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How to Read Faster and Recall More

How to Read Faster and Recall More


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Learn to read faster.
Learn to read faster.

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Published by: solava on Jan 16, 2009
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Of all the factors which can affect both the quantity and the quality of our com-

prehension the main ones would seem to be:

speed of reading

our purposes in reading

the nature of the material

the layout of the material

the environment in which we are reading.


Speed can have an adverse effect upon comprehension if you go beyond certain

limits. What those limits are will vary a great deal from person to person and from

time to time. If you were to read the next exercise at twice your best speed so far,

you might well expect some loss of comprehension and your expectations might

well be fulfilled. If you try to increase your speeds gradually, this should not

happen, or if it does it will only be temporary until you get used to reading faster.


It is, of course, closely connected with our motivation for reading and our interest

in reading the material. Where these are poor or non-existent, clarity of purpose

can often create a degree of motivation and raise the level of interest slightly but



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