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China Wholesale Secret

China Wholesale Secret

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How to Become an Import/Export Middleman

We’ve discussed obtaining products from overseas manufacturers for the wholesale market in

Chapter 8.

But there’s another twist to an import/export business — and that is becoming a “middleman.”

This is the part of the business that enables you to compete with other importers and exports for
major multimillion-dollar deals.

The learning curve may be a bit steeper than other aspects of an import/export business — but
the rewards and benefits are greater as well.

Many countries and companies have insatiable appetitesfor thousands of different types of products.

For example, there are companies that import millions of cubic tonsof soybeans, tea, coffee,
corn, wheat, steel, coal, copper, zinc and aluminum.

Often times the purchasing directors place orders directly with manufacturers in other parts of

the world.

The problem is, although they purchase millions of cubic tonsof product, in some cases they

need more — a lot more!

That’s where you come in!

You will simply identify the companies that are importing the largest quantities of products and
then find secondary suppliersfor them.

For instance, listed as a Buying Lead on Alibaba.com is a company in Singapore interested in
25,000 metric tons of Wheat (Durum).

Singapore imports tens of millions of metric tons of wheat every year. They’re buying it from someone!

All you need to do is locate a company that is able to fulfill this request.

You could work on a retainer or commission basis to begin with if you don’t have the capital to

“float” deals this size.

In other words, you would locate a company that is able and willing to fulfill an order of this size
(25,000 metric tons per month). Then you would contact this company and tell them you have a
prospective buyer in Singapore. If they’re interested in submitting a quote they will need to “retain”
your services.

The exact wording of a proposal will vary.

Start Your Own Internet Import/Export Business


CHAPTER 11:How to Become an Import/Export Middleman

But most companies want to move product as quickly and trouble free as possible.

You’ll find that many companies will be eager to work with you.

But as you can see — this is a great income opportunity.

On the other hand, if you do have the capital to float deals like this you would simply obtain a
quote from the manufacturer or producer for 25,000 metric tons of wheat (durum).

You would submit this quote (with a 15% premium added — your profit) to the interested party.

If the quote were accepted you would arrange for payment and delivery.

It’s that simple!

What’s more, money flows very quickly in the import/export industry, unlike hundreds of other


An import/export middleman simply facilitates large product orders by bringing buyers and
sellers together and making a “premium” or percentage of the deal.

Here’s a Short List of MAJOR Import and Export deals
(tens of millions of dollars).

All of the middlemen facilitating these deals earn a percentage.

Crude Palm Oil – Mainland China

Soybean Oil – Mainland China

Wheat (durum) India, China, Pakistan, Malaysia

Corn – Brazil, China, Singapore, India, Australia, Egypt, South Africa

Fishmeal – China, India, Japan, Pakistan, Thailand, Korea, Chile, Argentina

Ma Huang Extract – Mexico

White Rice – Malaysia, China, Japan, UK

Peanuts, Poland, Thailand, UAE

Olive Oil – Portugal

Saw Palmetto Extract – China

Black Tea – Iran

Cashews and Almonds – India

Palm Oil – United States

Bananas – Turkey

Soybean Meal – Bangladesh

Copper – China, Japan, India

Steel – China, Mexico, India, Indonesia

Crude Oil – all countries

Natural gas – all countries

The list of products goes on and on!

The opportunities for import/export middlemen have never been greater.

Once again Alibaba.com is a great resource to help you identify these deals. But Alibaba.com is
not the only resource! There are dozens of websites to assist you in getting your import/export
venture off the ground.

Additional Resources to Help You
Become An Import/Export Middleman

InfoBanc / Indian Bazaar


Global Sources


Thomas Global Register








Export Bureau


Berlinkauf – Trade Leads


Muslim Trade Network


Export Zone USA


Trade India


In the next chapter we’ll show you how to dominate the major search engines and directories.
Dominating the search engines and directories will help promote your import/export middleman
strategies, or promote specific products and services.


China Wholesale Secret Program

CHAPTER 11: How to Become an Import/Export Middleman

Start Your Own Internet Import/Export Business


CHAPTER 12: Dominating Internet Search Engines and Directories

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