster, but the deadline will help you in your quest for progress.

Don't worry if you do not meet your deadlines at this stage. They are simply

devices for encouraging you to look forwards in your reading rather than back. We

shall return to this point in the exercise at the end of this chapter.

It might be worth pointing out here that all the techniques that we have encoun-

tered so far, as well as the others later in this chapter, are helpful in improving any

skill, not just reading. The overall structure of the programme will also help to

improve any skill. You always need to know your starting point, to set objectives,

to have techniques for improvement available, to assess your progress after a

reasonable period and have strategies for continuing the programme for as long as

you want.

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