Name_________________ COS4 Eight People Sipping Wine in Kettering 1.

)Goods are now marketed provide "solutions" to________________ problems. 2.)How was British television and marketing different from American marketing?

3.)What event changed the British model of advertising?

4.)How did Margaret Thatcher change the class structure of Britain?

5.)Matthew Freud engineered what media trick? How did traditional journalist feel about this?

6.)How was the left's vision of politics different from the individual oriented right? How had this been expressed in the past?

7.)What did Mario Cuomo mean when he said that Ronald Reagan had made the denial of compassion respectable?

8.)Phillip Gould argued that labor/left had lost touch with their constituents. What did he find had changed when he polled Britain's?

9.)What was Clinton doing differently then labor?

10.)How did Clinton plan on changing things when actually elected? What happened to stop this?

11.)What advice did Dick Morris give Clinton? How did Morris describe voters?

12.)What tactics did Morris provide Clinton and how did he arrive at these conclusions?

13.)From a public relations standpoint, why did Clinton establish Welfare to work?

14.)How did the Worlds Fair predict current political climate?

15.)How does the publics role in government change when treated as consumers instead of citizens?

16.)Why did the labour party stop funding railways? What happened as a result of this?

17.)What are the inherent problems with treating government as a business?

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