Name____________________________ Century of the Self 2 • Engineering Consent 1.

)What did Freudian psychoanalysis say was the real underlying reason soldiers returning from WW2 were having mental difficulties?

2.)How did the Holocaust prove Freudian theories?

3.)Anna Freud said that conforming to societies norms resulted in a person with a stronger _____________________. 4.)What was the aim of Truman's National Mental Health Act? 5.)How did the Menninger Brothers believe that psychoanalysis could help the general public?

6.)What did Ernest Dichter apply the idea of group therapy to?

7.)Dichter made a breakthrough using his belief in subconscious motivation that resulted in the increased sales of Betty Crocker cake mix. What conclusion did he draw and what action did he take to achieve this?

8.)How did psychoanalysis believe products strengthened society and provided a theraputic value?

9,)What is Dichter's "Strategy of Desire"?

10.)How did Bernays advise dealing with America's fear of communism?

11.)List 3 truths manipulated by Edward Bernays to change public opinion and assist in the overthrow of Colonel Jacobo Arbenz.

12.)What is the meaning of the term the engineering of consent?

13.)Dr. Cameron wanted to wipe people? Why did he want to do this? What methods did he try? What was the outcome of his experiment?

14.)Who was Ralph Greenson most famous client______________________. How did he treat this client and what was the outcome of this treatment? What impact did it have on the image of psychoanalysis?

15.)The Hidden Persuaders written by Vance Packard argued what against psychoanalysis?

16.)Herbert Marcuse argued that it was not the individual that was corrupt and out of control. What did he argue was making people more out of control and why?

17.)Who was Mabie Burlingham and what was the outcome of the psychoanalysis she received?

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